new and having headaches

  • Hi Im at the end of my 3rd day and in day 2 and part of day 3 I have been having a headache.  I realized today that it must be that I am not eating sugars and very much fat.  Is there any way to avoid getting these (headaches) other than "cheating" and getting a large cafe americano with cream and sugar?  any input would be great        jill

  • Lots and lots and lots of water. I gave up having 6-10 sodas a day on the Sunday prior to starting my challenge. I didn't have a single caffeine withdrawal symptom. I only attribute that to the healthy foods, and the oodles and oodles and loads and gallons of water I was drinking. That's the only thing I have to offer. Hope it goes away soon!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Hi Jill, well, I would have to say that Renee is right. Drink a megaton of water, it worked for me on Tuesday.


  • Thanks for that suggestion    I did up my water intake thinking that would help but didnt work.  I might have to up it even more.  I work outside in sunny AZ and it is already warming up.    Jill

  • You can have the Cafe Americano with splenda and no cream.  It's an adjustment when make such huge changes.  I'd go for the small, not the large however.  Did you drink a lot of coffee prior to starting BFL?

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  • When you begin limiting carbs, most people experience headaches, fatigue, etc. after the first few days due to your body not being use to the lack of sugar from the carbs you're use to eating. Hang in there and it will go away soon!! Once you're past this initial "what in the world have I started" stage where your body is in shock, you'll start feeling better!! Keep eating healthy and drinking your water and you'll be past this before you know it.


  • Black coffee should help!

  • thanks for the suggestions.  I am at the end of week one YEA!!!!!!!   Looking forward to tomorrow and celebrating two of my kids birthdays.  Headaches went away after the fourth day and yes I am a huge coffee drinker.  I am now drinking it with out sugar and just a little milk.    I feel really good and only slipped up once.  thanks again jill

  • That is excellent new!!

    Everyone here is absolutely correct. Not that you, or they, needed my affirmation!

    But, I had gotten some bad headaches, because, of all the reasons they sited.

    Mikek's post is especially true to many of us. The body goes into shock, and then with-drawels from cutting sugar, and especially carbs.

    Carbs are like a drug that the body develops a strong addiction to.

    I2nd or third day can be the toughest. And a lot of times, like me, you might binge on something naughty - to only regret it afterwards.

    I am in my second week, and it is better - but once in a while ... It can be a real test of self-sacrifice and will power.

    Heres wishing you the best!

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    - Terry