• Antinous - Yes I take Creatine on free days but only half of what i take when working out.

    I take a heaped T Spoonful 30 mins before and another straight after I train in some orange dilute, on free days i just take the one spoonful in the morn. However, I am considering taking a recovery product like ReLoad or the like. I know a lot of people on here really dig it.

  • One before as well as after. I have only been taking a spoonful afterwards. I really get confused with all the advice on the right amount to take.  ReLoad not an option for me in Egypt. Very hard to get anything by way of supplements.

  • There isn't an exact right amount to take.  Creatine is genuinely one of those things that depends on the person.  I would take the amount in 3 servings of Reload per day.  That's 6 per day and you can likely do some more.  Here's a trick...if your tummy cramps then it's too much.  So... test it out.  Let us know.  

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  • Hi Guys and Gals

    Do you take creatine on cardio days, if so, directly after exercise or after the hour mark, and what about before cardio.

    Do you take any supplements on cardio days for a post workout ?

  • I have been taking it after Cardio - usually about 30mins or so after finishing. (ie the time it takes me to get home from the gym)

    Have started before exercise this week mixed with water and apple juice. Odd thing to down first thing on an empty stomach.

  • Is it Ok to mix creatine with your post recovery protein drink?

  • Sure just search the following in Google

    "all in one recovery" creatine.

    I have been using one called cyclone but will change it as soon as my tub is empty. It tastes really bad.

  • creatine in use as recommended by manufacturer is a great way to add tone and muscle to an exisiting program with the amounts used in eas products its like taking a multivitamin ur body doesnt stop producing vitamin c im not a doctor but would not worry at all

  • Sometimes I mix creatine in my protein powder and other times I don't.  I haven't noticed a difference in how I feel either way.  I usually don't take any supplements on my free days but I think I'll start.