would myoplex lite be too low in calories for me

  • I really want to shed the fat so was considering using Myoplex Lite, I think its marketed at women and smaller men then me as im 300lbs but I know porter freeman used it and he wasnt a small man?

  • For example my diet would be like this

    9.30 m1 myoplex lite

    12.30 m2 chick peas chicken veg

    3.30 m3 lowfat cottage cheese lowfat yogurt

    6.30 workout

    7.30/8.00 m4 myoplex lite

    10.00 m5 salmon or lean steak, brown rice ,veg

    12.30 m6 myoplex lite

  • Have you tried this already? Are you hungry before 2.5 - 3 hours are past? I think that would be the deciding factor.

    Just an observation here - why three times a day? I know it is more convenient, but eating solid food will keep you feeling full longer than the shakes. For instance, you might try eggs (however many whites plus one or two whole) and hash browns or whole wheat toast or fruit for breakfast. Or cottage cheese and an apple.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I agree with Saralynn, whole food trumps shakes...