Sundays, an excuse to overeat?

  • This past week was my first week of starting my BFL lifestyle. It feels great to have completed a whole weeks worth of workouts and training myself to eat in a whole new way. We all know change does not come easy and that it is a stuggle to eat healthier and make better food choices.I say all that because yesterday was Sunday and I'm used to eating whatever I want on that day because it's kinda like a form of entertainment for me.I took my "Free Day" and indulged in whatever I wanted and felt justifed to do it because I "worked out " hard this week. Well, it's Monday and I don't feel guilty about eating what I did, but I have to say that I realize that i really don't want to eat like that. Today i can sense in me that the drive to get my life together is a lot greater than my feelings to just eat whatever I want. I will be 40 years old this year and let me say that I am a pro at the roller coaster ride of eating and the guilt that comes with it. The saying "wisdom comes with age" is true. I am truly just ready to make that change and even if along the way there will be some concious slip-up's, nobody's perfect.I will move forward today and do my workout's this week and when Sunday rolls around again I will take my "Free Day" and hopefully make better choices. I know that my battle wil not be the workouts but the foods that I choose to put in my mouth. It's all a learning process!

  • Hi racheal.... reading your post was like reading my own mind... I am also turning 40 this year, and have struggled with an eating disorder for almost 20 years (even up until as recent as before starting BFL). My first free day felt like a disaster.... I tried to cram so much in (like I used to) even continuing to eat after I was full. I knew in my heart this didn't feel right, and I felt sick for it the next day. My next free day I am going to have a different attitude, yes - I will still relax and eat some unauthorised food, but I am not going to go on an all out binge. So I am looking forward to having a morning banana bread with my coffee (and not worrying about protein!), perhaps a wrap or sushi for lunch and a dinner out. I don't want those old habits creeping in anymore even if for just one day.

    I would love to share our thoughts going through this program together!

    I can't believe how amazing and determined I feel about starting this new life.... plus I can't wait to see my abs become a six pack!!! That is my goal :)  Oh and also to stop my ass from drooping.... lol

  • Hi Mazjaz, Thanks for the comment ,It's so nice to know that someone can identify with what I share. It's a struggle but somehow inside my heart, my life something has changed and I need to be happy with who I am and not what i think I should be or look like.Food has been a challenge for me because I like to eat. I do!  BFL was and is exactly what I need to turn things around.And about the drooping ass, LOL, girl you're not alone!!  I'm puerto rican so everything just kinda sticks in that area LOL! My goal is to really workout my lower body as far as my rump is concerned! LOL! Have a great workout week! I look forward to chatting with you as well! TTFN!

  • Hi Racheal - it's great you and Mazjaz will be able to support each other on your challenge. 

    There was a pretty extensive thread running on free days  back in August - I've pasted in one of my posts from that period.  You might find it worthwhile to search "Cheat Day" and read through it...

    "You're free to choose of course, and you might have a couple of tasty things as a reward, or you could choose to really pack in the calories and junk.  So what's it going to be?  I chose to go to the gym and do an extra workout, to explore and learn new excercises at a relaxed pace.  I typically enjoyed a blueberry scone with a protein shake after my morning workout, and in the afternoon had a beer with about a half cup of dry roasted peanuts.  Is there a rational reason to slow our progress down by 1/7? Won't you really be cheating yourself?   I feel like every day is a free day, because I don't crave the garbage and junk I used to eat.  I crave things like broccoli, and deli turkey on whole wheat with tomato and lettuce.   Just the thought of eating things like a big greasy burger with fries or a fattening milkshake makes me literally queasy, and I know I would feel slow and lethargic afterwards."



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