• Jan 10th starter here, too. Everything going well, I have decided of necessity that this week and maybe part of next are 'learning' weeks while I get my system down and come to some better understanding just how it is that the ol' body is getting 'nutritionalized' :), so that I can optimize that...

    Am using Myoplex shakes and bars as of now, but plan to add to that some muscle-recovery-specific nutrients next week. (See LoriG2727's profile for the product, I cannot recall it, but if *she* used it - WOW -, it must work hella good. :) ). Also, the timing on the workouts. Nailed the UBW to 46 minutes, but was not consistent with the 1-min waits between sets; some were longer, some shorter. Hit some 10's, mostly 9's, and at least *two* 11's (I imagined Bill P standing there "encouraging" me, Platoon drill instructor-style... :) ). Have some friends who were 'sposed to start with me, but they took the excuse of the recent stormy weather to back out, so as pretty much expected, I am going to be doing this by-and-large solo. No probs! I will just bore the Forum to tears with report, right? :D

    And though I don't really 'travel' for a living, I do live on a (smallish) boat with an almost nonexistent galley (1 burner stove, toaster oven, & espresso machine), and so can understand the difficulty a few are facing WRT a 'travel diet'. 'Til now, I have rarely cooked aboard, tending to grab food while out and about, between clients, just like y'all. I plan to apply some 'skills' I've learned backpacking and kayaking to make it possible to whip up some warm meals when needed. Basically, keep things simple, pre-make 1-pot meals that are easily reheat-able, put them in individual aluminum 1-serving trays, cover w/foil. Use one of these: little propane stoves, and reheating is as quick as a microwave (you can put a TBSP of water into the container first for steaming action w/some foods). They have a piezo electric ignition, so you click them to get them going, they are dead simple to use in a motel room, or even in a (stopped!) vehicle. Do roll down the windows if you do that! And be prepared for funny looks from people... ;)

    Well - it's time to plan tomorrow AM's LBW... Y'all have a great Wed! Stick to it! BFL!!!

  • Edit - double checked, and the supplement I was thinking of is not listed on LoriG's profile - but did see her post about it, somwhere...

    I think the product might be "Reload"? Not sure...

  • CapnK, lol at your vision of Bill P!  You report here all you want, that's what this place is for...sounds like your friends will be sorry they didn't join you once they see your results in 12 weeks!!

    I was guite sore from Monday's UBWO but managed to get a hot yoga class in tonight and did it ever feel good to stretch out.  Didn't get today's HIIT in but did get out for brisk winter walk this am.  Ready for tomorrow's LBWO at 6 am and meals are planned!


  • Hello everyone,

    Sorry to interject.  I've noticed that 4 or 5 January 10th Threads are starting.  I had started a thread of my own "Starting January 17th, 2011, Care to Join Me?"  It's actually for anyone starting thearabouts and we have 6 or 7 people who launched on the 10th.  It would be great if you could all join us or else I appologize for the intrusion.



  • thank you so much, it helps alot! I will put in to practice tomorrow.

    Sadly my first round of weights were wrong but i will just carry on with the corrections.

    Thank you again for your help.

  • Yes Brian, absolutely...can we create some sort of group name for a daily accountability thread?? and BTW, you're not intruding!! :)

  • it...I'm a little slow!!  you're using "Starting Jan 17th, Care to Join me"  I will see you there!!

  • Ok...I missed my lower body workout yesterday due to having to be up at 5:30 and out the door for meetings 3-1/2 hours away.  Didn't get back home until 10:30 last night, so did LBWO this morning.  Would it be bad if I also did my 20-min cardio tonight??

  • I have a quick question for you all...during my lower body workout, I for sure hit my 10's!  It was a TOUGH workout.  However, I didn't sweat at all - and I'm one who usually sweats a lot!  As a matter of fact I didn't sweat during my 20 minute cardio on Tuesday either and hit my 10.  I'm drinking 3 quarts of water a day and eating all the right foods.  I'm just curious as to anyone's thoughts on this.