Wanting to start but dealing with injury

  • Ok, this is my second go around with BFL. I went thru the motions stayed on it for a short time last time in my early 30's. Now I am 43 and fed up. I am 5'8" at right around 250. Pretty bulky build. Genetics would be described as stocky. I dont think I could ever reach the govt. reccomended weight. Seems there is quite a bit of muscle under the fat. My body looks like a younger version of Porter Freeman's before picture.

     I have ran the diet route, last year this time I was 35 pounds lighter. I have weight lifted at various times for up to a year till I found some reason to quit. I have never been able to get the diet with the excersise right. Tried them all, Adkins, the low sugar diet, you name it. Mostly because being raised a meat and potatoes country boy, recipes that want me to eat quiche dont appeal to me.  They just always seem to complicated. This caused me issues before when I tried the BFL. Then the quality of supplimental products was not great and the taste was terrible so it was hard to get the 6 meals in. Now with Muscle Milk and some of the Protein Bars having satisfactory flavor, along well with just more maturity I feel I can do the diet.

    I repurchased the book (cant find the original) and am in the process of reading.

    Once concern I have is that I have had a muscle (brachioradialis) strain that has been hurting me for about 1 and 1/2 months. Hadnt gone to the doctor yet because well you know how it is. I am looking at various rehab videos to cure the problem.

    But anyway any advice on altering the program on the weight training side till this gets better. Should I start the diet and cardio? I ask because I do want to maintain muscle mass while losing fat. Any advice is appreciated. The many stories I have read here and in the book are very inspiring.

  • Hello and welcome back to B.F.L. I would highly suggest that you get clearance from a physician prior to starting weight training. The good news is that you sound fed up! That's good because sometimes we need to hit bottom in order to make a change. I know you have tried every weight-loss gimmick under the sun and it can all be exhausting. Body-For-Life has been in existance for over a decade and has transformed millions. Their prescription for weight loss is scrientifically proven and if you dedicate yourself fully, you will yield astonishing results.

    The meal plan is easy. Protein, complex carbohydrate, 2 vegetables, water and one tablespoon of essential fats. Nothing complex. See this link for detailed information. bodyforlife.com/.../how-to-create-a-body-for-life-meal

    You should start today! As reiterated, get clearance from your doctor, begin cleaning out your fridge, make a grocery shopping list and map out your workouts. It's never to late to invest in yourself and incorporate a health lifestyle.

    Best of luck,