3rd week with no weight loss :( HELP !!!!!

  • I am about to start on my week 3 and have had zero weight loss on the scale an actual  weight gain of a few ponds and I am really struggling weather this program works.. Has anyone else had this happen where the weight comes off later in program? Oh my stats are 5'7 weight 182 when started and now 186.... size 12 in clothing. I want to drop 30 pounds of fat.

  • What does a typical day of eating look like for you? You can work your butt off all you want in the gym, but if you aren't eating less calories then it's all in vain. Are you following the eating plan too? Are you eating snacks outside of the 6 meals per day? Watching portion sizes? About how many calories do you eat per meal?

    If you are eating correctly, my guess would be that the gain in weight could be water retention. Do you eat a lot of sodium? Drink enough water? If your sodium is too high and you're not drinking lots of water, you could definitely be bloated. How are your clothes fitting? There could be many other reasons you're bloated, too. Time of month, etc. Are you eating more fiber than you're used to?

    Body for Life isn't supposed to be some "magical" program. It's about eating healthy food in proper portions and maximizing your time in the gym. These are components of ANY successful weight loss program. So the program should work. Look over what your diet consists of and make sure not to skip workouts.

    I hope this helps! :)

  • Also, I've heard that it's common for us girls not to see much in the way of results until around week 8 or so, and then weight drops like none other. I would say just stick it out. Do your best to eat well and exercise. It will definitely pay off. Persevere!

  • Thank you.  A days eating looks like this

    breakfast : Protein Pancakes 1 serving

    snack : protein bar

    lunch : Sirloin Burger on ww bun with Salad

    snack : protein shake

    dinner : Chix Fajitas With  salad

    snack : BFL sundae

    That is a typical day but obviouly the break, lunch and dinner change

  • How many calories should I be eating?

  • I am also 5'7" and completed C1 last spring.  I was very happy with the results.  I went from a size 6 to a size 2 so the program does work.  The numbers on the scale didn't always go down, but I definitely noticed a difference in how my clothes were fitting and noticed muscle definition in places where I never saw it there before.

    What do your workouts look like?  

    I find keeping a journal helps.  I plan all meals and workouts and then write a quick reflection at the end of the day about how things went.  I really don't  worry about the calories.  I just made sure to follow my eating plan.

    Keep with it and I'm sure you'll see results!

    Best of luck!


  • I am like you... now into my 10th week. Lost NOTHING, even gained, but I stick with it. Just NOW am I starting to see real measurement and maybe slight scale changes. I am 61" and weigh less but even so...Do not use the scale as the only means of judging your success. I was told this as well and I still continue on. You have to really look at your meal plan and make sure you are making the best choices possible and sticking to correct portion sizes not BLT's (bites, licks, tastes). Yes it is true it takes time for us ladies to see a difference but make sure you are being honest with yourself. As stated above keep a journal. Make sure you are eating correctly and then when you get into the gym make sure that you hit your 10's EVERY time!!

    Check out my thread... you will see what I have been going thru. It may help you.


    Good luck!!

  • As well, write out your meal plan for us in more detail with portion sizes etc and we may be able to better assist you.

  • Hi Dointhenmost,

    Suggest you tweak/redo the meal plan.  Nix the sirloin burger, and the be careful with the fajitas depending on what kind of tortilla and sauces you're using.  The absence of green vegetables and yellow vegetables, and fruits, are a real detriment as well. 


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  • I suggest that you weigh in following weeks 4, 8 and 12 and otherwise stay off the scale. Scale weight alone is not the most meaningful indicator of the success of the program.

    Two weeks is way too early to make a decision on whether the program is working for you. Make a commitment to finishing the twelve weeks. Honestly, it goes by in a flash.

    Is that goal of losing 30 pounds of fat a twelve-week or a longer-term goal? That's fairly ambitious for a single challenge, but certainly doable in two or three.

    Jacium has given some good advice on the diet side. Are you following the workouts pretty closely?

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I would cut out the protein bar and replace it with either a shake or Greek Yogurt w/ a bit of protein added to get your count to 20 grams of protein. Make sure you'er getting enough carbs with each meal too. I'm not sure what the BFL Sundae is but you may want to change your last meal to something like cottage cheese with fruit.

    You should be eating at least 1200 calories a day. I am for between 1200-1400. The burger should definitely go, try eating a lot of chicken, fish and lean beef cuts. Try the burger maybe on the free day. What toppings so you put on the burger?

    I eat cottage cheese pancakes every single morning that i Do cardo. I LOVE the things. However, I also have 1 egg white and 1 whole egg scrambled with it to make sure that I am meeting the protein requirements.

    Try some couscous, quinoa, or brown rice and choose a bean, and vegetable for dinner even for lunch too :)

    Aim to eat 200-250 calories per meal. I lost 12 pounds my first challenge, 7 my second (mainly because I slacked off on the eating and that loss was in 1 week alone) and so far in my 3rd it's been 4 pounds and I'm in my 3rd week. Sometimes you have to give your body time to adjust. Like Sarahlynn said, it doesn't always happen with the first challenge and it looks like you have a bit of tweaking to do with your diet :)

    Lastly, you should DEFINITELY read the Ladies' Success Journal. It tells a lot about the 8 week miracle that a lot of women experience. It's definitely motivating. Print it out and read it when you need to :)

    Good luck!!




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  • where is the ladies success journal? On this website?

  • Yes, it's on this site. Just type in "ladies success journal" in the search box and you will find it. There are links to the site where it was originally posted but on some of the forum links when you click it gives you the option to view in a PDF file. Sorry that I forgot to give you that piece of information! Sometimes in a long post I loose my train of though :)

    Happy reading!




    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • It sounds like you have been given some great advice thus far!!

       I would encourage you to reevaluate your game plan on two fronts: your meal plan and the intensity level that you bring to your workouts. For example, every single workout session truly represents an opportunity to give it your all, you need to push hard, and feel like you give it your all. Remember non-productive sessions will not yield triumphant results. Ultimate achievements reflect the total efforts you yield and the goal is to make every single day count. Remember that your level “10” might actually be a level “6”. I know for me, I was capable of much more than I realized.

    In reference to your meal plan. Although BFL does not count calories 1,200-1,400 keeps me at calorie depletion. Here are a few suggestions based on the diet plan you shared. Try the Myoplex light shakes for convenience. They are only 170 calories, packed with protein and vitamins. (not sure if you’re taking the light version) As already mentioned skip the Sirloin burger and consider turkey, skinless chicken, salmon, haddock or egg whites. Add 2 vegetables and make sure you are consuming enough water. Also please remember to take your measurements and body-fat as they are better indicators of fat loss and muscle gain.

    Here is an example of my diet: This is what worked for me but results will vary based on your specific needs.

    Meal 1: 6 egg whites with spinach, 1 packet of Oatmeal (plain) water

    Meal 2: Myoplex light protein drink (you can have a meal instead)

    Meal 3: Boiled chicken 3 ounces (plain) ½ cup broccoli, 1/2 cup brown rice, water

    Meal 4: Natural peanut butter, no sodium, low carbohydrate Rice cakes, Polaner jelly, water or consider Turkey, ½ sweet potato, ½ cup zucchini.

    Meal 5: same as meal 1 no oatmeal water

    Meal 6: Myoplex light protein drink

    Best of luck! Don't give up. Please keep at it!


  • Hi doin':

    I feel your pain. The scale is a fickle friend. (When I'm really upset with it, I tie it to the back bumper of the car and drag it for a mile or so :-)) Rather than punish it, however, I've decided to stay off the scale for 4 weeks and rely on my bi-weekly measurements to determine if I'm moving in the right direction. Remembering that muscle weighs more than fat, questions that I ask myself are:

    1. Have my measurements changed at all?  

    2. How are my clothes fitting?

    3. How's my energy?

    4. Maybe most importantly: Am I drinking enough water?

    Forget, for a moment, the idea of hydration, and think sewage. Not only does water deliver nutrients and hydrate the cells, it is also the transport vehicle for the waste that's created. If I break down fat, where does it go? If there's no transport system it just sits in my body with no place to go and all day to get there! Not enough water, and the sewer clogs up! (How's that for a visual first thing in the morning).

    Keep the water flowing through the plumbing. It's worth it to OVER hydrate early in the program, just to make sure I'm not retaining water.


    Lastly, as much as it's a pain, I will try counting some calories. Yeah, I know it's all about portions, but sometimes the portion size isn't quite appropriate for what I'm trying to accomplish. After all, I'm trying to create a calorie deficit, so it might be a good idea to know what my current calorie consumption is, and measure EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth (including the peanut butter that sticks to the knife after I make the kids' PB&J sandwiches).   .

    If it's any help; I'm using the Eating for Life cookbook as my guide, and Lance Armstrong's blog has been kind enough to post the nutritional info. for a number of my favorite recipes. (The Strawberry Cheesecake is AWESOME!) This can be seen at:


    Finally, To quote Winston Churchill, whatever you do: "NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...NEVER...NEVER GIVE UP!!!"

    You WILL get past this. You WILL see improvement. And, you WILL succeed.

    Keep The Faith