Why am I so tired?

  • I am on week 6 and have been EXTREMELY tired about an hour or so after my workouts.  This  has happened in the past and I stopped working out all together.  I eat appropriately, using bars and shakes especially after a work out and for about an hour I feel GREAT, then the crash comes and it stays with me all day?  I cant take this much longer, I find myself eating to try and keep myself awake..... it only makes me more lethargic:(  I had tests ran last year while I was doing a challenge and everything was fine, I recently had blood work done, and again everything is fine.  What can I do to stop this crash?  The first few weeks I felt great, and even right after my workouts I feel great and ready to take on a day and full of energy then.....the CRASH????? Has anyone else felt this?  Will it go away?  Any suggestions? 

  • Sorry for the questions...Are you taking any type of fat burners or anything such as that before your workouts?  What about caffeine intake?  Are your shake equal in carbs and protein?  Are you getting enough sleep at night? And last but certainly not least...are you drinking a ton of water?

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  • Thank you for the questions, No I am not taking a fat burner, I wanted to do this with out any fat burners or weight loss inhibitors.  I drink about a cup and half of coffee in the am no soda or anything.  My shakes are the muscle milk light, because the eas ones reck havoc on my stomach....I usually have a shake and a yogurt post work out or an EAS bar, those are okay on my stomach.  SLEEP, actually I just told my husband I havent been sleeping well lately?  I drink water constantly all day long..I LOVE ICE COLD WATER:) I wanna keep this up, but I cant continue to crash daily after my work outs....

  • Okay, so I am reading some different things and maybe I will give into taking betagon and cla.  I still have cla left from my last challenge, I cant remember how to take them though.  If this will help me get through this and fell alive again, then it is worth it.  I just really wanted to try a challenge with nothing, just 100% me.

  • Here's the Blog I mentioned that has to do with the stages of a challenge:

    The Changes You’ll Go Through!
    by: Michael Harris  5/11/2008

    The purpose of this blog is to explain the most commonly experienced physical difficulties during a challenge, the cause, and what you can do about it, if anything. See, the book, Body for Life, as good as it is, still represents a one-size-fits-all type of effort at a great transformation, written by an experienced bodybuilder, but it simply does not contain everything you might encounter during your efforts.

    1. SLEEPLESSNESS AND FOGGINESS: Yes, these seem like opposites, and they are, but they will happen to your rather quickly. If you have been eating a diet heavy in fat and sugary or bready carbohydrates, one of the things (day 2 or 3) that will happen is you’ll wake up several times during the night or early in the morn. It’s not hunger, but just sleeplessness. It’s likely caused by the changeover in your diet from junk to great food. The body uses heavy carbs as a sedative, and a tummy full of them helps you to sleep soundly, almost like you were drugged. The "fogginess" during the day also comes from the absence of loads of sugar, not to mention that you’re not getting quite as much sleep. Hang in there, and you’ll be over this in a week to ten days. Drink lots of water, don’t exercise or consume caffeinated beverages late in the evening and you’ll have more energy than you ever imagined.

    2. HEADACHES, BODY ALL ACHING AND RACKED WITH PAIN! Early on, you’ll have some headaches. They are related to sugar and fat withdrawal, just like the sleeplessness. You’ll also experience body soreness from using muscles you never knew you had. You can try stretching, massage, aspirin and other pain killers, and anything else you want, but only time will take care of this. In about 3 to 5 days the condition will subside and you’ll be well enough to exercise those muscles again. This is called delayed onset muscle soreness, and there’s no cure for it than time. Usually it does not recur until you try a different exercise for the same muscle group, or slow up and use extremely slow negative strokes with heavier weights. It’s harmless though annoying, and it IS NOT a sign that you’re necessarily doing something right or wrong.

    3. HUNGER: We’re talking REAL hunger here, not cravings. Real and intense hunger may strike around weeks 6 to 10. If it does, evaluate your diet and see if you need to moderately increase protein and good fats. As you get fitter and gain more muscle mass, even though you’re getting littler in the mirror because fat is going away, the muscle is increasing your resting metabolic rate and the body is demanding more food. Increasing your consumption in very small amounts of protein spread out over the six meals will usually take care of this without interrupting or adversely affecting your challenge results. It can also be that your hunger is a sign you’re not getting enough good fat too, though this is rare. You need to proceed carefully here, and you only might need to add a bit of a good oil like fish oil or flaxseed oil. These come in capsules or liquid forms and flaxseed oil can actually be added to a shake, about half a tablespoon should do the trick.

    4.EUPHORIA!: No one complains about this, but it too is a "side effect" of a challenge, and it is a brief state that replaces the sufferings mentioned above. It comes around week 2 or 3 and lasts maybe a week. Colors look brighter; people seem nicer; the world is a better place; you have boundless energy! All these things tell you that it isn’t going to last, don’t they! And it doesn’t. Soon enough it is gradually replaced by normality.

    There was more but this is the meat of the article.





  • Hmm. The earlier post I wrote is not here. I don't know what happened but the gist of it was that I told Catel that lethargy is a common problem, especially after workouts or early in the morning, but that it is usually due to either not eating the right or enough foods or exercising too often or too long. I also mentioned that I thought the post workout meal of a bar was not a good idea, that they are pretty lousy food, and that it might be a good idea to split the shake and yogurt meal as a pre and post workout meal, half each, instead of just taking it post workout. I agree that Betagen might help. I then mentioned that as a champion I had authored a blog about the various stages of a challenge and that I would post it.

  • Thank you so much I am printing this and it is going in my journal:)

  • Mike mine didn't post either.  I suggested changing the post workout meal to egg whites and oats as the oats have staying power.

    I also take Betagen as the bottle directs.  I do not recommend fat burners as they give you that crash feeling.  Also are you eating carbs with all other meals.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • I can definitely corroborate number 4, I just finished week 3 and the world seems a better place.  For me it is a little "buzzy" as well.  Too much time with the coffee people in the morning perhaps  :)

  • I am going to change my meals up for the next week and see if this helps, I think splitting my first meal is a great idea I work out way better with a little something in me, and am not real hungry afterwards, but know I need something.  I think I will stay away from the bars post work out, are they okay at other times though?  I am going to really start looking alot closer at my meals, and changing some things around, I think I am not getting enough carbs as I am looking at things:) WOW, I never thought I would say that..... I am skipping carbs twice a day and not even realizing it.  So I am going to get some fruit!

  • Awesome Catel.  Some times it just takes a little outside observation to help.   Carbs are really important when it comes to energy levels.  If you can swap the bars for whole foods, all the better.  If not, that's ok too.  Do what will keep you on track.  I keep a bar in my purse just in case I find myself in a position where whole food or a shake isn't an option.  You did the best thing you could by posting here.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Thank you so much everyone, I cant wait until I feel better I am thinking it should happen quickly

  • You will be feeling much better when you get those carbs up, in fact I bet tomorrow evening you will feel better.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • L-GLUTAMINE. I had what you are experiencing and I went to a nutrition store.  He told me I needed l-glutamine. Since taking it, things are SO much better! ALSO! I read that glutamine builds your immune system and every other time I have started a challenge, I have gotten VERY sick with a massive cold, respiratory infection or the flu. SOMETHING always 'got me'.

    This time, I am FINE -- didn't get the terrible cold my husband suffered with, even!! I am now in W7D3!!! I am SO pumped and excited! I will be measured again at the end of Week 8 and can hardly wait.

    I am experiencing HUNGER a lot and craving carbs and fat... Is this normal, BFLMike for the portion of the challenge??