Weight loss during active rest...during Holidays!

  • Hello Friends!

    I started C2 yesterday and stepped on the scale this morning. I lost 4 pounds during my "time off" during the Holidays, and I swear every day was a 'Free Day'. WHAT?? I though for sure I had gained! I'm sure some if not all was muscle, but hey, I like the # and I am very happy where I am starting C2!

    Looking forward to a great C2 and New Year!!


  • Awesome- sounds like BFL got your metabolism going!  


  • Wish I could say the same.  Maybe you need to evaluate your diet during your challenge, and maybe up your calories a bit; maybe you have not been eating enough.  I didn't gain for awhile after my first challenge, but once I got too lax with the eating/exercise, it started gradually coming back...I took 7 weeks off from BFL.  I still ate "somewhat" clean, and did my workouts (just different routines).  I am starting challenge 2 about 4# heavier than where I ended challenge 1.  

    Good for you, and good luck with challenge 2!!  Laurie & and I started last week.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"