BANZAI!!!!! Week +1, Day +1

  • Yeap! Starting today! With the cry of a kamikaze warrior...


    So far I have insomnia... It is 2:00AM and no sleep. Aaaah. Later on today I expect it to be interesting... Upper body workout and yes, tomorrow and Wednesday is PAIN. Plus Tuesday I will have to do the upper body workout because the trainer can not do Wednesday, just this week though... Expecting lots of pain!

    Have diet under control. Today (later) it will be chicken/yogurt in the morning and chicken/fish in the afternoon... With potatoes and brown rice. Keep it simple!

    To all who start today: good luck. The next 12 weeks promise to be interesting!

    Stats for this week. I love the metric system. The so call english system IS ARCHAI GUYS and I strongly believe that we should change it in USA! So I'm trying to promote the metric system in my little stats table:

    Body Fat % 39.00
    Tight (centimeters) 60.96
    Arm (centimeters) 30.48
    Hip (centimeters) 104.14
    Waist (centimeters) 96.52
    Weight (kilos) 69.80
    Body Fat % 39.00
    Tight (inches) 24
    Arm (inches) 12
    Hip (inches) 41
    Waist (inches) 38
    Weight (pounds) 153.56



    Live life with passion!

  • Good Morning! I just completed my first workout (Upper body)... I did it!!!! It took way to long 1.16mins. But I completed it. I am looking forward to the 20 min workout tomorrow. Day 1 :)

  • Good for you!

    I did have a great day too with my first upper body workout... It was great and I'm happy! Diet wisee had a good day too but I know you've been on the diet for a while now so you are a pro...

    Live life with passion!

  • Hi Mydecade,

    I think we tend to use the units that carry meaningful info into our brains, so we can gain understanding and act on it.   Waist size over 1.02 meter (male) or 0.89 meter (female) is in a higher category health risk, according to the NIH. Good luck as you do your challenge, try to focus on the end result you want, and go for it!


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.