New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • Hi Tia

    The way I have used this is that the second number is the resistance level - the final number is the "intensity level" that Bill mentions in the BFL book.


  • Hi Guys! I know I'm joining late but I started on Jan 3rd as well! This is my 3rd attempt to actually FINISH  the challenge - although I was really happy with the results from last time. I was supposed to fininsh Dec. 26th but got really sick the beginning of Dec with a sinus infection that I could barely function let alone go to the gym. Anyway, I did my body comp last Tues and lost 14 lbs in 15 weeks! I feel like I'm finally starting to see results! Had a great run this morning on the treadmill.

  • Hi Everybody! Havent been able to check in for a week or so- anyone else have problems logging in?

    Anyhoo- starting the 3rd week tomorrow and Im excited! Ive been doing pretty well with the eating and workouts- cant do all the strength training yet (my arms are like mashed potatoes :) but I do as well as I can! I havent weighed yet because I will feel discouraged if its not what I think it should be- but I feel great and I think I look a little smaller in the mirror.

    Something I feel weird about- I feel a little guilty about my Free Days! I am a notorious binge eater and I think I have overdone it some on the cheat days. BUT- I get right back to work on Monday so Im deciding to give myself a break on that one. Anyway- I love reading you guys stuff and love knowing you are all doing it with me!

    PS- Someone said hi to me on here and want to say hi back and cant remember the name!

    Check in with ya'll soon- Have a great Monday! :)

  • Stressful weekend led to NOT so great eating :(

    Trying to get back on track today.

    Went to the gym this morning (20 minutes Cross Trainer, 20 minutes Stair Climber, and good UBWO).

    Hopefully the rest of the week goes well!

    Heather O.

  • Well only 2 lbs off last week :-( and I wasn't really wild on my Free Day!

    Looking at your post, Heather, I wonder if I should be doing more exercise than is in the official programme too.

    Still finding the upper body workout takes so much longer than the 45 mins the book says - partly because it takes ages to track down the weights!!

    Also find I hurt less if I do some stretching afterwards. Used to do a lot of stretches when I was working out years back but somehow got out of the habit.


    Golds Gym in Cairo is on a big barge floating on the Nile so this is the view I get at 6 in the morning as I am on the treadmill.

    Anyway, day 1 week 3 box ticked. Time to go to bed.


  • Week 3 Day 1 - Kicked butt or should I say kicked arms, shoudlers, chest today!  After such a great work out I came home and got the kids cleaning the house. Boy is window cleaning hard after biceps and tripceps work out! LOL!

    I hope everyone is doing well! Have a great night and we'll talk tomorrow after the treadmil!

  • Hi guys!  Can't believe the first 2 weeks are done!  I think that I have made lots of progress, but not perfection.  I have been able to get all of my work outs in plus some.  I have found that I just need to do more cardio than 20 min.  I lost 6 pounds the first week and nothing last week, but I think that is expected as well.  I have missed 2 days of journaling, but I am back on track with that now.  I still miss sweets, but not as bad as I thought.  Someone mentioned feeling guilty on cheat day.  Yes, I have found that as well.  I also don't feel as good overall.  Here we go week 3!  I would love to see a loss of 2 pounds this week!


  • Good morning!

    Back to work today (it's been about a week due to snow days...with more coming on Friday).

    Had a great LBWO.  I'm sure I'll be feeling it tomorrow.

    I have my Zumba after school program today with 7th/8th graders so I'll be able to get in a little extra cardio (about 40 minutes).

    My workout partner at the gym is going to start training for a show this spring (he says it's an amateur show).  He'll be working with a trainer and then will pass on what he learns to me.  I'm thinking about entering but I need to get more details first.  

    I must admit I am glad to be back at work.  I do MUCH better when I have a set routine.  Too much free time is never a good thing for me (when it comes to eating).

    Have a great day!


    PS  Antinous:  The view is GORGEOUS!  I am jealous.  When I look out the window at my gym all I see is ice and snow...and the parking lot!

  • Dinner with friends - thought I would be OK as it was a veggy meal but ate stacks and drank quite a bit. Looks as if I should forget about a free day foodwise on Sunday. :-(

    Heather it really is great seeing the Nile from the treadmill. But these days with only 20mins very focussed workouts of course I don't get to see as much of it as before. :-)

  • Ok guys,

    I 'fell off the BFL wagon' over the weekend.  I REALLY ate on free day and then missed my UBWO and LBWO (before and after free day).  I'm back on now, but frustrated with myself about the drop.  Any words of wisdom from those of you who have done this before and picked yourself up after 'falling off the wagon'?

    Thanks guys!


  • Sherrie:

    Having been there myself a few times before, all I can say is "it happens."  You're doing the right thing by getting  back on track.  Realizing that having a bump along the way  isn't the end of the world is something I have finally learned how to do.  All you (we) can do is get back on track the next day and keep pushing forward!  The frustration you're feeling is understandable, but look at the bigger picture and don't let it keep you from obtaining your goals!

    Good luck and remember we're all here for you!

    Have a great day!

    Heather O.  :)

  • Free day and end of 3rd week. Quarter of the way there !!!

  • Just back from my LBWO - but gutted having put on (yes gained!!) a pound. Feel so down given the effort into getting all my workouts in even while travelling and more or less keeping to the food plan. BMI down to 30.2 so I suppose that is something.

  • Had a GREAT UPWO today and even fit in some extra cardio!  Last week was NOT so great, so I am really looking forward to pushing hard this week.

    Antonious:  Don't let the numbers on the scale get you down!  You're on the right track in you are getting in your workouts and following your eating plan.  Keep pushing forward...:)

    Have a great day!

    Heather O.   :)

  • Thanks Heather - cheered up a bit later on. Am on a mission this week to lose something :-)  

    Forum seems to have gone quiet., I wonder if everyone else has fallen off the wagon.