New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • Ok guys, I need support.  Today was a snow day (I'm a teacher so I LOVE snow days) but I'm struggling with cravings.  I ate 10 dark chocolate covered pomegranates today :(.   and I want to eat more.  What do you guys do to fight these?  


  • Sherrie:

    I'm a teacher as well and it looks like our snow day will be tomorrow (keeping  my fingers crossed)!

    I understand the cravings.  Mine is chocolate.  If I know it's just a craving and not because I'm actually hungry, I try to drink water because I know if I start eating it will be very difficult to stop.  I'll also try to do something else (read my BFL journal or one of the other health books I have, do some type of physical activity, etc...): ANYTHING to get my mind off the craving.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but I find the more I am able to NOT give in, the easier it becomes (even ignored a plate of cookies at our meeting after school yesterday).  

    Enjoy your day!

    Heather O.

  • Thanks Heather:

    Good luck on your snow day!  Although i 'fell off the wagon' yesterday, I'm ready to climb back on today.  Doesn't seem like the cravings are as bad, although I'm still at home today.  Now all I have to do is exercise and i'll be good.



  • I also chose to "reinvent" myself on the 3rd of Jan.  I have an extremely tough time at work..I have a desk job and just want to "graze" throughout the day from sheer boredom..I drink water..get up and all sorts of things. Cravings are subsiding a bit..but find myself eating oranges..berries..apples throughout the day... I am hoping that things will get easier as each day passes...changing 50 yrs of "bad" habits is tough...but I KNOW THIS (I) AM WORTH IT.....Stay strong everyone!!!

  • I am with you!

  • Just come back from a work dinner at an Indian restaurant. Absolute Hell. My favourite food spread out in huge quantities and there I am picking at it and nursing a single beer all evening. :-(

  • Almost gave in to temptation due to a plate of cookies at today's grade level meetings (they were leftover from yesterday's meeting).  For some reason there always seem to be some kind of  "junk" food at work!

    Thank goodness my principal was there to keep me in check..I didn't even have ONE!

    Heather O.

  • SNOW DAY (it looks like we got over 1' )!

    Can't get to the gym but I'll probably get a good workout from all of the shoveling!

    Have a great day!

  • Way to go Heather!  Cookies are a huge temptation for me too!

  • Well, things are going pretty well for me.  I am not seeing much weight loss, but I have really been ramping up the weights.    I seem to have the hardest time at dinner time.  I have picky kids, so I usually make other stuff for them and then nibble a bit.  My BF works at night so I don't have him there to help me.  I have even made my meals ahead of time and put them in containers, but I still crave the food they have.  I have been working on giving them some BFL meals and they so far have been ok with a few exceptions.  My sweet cravings have not been too bad since I  started using myoplex lite bars.  They are awesome!

  • Well, I had one bad dinner (besides my "free" night last Sat. night). The eating has been pretty easy for me. Although, I did not eat 6 meals today. Only 3 so far, and it's already 7:30pm. oops! I have NOT been doing well with the strength training! UGH! Just got a treadmill & did cardio today, but have been slacking all week on weights. I know how important it is to include the weights. The weight is not coming off at all even though I've changed my eating habits for the better in a big way. :(

  • Hard to think the second week is almost over. Having said that as I cross out the boxes on the training plan chart it still feels like such a long way to go!!

    Meals going OK. I am really not missing coffee and coke as much as I thought I would but I really can't get into drinking tea as a subsitute.

    Workouts going well. Still having problems with the timing and now I have got a better feel for the weights am beginning to push myself a bit more.

  • Good morning!

    Had another snow day yesterday (which meant more shoveling!).  Had a great LBWO this morning.  My legs are really feeling it.  Looking forward to good football games and a long, relaxing weekend.

    Have a happy and healthy day!

    Heather O.

    PS Chocolate PB Myoplex Lite bars are my favorite (with the plain chocolate one a close second)!

  • Finished week 2 with a great workout on the Eliptical machine thanks to the scheme that Lori gave me on another Forum. Posting it here in case anyone wants to try it. I came off the machine absolutely dripping!


    minute # resistance level speed range (MPH)

    0-1                     7                         6.0-7.0

    1-2                     7                         6.0-7.0

    2-3                     8                         7.0-8.0

    3-4                     10                         7.0-8.0

    4-5                      12                         8.0-9.0

    5-6                      14                         8.0-9.0

    6-7                      9                         7.0-8.0

    7-8                     10                         7.0-8.0

    8-9                     12                         8.0-9.0

    9-10                   14                         8.0-9.0

    10-11                    9                         7.0-8.0

    11-12                   10                         7.0-8.0

    12-13                   12                         8.0-9.0

    13-14                    14                         8.0-9.0

    14-15                    9                         7.0-8.0

    15-16                     10                         7.0-8.0

    16-17                    12                         8.0-9.0

    17-18                     14                         8.0-9.0

    18-19                     9                        12.0-13.0

    19-20                      7                         5.0-6.0

  • Antinous, How in the great world did you manage 8.0-9.0 mph at a level 14 resistance?!? I am AMAZED! I struggle to get it past 4.4 on a level 17 and at a level 14 I struggled to get 5.5!!

    I think you have helped me make a new goal! LOL

    Haobrien, I don't know what it is about the teaching profession that there is always junk food around but there is! It doesn't matter what level you teach. We had a meeting before our semester started and the director of my program loves set out goodies all around the table and generally I can't resist. This time I resisted by saving my strawberries from lunch (I had about 10) and I ate them during the meeting instead. That was the first time that I've EVER been able to resist! Congrats to you not even needing a deterrent!! ;)


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