New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • I'm going to join you guys if that's OK! I'm on my 3rd challenge and I really miss my comrades from the first challenge I did. It sure helps a lot to have a community like this. Also I'm on my 3rd week. I started the week of Christmas because I was totally ready and my head was in it! :)

    I lost 12 pounds my first challenge, 7 my second (mainly because I slacked off on the eating and that loss was in 1 week alone) and so far in my 3rd it's been 4 pounds and I'm in my 3rd week. And those 4 pounds have been in this past week. But I started eating uber clean in the middle of my second week so...

    As far as the scale, I have to admit that I am a complete scale addict. But it doesn't determine how I feel about where I am. Unfortunately my scale broke so I can't check my weight 2-3 times a day anymore. I learned what affects my weight and how much certain clothes, or shoes add. I understand how your weight fluctuates during the day. Sometimes there was as much as a 3 pound difference between the morning and night.

    But I was happy to base my progress on my measurements. If the scale is messing with how you feel you should be doing and causing negative thoughts or feelings. I would definitely suggest you put it away. :)

    Good luck everyone!


    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Did good all week! Missed upper work-out on Friday, so I made it up yesterday. Decided to use "free" day for dinner last night. I feel guilty. UGH! Had a couple of drinks as well as flat bread pizza. I know I shouldn't feel guilty but I do. Got on the scale and gained 2 pounds from last night! I know, I know, don't look at the #'s on the scale so much! Week #2 begins. Can't wait to move on. YAHOOOOOOO!

  • Me, too.  Started Mon 1/3/11.  Finished Week 1 with every WO kickbutt, including some 10s!  100% clean eating.  That's the key, 'specially after age 40.  Did 1st Challenge in 1999-2000, best results - check out, Photo Gallery, SopBFL for B4 & after pics.  After 30-40 lb wt gain since, it's time to go for the ride again!  Challenge #10 or so!

  • Do you use the Success Journal?  Plan your day, WOs, meals?  Stock up on the chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, wash & cut veges every Sun, put in Tupperware?  Focus into your WO like a LASER.  As Bill Philips says in one of 1st pages of Success Journal, you only have 18 UBW, 18 LBW & 36  cardio WOs, so you must make EVERY WO COUNT.  How about that?  Keep it up, we're all in this together.  

  • Try a watch w/ second hand, e.g. sport watch, tho after awhile you can estimate the 1 min rests, during which you can stretch and PSYCH up for next set.  I take it you're writing the weights down, so you can tweak the amount of wt in order to accomodate the #reps Bill Philips wants you to do.  Because trust me, if you follow this, IT WILL WORK.  Anyone out there ever see the original documentary Body of Work??  Best ever.  Changed my life...

  • Great attitude Halle! That's exactly how you have to look at it when you're pushing through. I had many mistakes my second challenge, not so much in my first but what gets you where you want to be is being focused! :)

    I ditto EVERYTHING that SopBFL  said right down the Challenge #10! That's how I feel on this challenge and it's soooooooooooooooooo true.  You need that watch to. I miss mine, I don't know where I put it so I have to get another one. They are very handy and an efficient way to work out. Thanks SopBFL for that!! :)


    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • Ok guys--weigh in Sunday.  After all of the discussion on weight changes, i realize that weight is not as important as how I look & feel--which is MUCH BETTER!--but it's still nice to have something to measure by.  Starting weight:  188.5.  End of week #1=184.5.  4lbs lost!  YEA!  I debated whether to post my actual weight, but I thought there might actually be people out there like me who are REALLY overweight, not starting at a size 2 and wanting to get to a size zero, so I'm posting it for you guys to see.  Good luck all--I'm ready for week #2!!


  • Hi guys!  It has been a crazy weekend, but did do my free meal last night and had a burger and fries.  OMG it was so good.  I did follow plan the rest of the day and did do a walk on the treadmill just because.  Anyway, I was down 6 pounds from my start.  Feeling really good!  Just got home from the store and I am armed and ready for week two!  Hang in there everyone!


  • Hi! I just saw this group and would LOVE to join! I started Jan 3rd as well and had a really great week! I was in complete denial of how big I was until I saw my before pictures! I am a notorious binge eater and just unhealthy in general but I must say that the 5-6small meals a day have really helped me to not overeat! So much fun reading what you guys have posted- it gelps me knowing alot of you can relate! Prayers for everyone on a successful Week 2!

  • Congratulations! And yes, there are many of us starting out at this weight ( At least me! ) :) Im close to your weight- a few pounds over.

  • Good morning!

    I lost 1.6 pounds this week (not bad considering I couldn't do any of the workouts). Had a really good eating wek.

    Went back to the gym this morning (20 minutes of cardio; and a few exercises using the weights...trying to wake up the muscles a little before going at full core).

    Tomorrow it will be an UBWO.

    Have a happy and healthy day!

    Heather O.

  • On the scales this morning and have lost 4.4 lbs in the first week. To be honest I was a bit disappointed but it is a step in the right direction none the less. Did anyone else weigh in at the end of the first week?

  • Welcome Optimistic Mama! :)

    Antinous, don't be disappointed!! That's an awesome loss. There are some that aren't going to loose anything. But it's important to have a realistic goal of 1-2 pounds a week. When I did my first challenge there would be weeks where it didn't seem like anything was happening and then all of a sudden there was a big drop or a change of inches. Your body is working from the inside out it seems from some of the millions of threads that I have read since starting!

    My weigh in for this week was 199 down from 202 last Monday :)



    You can choose the pain of discipline or the pain of regret...

  • I lost 2 lbs. and was unable to stay on target with eating as much as I had hoped, due to my husband bring off & family gatherings.  This week, though, NO EXCUSE! :)  I ran into a girl @ the gym with a BFL journal and we had a good conversation in between upper body workout.


  • Ooops! I did good all day! Away from home all day. Brought snacks and healthy choices. By the time I got home, I wnated Mexican food! My will power was gone! UGH! Didn't crave a thing last week! Had my "free" dinner Sat. night and POOF! I'm off track. Darn i! I won't be home all day tomorrow either. I REALLY hope & pray I choose more wisely tomorrow. Didn't get around to teh work-out today either. :(