New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • Thanks Heather,

    I'm hoping she comes around soon.  I'm curious to see as the challenge continues how she reacts.  We moved here (Kansas) about a year ago and she has become a real couch potato.  I have already decided to not go overboard on making her eat healthy--cause I know there's no way that I would want to do this challenge if someone was cramming it down my throat.  However, I do want her to think about what she's eating and make good choices.    Maybe some of my enthusiasm will start to wear off on her.

    By the way, I wasn't really thinking when I put my name as "shavjhn" so from now on, I'm going to go my first name:  Sherrie.  

    Thanks guys for the support!


  • Sounds like everyone is off to a pretty good start!  Day 3 is going pretty well so far.  I have my meals planned and my LBWO is completed for the day.  I did do a bit more for abdominals since I found a nice well rounded abdominal plan I would like to do.  I am preparing for  triathlon and marathon this upcoming season  and need my abdominals to kick a bit more to help with swimming (my weakness!)  I am still struggling with the want to snack around dinner time prep.  I have been making different meals for my sons which I know I shouldn't do, but they are kind of picky.  My goal is to have a couple of recipes that they will eat with me and others that are on my own.  For instance, I made the Tuna noodle casserole from the Eating for Life book but they won't eat tuna.  I am going to try the sloppy joes with them and see how that goes over.  I look at it as a work in progress!  Good luck on Day 3!

    Carol (also - my name comes up as duchess but my first name is Carol)  

  • HELP! Can someone give me advice on a better way to reply and keep posting? Seems like I have to go in-and-out often before I see these "reply" buttons. :( Working lower now! Have a fabulous day!

  • Just checking in!

    I'm doing fine eating wise but haven't been able to get to the gym yet (my husband's afraid I'll relapse.)  I'm hoping to get there by this weekend.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Heather O.

  • Day #3 - So far so good. Finished my lower earlier. I feel really good about this. Although, I may need to invest in some heavier DB's as I only have 3, 5, 8 &10's. Seems kind of easy. At least until I get to the 6- rep set. Then I start to feel on the down since some sort of injury a few years ago. Of course x-rays show nothing. Who knows, it may be gout. Anyway, I'm SO happy to say I have yet to feel any cravings for my normal pizza, mexican food, vino or margarita's! I usually eat out just about every day! Not this week so far!  I can do this! WE can do this. :-)

  • I'm starting now also, and live in Fort Myers, are you in this area?

  • I have got up the last 3 days and got my workout in at 5:30! It feels GREAT. I used 2 recipes so far from Eating with Life cookbook.. The first one was the baked Chicken parmesan and the second one was chicken pita pizzas. My whole family loved both of them!

    This is my first time to do BFL. This past year I lost 50 pounds by changing my eating and walking/jogging. I did my first 5k without stopping a few months back and on 12/31 I completed 5 miles not stopping. I still have about 50 more pounds to lose. I am excited to be changing my workouts up and now including weights. I had back surgery a year ago so I am very anxious about the weights but cannot wait to see how this starts to shape my body. My husband who really does not have much to lose is doing this with me!

    I have never been apart of an online fourm/communtiy like this. I love reading everyone's post. Not sure if I am replying just to rameyrock or where everyone that has replied can see. Not for sure how to do all this.


  • Good Day for me to - have used Lorii's plan for getting the most out of 20 mins on the eliptical machine. Absolutely wrecked at the end of it but also a real sense of having achieved something.

    Also got news that there is going to be a supplier for Myoplex in Cairo. EAS have just signed someone up as their Egypt distributor so all going well will be able to stock up soon.

  • Day #4 - Kind of frustrated! I have followed every rule each day, yet I only lost weight on the first day. Possibly from water in the muscle tissue as they are building. Not going to give up. This is easier than I thought for me to follow. Now that I'm on my way back to "me", I'm following thru to the end! Have a great Day everybody! - Halle

  • Not a good idea to weigh yourself everyday. Very likely to be demotivating cos our body weight fluctuates so much. I am doing it Biggest Loser style with a once a week climb on the scale

  • I agree! The numbers on the scale can be misleading at times and discouraging!    Don't rely on what the numbers on the scale say, judge more by how you're clothes are fitting. If you stick to the plan you will see results!

  • Halle -  Trust me - don't weight yourself every day.  I actually had to put my scale in a closet to keep myself away during my first Challenge, b/c it started to make me crazy.   The scale will be a better friend if you only visit it once a week.  :)  Wait a few more days, you will see results and from my experience, some weeks the measurements made me super happy and sometimes the scale did.   Congrats on your progress so far.  

    runninggrl :)

  • Good morning!

    Just checking in!

    I had a good eating week and am really looking forward to getting back to the gym on Monday!

    Have a happy and healthy day!

    Heather O.

  • Free Day!!!!!!

  • Free day and football!  Yeah!