New Year - New Outlook - Start Jan. 3rd :)

  • Officially start my challenge January 3rd...anyone interested in sharing the experience please feel free to I could use the team support...

  • I just heard about BFL today in work.  I'm going to start Jan 3rd too!  I don't have the book but I've gleaned a lot from the website, enough to get started this next week.  My friend in work says she did this program a coupla' years ago and lost 36 lbs in a little over 5 months and she felt great the whole time. I'll join your team!

  • rameyrock:  Have you done this before?  What state do you live in? I'm in FL

  • I'm in.  I am looking to improve my overall health and fitness by my birthday on March 18.  I am gonna pick up my supps this weekend and I will be with you on Monday!  Lets stick to it and be each others motivation.

  • start my body for life challenge tomorrow, i am documenting everything and taking photos of me and food and training, i would like to use this as a tool to not only inspire myself to change but also to inspire others, i live in Australia and we are now the "fattest nation" i want to help people change, i have let myself go over the past 6 months where once i was fit, its all about to change visit me at

    xx Romy

    good luck to every one

  • Count me in!  I completed a challenge last year and was pretty happy with my results.  However, December was a pretty hard month (got sick for about three weeks and then the holidays).  I am really looking forward to getting back on track!

    Thanks for the to you soon!

    Heather :)

  • I'm starting the 3rd as well! Count me in your group :) ! I also got a little pocket diet journal from barnes and noble to write down everything i consume and how many calories, as well as exercise and supplements. it wasnt expensive and fits right in my purse.

  • Hello ;) - I've attempted before - but never really had the drive to complete - feeling like my running was enough - I would just revert to my old routine and drop the weights from my workouts.  I am DETERMINED to finish and need the positive influence of others taking the same challenge. Located in Texas... ;)

  • This is going to be a great support for all of us ;) - I think having others participate and create a support system is one way to ensure that we have the backup we need when things get tough - excited that you're doing this - and it's even cooler that you're a part of this from Australia :)

  • TEAM SUPPORT! IM going TO NEED YOU!!!! I know we can all do it...pain is temporary, pride is forever!!!

  • I am in texas as well, I want to start but am waiting until we return from our first cruse in 2 weeks.  I don't want to set myself up to fail..with that being said, I am already watching what I eat, cutting sodas, and trying to exercise more.  I also use myfitnesspal to log all my intake  and exercise.  It helps me keep track and be aware of what I am putting in my mouth.  Good luck to everyone!!

  • I would like to join as well, I did my first round back in June and finished Sept 1st, lost 15 pounds and felt great.  Ready to start round 2.  Can I get in with you guys?  Taking pictures tomorrow.  I'll be working out in the morning. Using LOSEIT, ENDOMONDO and ISTAYFIT programs to track my progress.

  • "Champions: Body For Life" - Just bought on a sale table. My daughter is now 7-yrs old, and I am back up to the weight I was right after giving birth when I was 35! UGH! The first 34 yrs of my life I was pretty fit! I always watched what I put in my mouth back then, and worked out most days. I never had to lose more than 5 pounds. And to think I thought I looked fat back then! Now I am 50 pounds overweight! It is SO hard, even knowing what I need to do, to get off my lazy tush and JUST DO IT! I would LOVE to find support to take this ride with!

  • I am starting Monday also for the first time! I am excited! Located in TX also!

  • I am also starting on January 3rd. I completed challenge one in November and lost 10 pounds. i would like to join your team, for my second challenge.