"Help" Jan 2011 It is!

  • Hi Everyone.

    Okay here it is.  I have decided to begin, Jan 2011.  When does the competition for 2011 begin does any one Know?  I am checking out gyms today and tomorrow I have every body for life book, cook book, clean eating book... Oh my I thought last year buying them would help me lose the weight  but I think I have to work out...Oh my....  

    I need a group to bond with through out this 12 week period.  Here are my stat's.  I a mother of 2 wonderful daughters,  married and my husband is going to do the program too but he needs to pack on weight and muscle.


    Any way I am 5 ft, 3.5'' ~ 146 lbs and 33% body fat.

      I will keep this short until I have my date set .


    Joanne J.

  • Hi Joanne,

    I see you found a group in which to begin your challenge. Congratulations on making a committment to your health and happiness. You can begin your transformation today! Make 2011 your year to tap into your inner athlete and be the best you yet.



  • Joanne.  Congrats on this decision!

    There is never a time when there is not a BFL Challenge happening.  The round dates are to organize.  I started in November.  When I finish and send in my packet EAS will just count it in round 1.  You can't have dates overlap, but can always do a challenge.  I hope that helps. 

    Mighty Max

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I'll be joining you!  I'm starting Jan 3.  Here are my stats: 5'6", 170 lbs.  Size 14 pants.  I have no idea what my body fat is but I'm guessing about the same as yours.  

  • I would like to join this group too.. starting 01/3/11... have sent friend requests, please accept..   I weighed as of this am, 195lbs and am 5'8''... Ideal weight lost is 30lbs, gain and inquire tone muscle.

  • Dear Conqueror4life,

    It is now the 29th, yesterday Ian my husband and I went to look at a gym.  Very serious style weight room all men there at the time but I did not like it.  So we have an appointment today at one more and then we are looking at products at GNC so we can begin the New Year right.  Oh my I am getting a little nervous over the whole thing.  I have lost 25 lbs this past year and a bit just following an old weight watchers book and walking in my lunch hour M ~ F. This seems like I will really have to organize myself. I read the Champions body for life book and it has in some good tips , I am now just reading the body for life cook book.

    Any way I better get off so I make my gym appointment.

    Joanne J.

  • Joanne,

    Beware of the BFL Cookbook.  The portion sizes are too big for a woman.  Also, there's too many sauces, pastas, breads, etc.  It's likely better for maintenance. 

    You mentioned being nervous.  There is no reason.  You CAN do this and we are all here to support you.  BFL works if you work BFL!

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I to am starting 1/3/2011. I would love to be apart of this group. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children 6, 3, and 18mo. I am 5,7 and weigh 235 I have a whole lot of weight to lose. I am currently wearing size 18 clothes. I have always been a very fit person until the last 10 years when I was in a bad car wreck and had to have my ankle put back together. I was a college softball player at the time of my accident. I have always used the ankle as a crutch not to get fit. But have decided if I want to set a good example for my children I need to get fit again. So I will endure the pain to get into shape. Plus I think if I would loose the weight it would take away alot of what is causing my ankle pain. Good Luck to everyone on their new life changes!

  • Joanne...congrats on you and your hubbies motivation, club checking-out and GNC trip!  I cringe each time I go to GNC...prices are double at times of what you can find online.  I think if I list them this post will get blacklisted...feel free to e-mail me for info:  docmark@mail.com :)


  • I am starting (again) January 3rd and wouldn't mind joining the thread too.  I am taking all my measurements this weekend.  My wonderful husband will be joining me in the challenge, it will be great to push each other.  We've done it in the past with great success.  I am looking forward to looking good this summer.  Yay to everyone for making the commitment....Here we come 2011!

    "Success is figuring out a way  NOT to quit"

  • The nervousness is because it is so exciting!  Hope that you both find a gym that you will love to work out in.. Congratulations on removing 25lbs of weight!  That is a huge accomplishment... Now to the next level...

    I have read Body for Life by Bill Phillips, now I am reading Body for Life for Women by Dr. Pamela Peek in prep for my challenge... Very exciting and informative..

  • Congratulations on beginning your challenge!  May I ask what have been some of your preparations for beginning the challenge and ensuring success?