How do you choose your exercises?

  • JamesG,

    Thank you James for your kind words. I finished one challenge. (84 days) During the inception of the challenge I was unable to speak because of the paralized vocal cord but discovered that weight training helped to strengthen my left vocal cord so much that it granted me the ability to speak again. As you can imagine, losing one's voice is devastating! Body-For-Life literally saved my life. I am very grateful.



  • That's an unintended side benefit to the program that seems almost miraculous to me. I can only imagine your joy when you discovered this. I'm happy for you. Have you ever written to Bill about this? Or are you in fact a Champion? I can't recall seeing your picture anywhere, but you look like you could be. Your physique combined with your story is inspirational enough that I can see you being featured on a page of the Success Journal at the very least.

  • JamesG,

    There are some muscle groups, like forearms and neck, that aren't exactly targeted by BFL routines. To strengthen the grip you can do wrist extensions and wrist flexions with dumbbells.  Sit on a bench, place the arm holding the dumbbell on the corresponding leg such that the wrist just overhangs your knee, and flex up and down.  Turn the arm over to switch from extensions to flexions.   I would also try the old fashioned grip squeezes you referred to, or squeeze a tennis ball.  The grip will also improve with time if you keep doing the lunges and deadlifts.  

    I don't use wrist straps, and I know they are somewhat controversial.  But, I think the best advice I've seen on them was that if they allow the other muscle groups to be worked at weights higher than you could otherwise, then use them for those specific excercises (lunges, deadlifts) but don't use them for the other excercises.  Some lifters become affected by hyperextended elbows, which will also limit the amount of weight that can be used.  


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • James,

    Miraculous indeed! I sent in my official entry packet with my story recently and the winners will be announced on or before January 31st. There are some great transformations this year. Good-luck to everyone!!

  • Good for you. I think you'll win, champ. I'm rooting for you!

  • Thank you so much!!! I appreciate your support.

  • JamesG, sorry for the delay in responding... that was a typo, I meant step-ups (on to a bench) holding dumbbells. (they are one of the leg exercises in the book)