Starting Jan 17th, 2011, Care to Join Me?

  • Hi everyone!  Started BFL on Jan 10...this is my second time trying...or should I say...this is my first time completing the challenge!   I tried it about 4 yrs ago with my husband and started cheating so much that eventually we just stopped.  If it wasn't him suggesting it, it was me.  No good!  Anyway this time I'm doing it by myself...he is eating the same food I am so that's much easier, but I'm the only one doing the workouts.  

    A little about me...mother of a two-year-old, full-time worker, and the heaviest I have ever been.  I come from a family that is all pretty thin, and my husband doesn't help because he's always worked-out so pretty much always maintains in shape.  This weight-gain has affected everything in my life...from my self-esteem to my marriage to my social life...everything.   Out of desperation I have tried pills and diets and other workout programs...some healthy, others not so healthy.   I've known about BFL for long enough that I've researched it, drooled at the transformations, read the book, etc.  I finally decided that this year NOTHING will stop me...I am more DETERMINED than ever because I just feel like this isn't me...somewhere deep down inside is a happy, energetic, pretty woman that is ready to shine again.  (Even if it's only for myself.)  

    So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  :-)  I hope to be a regular on this board and share this incredible experience with you all.  I'd also like to see what everyone is eating!  I can always use new ideas!

    So exciting!  


  • Definately starting on the 17th.  It will be my first challenge

  • Good LBW this AM. Went over by a coupla minutes, but have a much better idea of how to structure the next one - same as w/the Day 1 UBW. I think by WO #3 I should have them down well enough that I'll be able to do them 'more properly', with better concentration for hitting solid 10's.

    Met a buddy at the bar this evening, and had 3 cold ones* before coming home. Salmon on the menu tonight!

    Having some hot wing cravings, but think I can compensate by sauteing some chicken *** in hot sauce (no butter) for a meal that should satisfy. That'll be tomorrow. Friday there is an oyster roast for my bro-in-laws birthday. I need to find out where oysters sit on the BfL Periodic Table of Foods ;) before then - they are super delicious right now, with the cold weather we have been having.

    Got some creatine today, plan to start using that in the AM. It's non-EAS, but all that I could find locally. Will be ordering some EAS-brand online soon...

    *3 cold waters. That's a change!!! ;)

  • Brian...CONGRATULATIONS...I look forward to the day I can say that I have achieved Day 84.  We can do this...all of us!  Look forward to seeing those pics :)

  • CapnK...This came across my blackberry as I was exiting the gym tonight...I had finished my cardio and was on a high, but truly craving an adult beverage.  I laughed so hard when I got to the end of this post and realized you had water!  I love it!!! craving for a beverage will just have to wait until my Free Day.

  • confident (Diana)...I truly know how you feel.  I was at the heaviest ever when I started this Challenge and my life was falling apart around me.  I also attempted this challenge previously several years ago and injured myself by pushing too hard.  I am divorced and my recent boyfriend had done nothing to support me in the transformation of the new me or my drive to succeed.  So...he is now my ex-boyfriend!!!  No...don't divorce your husband...just stick to it and as he sees your changes, he will appreciate the desire and determination since he truly loves you.

    We will stick through this together.  Go Body For Life.

  • :) :) :) Cajunbluez - Much fun was had by the regulars at my expense when I ordered, BUT - the tab was no expense at all! (...and I even tipped approx. 200,000%).

    Glad that it gave you a smile, and maybe helped you avoid a carb-heavy bevvy on a WO day! ;) I do have some plans for those come the much anticipated FirstFreeDay; I plan to continue to eat good, yet go 'extra bad' with my all-time fav Sierra Nevada Pale Ales. Hops are good for the metabolism, I just know it somehow... Maybe Bill P just forget to put that into the Book. ;D

    Next time I'm at the bar, I'll have a 'cold one' in honor of your successful Challenge. :)

  • Great...just let me know when you are sipping a cold one for me.

    Day 10....Complete....come on Day 84!!!

  • Yes, I will be starting on the 17th.   I am mentally preparing myself.   Pray for me.   :)

  • Just want to say hi to everyone. This is my third day.  I can't wait to start my training tonight. :)

  • Hi Brian!

    My husband and I started the challenge on Sunday the 9th, and we're going strong!  I'm definitely feeling a lot of changes and it's only been a week!  It would be great having support though!  We live in South Africa, and don't know anyone here that's ever done this!  We had such strong opposition when we told some family members we were doing this, that I almost lost heart!  My husband is quite the motivational spouse, and we got back on the train!  We've decided to stop talking about it, and let the results speak for themselves!  

    We do, however, have a lot of questions and no-one to direct them to, so you're it!  I can't wait to see the end results, which of course will never come, because we don't call this our 12 week challenge, it's our lifestyle challenge.  We never use the word diet!  This is life-long stuff!!

    So, happy to be on board!  Thanx for the invite!


  • Hi Brian,

    I'm in a similar boat to Diana above.  I've started challenges before.  

    However, I do know it works as I successfully lost weight for a friend's wedding following BFL.

    After having my first child, I haven't been able to get back to my successful BFL weight.

    I started the challenge on 2 Jan while away on holiday.  When I got home a week later I continued but started cheating.  Joining this group will make me more accountable.  

    My biggest challenge has always been eating the appropriate amounts and foods - as I love to eat.  Any tips greatly appreciated.

    Another challenge for me is that 'm working out at home.  Joining a gym is not an option for me right now or any time in the next month or so.  I do miss the weight machines at the gym, as I can keep increasing the weights and challenging my muscles.  However, I am inspired by those who've achieved their goals through using dumbells etc at home.  So if they can do it - I can to!

    I look forward to reading how everyone is going.



  • Hi All,

    We are now 4 days into it (Loving the change of life), struggling a little bit with our past friend the sweet tooth but we are sure this will pass, However I think we will enjoy our free day not in bulk but just to remember how things tasted. We love the way our bodys feel after the work out days lol we have never walked with jelly legs before.

    Would love to hear from other people and chat to along the 12 week journey.



    Catherine and Andrew 

  • Did my third cardio workout this morning.   Wife said, "I was getting ready to call 911 for you" due to the sounds I was making.   I guess that's a good way of knowing I hit my 10.   :-)

    Program is going well for me so far.   Doing whole wheat tortilla, 3 whites + 1 egg, veggies for breakfast; EAS bar for snack; salad with chicken or salmon for lunch; shake for snack; various things fr dinner; various things for "dessert".   Half cup oatmeal with a little skim milk and a scoop of EAS whey protein is actually pretty tasty -- had that for dessert the other night.   I have discovered that I'm not a fan of cottage cheese.   Need to give it a shot again -- maybe with something savory rather than fruit.

  • The important thing is to remember we are human and we will all slip/make mistakes, 1-2 Oreo cookies not to bad, eating the whole bag, well that's bad. Just stay with it and keep going.

    As for myself, I am not starting until Jan-17th, today is a warm up day for me.  This morning I ate

    3 Egg Omelet with salsa and a piece of Wheat toast glass of cold water.


    Can of Tuna fish, with light mayo on wheat round, sprinkled with some Garlic powder and pepper 20 oz water bottle.

    I am trying to get myself ready for Monday, the challenge is all about being prepared, and I am hoping to be ready to go on Monday.

    Congrats to those who are on they journey already, keep the faith and remember you have the strength to do all things.