Starting Jan 17th, 2011, Care to Join Me?

  • Hello everyone,

    my name is Brian.  This group is for anyone starting in January.   I began my last challenge on "Starting Oct 18th, 2010, Care to Join Me?" and hopefully will be carrying over a number of people from that challenge over to this one.  Currently we are on Week 10.  By the time this new Jan 17th challenge begins, we will have completed our first challenge and taken a week off.

    This group is for anyone starting in January.  If you're starting a week or two before or after me that's fine.  We had that in the last challenge as well and it's not a real issue.  The more people the better.  If this is your first challenge, please come and join us.  As with my last challenge, I'll take account and post everyone who discussed during the week.  This helps to keep everyone accountable and participating in the program.

    Also in the meantime, I'll also be communicating in both groups.  So please, feel welcome, come and start a challenge that will change your life.

    Be great everyone,


  • Hello everybody,

    mostly I'm just trying to raise visibility on this group to avoid multiple groups being raised.  Also I have my first confirmed member fitforlife5 who is carrying over from our first challenge: "Starting Oct 18th, 2010, Care to Join Me".  Hope to see more members in the coming year.


  • Hey Brian- Count me in for starting Jan.17. I am looking forward to being a regular contributor to this thread- I have found that staying active in the threads helps me stay active in the Challenge. I have ordered my EAS supplies from and should be ready to rock come the ides of January. Will be checking in with you until then...

    Power on- BobbyA

  • Bobby,

    great to have more participants.  I look forward to the next challenge.

    Talk to you more then,


  • It's the new year, start it off with a bang.  Come and join us January 17th.

  • Hi Brian. I am planning on starting the 17th. I am making small changes now to get ready. I have cleaned ou tthe fridge and pantry and I have started getting up earlier so I will be ready to workout. I have been walking but slowly  in the mornings now. Today I am going to get the myoplex. Looking forward to the challenge.

  • I'm starting the 15th, would love to join.  I too have started making the preparations.  this is my first challenge.

  • Im in Brian!  I am just as excited as the first one!!

    We will all succeed................together!!

  • Little Lena,

    It's great to hear you are getting ready.  Like they say, if you don't plan you plan to fail so best of luck making preparing yourself.  The program is very doable, you just have to stick with it.


    Yes definitely join us....the more the merrier.  It's no big deal that you start a little earlier or later.

    And Sandra....

    great to see that you're committing to another challenge.  We have to keep going strong this week (our last, 12th week) and then we can take a quick breather before diving into this challenge on the 17th.

    Hope there are more people out there looking to join.

    Best of luck everyone,


  • Hey Brian, my name is Lance. I am starting on the 10th of jan. I have lost 100 pounds already but now want to start lifting and loss more wt.

  • Lance,

    congrats on the weight loss.  Yes definately come join us.  It's not an issue that you're starting a little early.  The big thing will just be planning.  Really think out your meals.  Anyhow, look forward to participating with you.


  • Doing more planning and it is really easier due to time to do cardio on M,W,F and weights on T, TH, S. Is there any reason that weights are on MWF? M,W,F mornings are crazy here and the shorter time on those days would be great.

  • Hi all.  My name is Pat and I will be a little behind you guys with a planned start date of Feb. 7th.  Was going to start in January but I have a knee x-ray on the 19th and want to make sure everything is okay before I jump in.

    This will be my 2nd challenge.  Challenge 1 finished at the end of May last year.  While I've managed to stay within 10ish pounds of my last challenge, I can sure see the difference of not being as strict.

    For me planning was the key.  That 10 minutes or so that I sat down the night before and got everything in order was huge for me.  Without it I felt like I was spinning my wheels at times.

    Little Lena, as long as you are getting the exercises done, I don't think it's a big deal on the days.  On my last challenge I had to move days around due to my work schedule.  

    Anyways, good luck to everyone!

    Train to grow, not for show!

  • Hey All- Good to see you all getting ready for the 17th!

    @Little Lena- I, too, do my cardio on MWF. It just works better for my schedule. I found that if I make it work for me, I will (in turn) work it that much better! And we all know that the more you put into this, the more you get out!


  • Hi Brian,

    Would love to join you and everyone else! I was meant to start on the 1st jan, but managed to catch swine flu over the Christmas break... :(

    I have no doubt that I will be feeling much better by the 17th.