Kicking Off 2011 WIth A Bang!!! Anyone Coming Along?!?!?

  • Yesterday was very exciting. I have also been taking part in a Lose to Win challenge at my gym. There was a number of individual and group challenges and yesterday was my final fitness assessment and weigh in. My appointment wasn't until 3:30 pm and when I weighed in first thing in the morning I was just a tad below my goal. I ended up not eating all day except for a protein shake. I watched my class have a pizza party (very hard to do) but I weighed in just above my goal which qualified me along with 71 other members for a raffle. Amazingly I won the big prize of $1,000. I am very proud to have made my weight loss goal  and winning the raffle was icing on the cake.

    My mum passed from breast cancer last Spring. I thought about grief counseling but found working out really helped to release some stress. Along the way, a friend mentioned Body for Life and I am 20 pounds less than when this journey began. Dr. Peeke's book really helped to keep me motivated along with your posts.

    Roosed you made me laugh and I shared your pain. I hope you find peace and happiness in your relationship and that your shoulder is healing. To all my other online friends, thank you so much for supporting me in my journey and I look forward to hearing about your continued successes in the coming months.

    To quote Roosed "You rock crew!!!"

  • So exciting! Congrats on the pounds lost and the $$$!

    I hope to have similar results on the next challenge.


  • British, congrats & I sure hope you'll join our Q2 Crew so we can continue to share in your successes as well!!!

    To ALL YOU AWESOME AMAZING has been an honor getting through this challenge with y'all!!! We've all had ups & downs but for the bazillionth time I'll say it...this is "For Life" so on we go!!!

    As of tonight, C3 is in the bag for the Griz!!! Tonight my C3 final numbers were actually more encouraging than expected!!! Challenge #2 October-December ROCKED as motivation was HIGH & great progress was made dropping 32 LBs! This challenge has seen a couple personal derailments & my lousy shoulder blow ups but I've still lost 9 LBs, 17" of BAD body & 3% of my body fat!!! Running my fat numbers for C3 shows that I’ve actually lost 10.5 LBs but have added 1.5 LBs of lean muscle so I’ve netted down 9.0 LBs of pure flab!

    Still MILES to go but as Aerosmith says, "Life's a journey, not a destination!"

    Rock on crew!!! See y’all next Sunday for our next round!!!


  • Hi everyone. I will put up my stats here for everyone to see before we start Q2 crew next sunday.

    Just  wanted to post my official results of C3 BFL

    When I started BFL in April 4 2010 it was just after April fools. and I weighted 200.3lbs and said to myself, Wow I can't believe I got that big. I wasn't that big in my life. So here I am now almost  one year later.

    For Challenge 3#

     Starting Date  01/03/2011

    Weighted in at = 185.5




    rt thigh=22.5

    lt thigh=22.5

    7 weeks later of C3

    weight =177.6




    rt thigh=21.5

    lt thigh=21.5

    Then I got my body fat done and my BMI done.

    body fat was 43.4%

    BMI was 29.7%

    Week 12 of C3

    weight = 171.8



    abs= 38

    rt thigh=20.5

    lt thigh=20.5

    body fat now 40.5%

    BMI now 28.6

    I was hoping to reach 170, That was my goal for Challenge 3,  Next time I will hit my next goal make for Challenge 4... =)

    Boom ~ Chica ~ woot.

    We're all in this together Anne B

  • Well final photos are up...but haven't posted my measurements yet...have to get to bed..will post tomorrow night.  KEEP UP THE WORK EVERYONE....I am resting for a week and joining the Q2Crew for another Challenge on 4/4.

  • Great progress girl! I can't imagine how great you'll look after the next challenge! Congrats!

  • Thanks HD.....see you in the Q2Crew for Round 2....

  • What a ride!  Mine kinda took me on an unexpected journey, but isn't that the fun of life?!?  But it was GREAT!  I made some awesome friends along this 12 weeks.  So, here are my "stats":

    Starting weight: 170

    Along the way I did the paleo diet to act like a cleanse of sorts.  I felt amazing!  And lost about 10 lbs to about 160, the lowest I've been since college!  Well, that must have been great for my body since I got pregnant about 2 weeks into the challenge.  I was able to keep running and train for a half marathon.  That was huge for me, since usually I sit on the couch and check out for the first tri. I'm back up to the original weight that I started :)  But I'm feeling pretty good and am almost over all the viruses that have been going around.  

    Looking forward to following you guys in the Q2Crew!

  • Hey Guys,

    I'm almost ready to start Challenge number 2 on Monday!!  I posted my BEFORE and AFTER's on my profile.  Please take a look and let me know what you think!!. Like I said I wasn't happy at all with the amount of fat I lost but I'm looking at this as progress not perfection so I'm going into C2 with a fresh outlook.  I went ahead and entered my packet anyway but I really don't feel like I'm Champion material at this point.  Anyhow I'm hopping over to the new thread now!  See you there!


    Quit World of Warcraft, Quit Diet Coke, Quit Processed foods, Started Body For Life and got healthy.


  • Hello everyone!  I just started BFL.... I am excited for my transformation!!!