beggining photo?

  • Is there anything special I have to order to document the starting date of my beggining photo?  Does it have to be formaly developed and dated by a professional photo prosessor...or can I do it with my camera and print it on my local printer or at the drug store?   Do i just hold it and send it in with my final photos or do I have to mail it in the beginning?

    I am starting at 312 pounds so I probably will do several 12 week cycles.  Should I send in my packet after cycle one?  Or do I continue through my cycles and mail it when I hit my goal?


    AFter I finish my first cycle can I continue on cycle number 2 immediatly?  I don't have to wait until the next contest starts in order to start cycle 2?


     Thank you so much for any advice you can give of luck to all.





  • I have the same questions as Doug   prob. is going to take two 12 weed cycles.   thanks  jill

  • oops  week cycles

  • Print your photo ASAP and save one to disc. The date is stamped on the back of the photo when you develop it. Doesn't matter, but it made me feel better.

    You can start a challenge anytime you want. The challenge dates are posted so that the judges can sort through the packets easier.

    You don't do anything until you are done. Download and print your pack when you complete the 84 days. You have 3 days to get your photos taken. You have 15 days to postmark your packet and sent to EAS.

    Go get'em! Best to ya!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Thanks Renee,