Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • By the way the NEW post gonna stay in "Getting Started"?  I'm okay with that, or do you want it in "Crossing the Abyss" or "Week 13 and beyond" or whatever?


    Blessings <><


  • Hey everybody!

    I have been one of the silent members of the group... following the threads but not always having the time to say anything...

    I am so amazed by everyone's amazing progress! You guys have done so well! I am waiting a bit to put up my pictures.. I have taken them, just haven't gotten around to putting them up yet.  

    Just wanted to say WOW! to all of you, good job!

  • Hey Guys!!!!

    Solidrocker-I can not believe the progress this week.  The Abs are starting.  I am experimenting with several things in order to see definition.  I cut my CARBS at night.  I eat celery and drink a carb control protein drink.  I will post a couple more pictures in a couple weeks.  I think my ABS my be there.  We shall see.  It certainly has been a very tough week.  I have been solid and hitting the gym hard.  As you know, my goal is the ABS.  I think we should stay in this forum.

    Momof2-Welcome!!!  Congrats on your progress.  

    I will continue to keep you guys abreast of the challenges in this C2 transformation.  

    Til next time.


  • look much younger since starting the program! I think you need to change your profile pic (headshot) because it looks like an older brother! LOL....You are doing great!!!

  • Hi All,

    Finished my C1. Haven't been able to get to the post as the modem at home died and Ma Bell didn't send a techi over until Monday @ 9 pm. Not impressed. Had some more M inLaw stuff last night She is now staying with us. My wife will be taking her to the Doc's today. I think she doesn't want to be alone anymore and is stressing about that cause she doesn't want to ask if she can stay with us and she doesn't want to sell her house so she doesn't know what to do. Spoke with my wife on the way over to her place last night and told her that she will have to stay with us and we should talk about her selling her house and us selling our and buying a house with an inlaw suite attached. Since we are the one's that will ultimately be taking care of her anyway. So we will have to see what the doc says today and start planning. She will be better off with us as our home is the only place she feels at home and comfortable. Our kids are old enough that they can help out when need be. Anyway I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank each and everyone of you for letting me tag along on this thread you all have helped me accomplish this journey. Idon't think I would have without Y'all. Didn't reach all  my goals but here it goes anyway maybe aimed too high. Didn't eat as clean as I should have,missed I think 12 or more WO's. Results are: Chest = 44" now 43". BEER GUT = 49 now 44. Thighs = 49 NOW 44" nmot sure on that one can't find my piece of paper yet. Body inches down 11". Weight = 244 now 223.5 #. Still along way to go.  Starting on the 3/4 April. This week was suppose to be AR well the R is right the A have not stepped foot in the gym yet and don't think I will until Sunday and Monday will  be my free day works better for my early morning WO's. Would like to pop in from time to time if that's OK? Will be going Vegan for C2. and my girl also. My wife has expressed that since I am making her life difficult that she is going to start her own diet on the 4th. Hope to put some Pic's up soon on my profile. Let's keep this team together. Any name just let me know where to find ya!




  • Hello everyone!!

    The brand new forum is now posted and ready to start using either now or on Monday 4/4.

    It is titled "ROUND 2 CREW - Starting 4-4-11".  I put a "welcome message" on the first post message to attract in anyone looking for a group like ours.  I encourage everyone to put their own note on there, just so someone wandering into the post will get a taste of what a diverse and wonderful group of individuals you all are.

    I did some Elliptical this morning just to see if my ankle would be okay doing that instead of treadmill until I heal.  It seemed to go okay.  Since I hadn't done elliptical since week 6, I tried doing my old RPM levels from week 6 and found them to be too easy!  Even 105 RPM barely broke a sweat or made me breathe heavy, so hitting 10's on it will be a challenge.

    I didn't get any responses from y'all on the Body Fat scale difference issue.  What do you think I should do for this challenge submission?  Should I factor the 28% reduction into my old scale numbers and then proceed this challenge with my new scale readings?  I could really use some input or suggestions.

    Anywhoo, gotta get back to work.  Blessings,


    Blessings <><


  • I think you should use your new scale for this challenge. So when you start you will know where your at with the new scale and won't have to flip flop back and forth. Also how often do you plan on using the scale? I only used the scale at the beginning and end not in between. Try it for thischallenge. Just my 2 cents.

    Have a great evening Steph.


  • Stephon -

    I think I would see if you could have your body fat tested with calipers at a local fitness club (at least the 3 site measurement, or preferably the 7 site), and then go right home to see how the new scale compares to what the calipers show.  The trainers at the Anytime Fitness I go to will do it for $10.

    I used to have a scale that measured body fat, it was really affected by how hydrated I was when measuring, as well as if my feet were dry when stepping on it, etc.  Just make sure you are very consistent when measuring - big glass of water the night before, test first thing in the morning, dry feet, etc!  

    There is no way the 27.5% is correct with the 36 pounds you dropped (that still amazes me!!!!); I'd go with the new scale reading for this challenge, but would test 4-5 days in a row to make sure you have a consistent measurement.  

    Made it through my first day at the all-inclusive in Mexico; there is NO chicken in any of the dishes, and I hate seafood, so may have to live on white wine and veggies this week..............they balance each other out, right? So glad I brought some EAS packets for making shakes, it seriously is going to be tough to get the protein in this week!


  • Tina,  You look Grrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttt! You should treat your hubby to a shoe string bikini. In PRIVATE OF COURSE! WAY TO GO!

    Scott what a difference 12 weeks makes. A different and younger look.

    Solid Steph, You must be enjoying the new you.

    As for me , my female co -workers have encoraged me to wear tighter pants. LOL My wife also works here. But it was the others that said something as my large pants were bunching at the back and way too baggy. Found a pair of skinnier jeans for now.

    Doesn't much matter to me where we are as long as we can find each other. Also will be looking for that journal Thanks!

    Have a great weekend everyone.