Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • Hey Team,

    First day of AR in the bag, woo-hoo!   

    Solidrocker - Wow, did you rock this challenge!  Great job finishing C1 strong, your photos are amazing!  (Although we were all hoping you would opt for waxing over Nair, so we could hear some funny stories!)

    Scott - good luck as you begin C2, you hit C1 out of the park, any and all tips/help as we go into C2 will be appreciated!  What is everyone doing for the "active" part of their Active Rest this week? 

    I just updated my profile with my 12 week pictures, might retake the front view tomorrow because they have some pretty funky shadows going on in the background.  I was hoping to make an appointment for pro pix, but decided with our trip coming up that wouldn't be the best use of family money, the kids will enjoy ziplining much more than pro pix of their mom in a swimsuit!  Anyways, here are my final results and  my starting plus 12 week pictures, gotta love the copy/past function for stuff like this! 

      Challenge 1 Progress (January 3, 2011 - March 27, 2011)


    Start of Challenge                4 Weeks              8 Weeks              12 Weeks              Final Results:

    Weight:     142 Pounds        135.5 Pounds      132 Pounds          130.5 Pounds          -11.5 lbs
    Body Fat:   29.1%                 25.0 %               22.6%                   21.9%                   -7.2%
    Chest:        36.5                    35.5                   35.0                      35.0                      -1.5"
    Waist:        31                       28.0                   27.5                      27.0                      -4.0"
    Belly:         35                       34.0                   32.0                      32.0                      -3.0"
    Hips:          40.5                    38.75                 38.0                      37.0                      -3.5"
    Thigh:        23.5                     22.75                 22.25                    22.0                      -1.5"

    Day 1 Front                                Day 1 Side                           Day 1 Back


    End of C1 Photos, taken 3-27-11:

    As you can see in the numbers above, my progress slowed down a bit the final 4 weeks, when I started letting my calories creep up and adding in snacks when I was hungry rather than fighting through the cravings.  I still dropped inches and body fat, just not as quickly as I had been, lesson learned!

    My goals for C2 include getting down to 18% body fat, being able to do 10 pullups, and getting more muscle definition in my hitting 2.5 miles in 20 minutes on the Treadmill.  

    Have a great night all, my other goal for C2 is to get more sleep!


  • TINA!!!!! Look at you!!! You are a muscle machine! You look fabulous my friend. And 21.9% body fat is amazing. You really do look great.

    You are going to be rocking your bikini's in Mexico!!!

  • Stephon...did we decide on a name for C2? I don't want to miss it. THanks!

  • Tina,

    Talk about hitting the ball out the park.  You hit a grand slam and then some.  You look fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Thanks Scott & Jaimee,

    Just sitting here with a silly grin on my face, went to pack for our trip and didn't have to buy anything, my outgrown summer clothes fit again! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!  I'm seriously going to wear a cute little skirt again for the first time in about 4 years on vacation, it's a big deal for me, I used to love them but haven't worn them for years because I've been so self conscious about my legs.  

    Between that and the nice comments you both left, it's gonna be a great day!


  • Ok I am so blown out of the water by everyone's results and pics! I am wanting to post before/after pics but not sure how to do it. Help?

  • Candace if you want to post it on the thread, just go to the reply box and below it is "Use Rich Formatting". Click on it. Then you can see the little window you click on to "insert image". Then go from there! Hope that helped!

    Tina...Not only could you wear a could wear your bikini and I know you would turn heads. have have done great!

  • Thank you Jaimee and Tina! I uploaded before and after pictures to my profile. I wish I would've measured from the beginning.  Now I am working on my new goals for our next challenge and reminding myself that Active Rest does not give me free reign to blow all I have worked so hard for. I have noticed getting several looks in my pre pregnancy summer clothes the last few days.  I am loving it! i am ready for the next challenge. Did we decide on a new name?

  • Great job to all of you! I've been following this thread because I started the end of January...sort of close to you all. I still have 3 weeks to go and am very motivated to bring it home strong after seeing the wonderful results posted here! Congratulations to all of you!

  • Candace  -

    Great job!  I can really see the progress in your side pix, and also how much slimmer you look from the back, so happy for you!  Glad you are in for C2 with the rest of us..........not sure what the group is going to be called, or if we just keep going on this thread, but either way I'll see you back here when we return from  vacation!


    P.S. For those of you interested, I just ordered Carb Control individual packets of Chocolate Cream powder from the EAS store on this board, they were like 65% off, due to being "Close to expiration", but don't expire till October, so plenty of freshness time left for us shake-guzzling BFL'ers!  Some good deals to be found in their outlet store!

  • Candice,

    What a transformation.  It is pleasure to see success after success after success.  I am into my second day of my C2 challenge.  I did not exactly hit my goal in C1.  It is tough but I am committed and have been solid as a rock.  I am suffering through my first injury.  I pulled my neck muscle.  Painful but will NOT miss a workout.  Again, Congrats to all.  Look forward to the continued support in our forum.  Good Evening my friends!!!


  • Happy Active Rest Wednesday!!!

    Sorry I haven't been on here in a few days.  I've been really distracted with work!

    Finally had a chance to take a look at some of the after shots!  WOW did you all do GREAT!!  

    TINA - You totally rocked this challenge girl!  I say get whatever your hubby wants to see you in, and wear it behind closed doors for HIM.  (Sorry, I'm a bit of a stickler for modesty in public LOL)

    CANDACE - Awesome results girl!  The next challenge should be icing on the cake (figuratively of course)

    SCOTT - You look like 1/2 of yourself from before dude!  Those abs are gonna be popping in no time.

    JAIMEE - You have awesome results - and you pressed on through alot of adversity this challenge!

    Well I found out that the ankle pain that was annoying me is actually "posterior tibial tendonitis" and I cannot run until I get some corrective support insoles and am pain free.  I have come to so love running that I don't know if I can stand it!  But I have to, because continual inflammation of this tendon can lead to surgery and permanent disability, so I gotta take it seriously!

    I went and bought my own scale that measures: weight, body fat%, muscle weight, bone weight, water%, suggested caloric intake, and has an "athlete" setting for those with body fat ultra low (which isn't me yet).  I got on it this morning and it tells me that my body fat is 19.8% vs gym scale tells me 27.5% this morning.  I've thought for some time that the gym scale was incorrect because after losing 36 lbs during this challenge my BF% has only dropped from 32% to 27.5%.  So, do you guys think I should factor the difference and have my official results start at 23.5% and now at 19.8%?  I just don't know how to proceed on the next challenge, using my own scale with this vast difference in data.

    For our next forum name:  How's "Round 2 Crew - 4/4/11"?  Lemme know and I'll set it up.

    Have a blessed day!  I'll try to look at other pics I've missed this week too.


    Blessings <><


  • Candace...great job!!!! You can really see it in your abs and glutes!!!

    Stephon...I will be looking for the thread. THnaks for starting it up. I don't want to lose touch with you all.

    I am getting my food list together for Sunday as I start C2. I am pretty focused right now on what I need to do to achieve results. No more working hard at the gym only to ruin it in the kitchen. EXCITED! Rereading the BFL book as well.

  • Message for the Ladies:

    Ebay has "Body for Life for Women" brand new books (10 available) for $4.00 each and FREE shipping.  I purchased two of them for ladies in my family who want to start.  Thought you might be interested if you don't already have it...



    Blessings <><


  • Bought it! Thanks Steph!!! I almost bought TODAY on Barnes and Noble but thought about it because I already have BFL. At $4! It will be totally worth it!!! Thank you!