Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • Hi Team,

    Bumped some random key and just accidentally deleted the post I had entered, so here's the shorty version:

    1) I love our little group, I feel like we all know each other so well!  I'd vote for keeping our group going, and we can double subscribe to both groups for those who want to.  (Cajunbluez - they seem like a fun bunch of people also!)  

    2) Can't wait to see everyone's progress at the end of 12 weeks!  I've been my own worst enemy this past week, hormonal, bloated and HUNGRY, these darned carb cravings have NOT gone away!   Just trying to "keep it between the lines" like Stephon said, but it's like my crazy 12 year old bouncing off the sidewalls of a go-kart track with the pedal jammed all the way to the floor this week!  'Nuff said.  

    3) Found 2 bikinis, a tankini and a malliot swimsuit today, woo-hoo!  According to my husband they have "too much fabric", he told me he had hoped I would come home with something skimpier......told him  I need to not mortify the kids on vacation in front of their teammates!

    4) A couple possible names for the group:  

    B2 (as in "B Squared"), could stand for Bikini Bottoms / Buff Biceps

    Quad Squad

    Lunging Lunatics

    Gym Rats

    Okay, need to get to bed, have a great final HIIT tomorrow everyone!  And Solid Rocker........I'm in on the 5k for tomorrow after the HIIT portion is done..........want to up the ante to 5 miles?  Seriously, I'll do it if you will, even if I have to walk/crawl/yell like Claude to get there!

    Glad to see your daughter is joining us Stephon, have her post a little "hello" message so we can get to know her, and tell her we say "Welcome aboard"!    


  • Happy Happy HAPPY SATURDAY WEEK #12!!!!

    Congratulations everybody!!!  WE HAVE MADE IT!!  * pats on your back *

    TINA - Didn't see your post in time to respond (2 a.m.?  Yikes) But I got up a little late this morning due to heavy storms in our area last night had me waking up and not able to go back to sleep.  Although I was running a little short on time; I hit 2 miles at 19:55, 3.1 miles at 31:00, and went on to run 4 MILES in exactly 40 minutes!!!  What a great wrap up to challenge #1:  This was the first time I've ran 4 miles since starting to run again!  I can honestly say that I could have kept going to 5 miles if the time to do it had been there!  Thanks for the challenge Tina!  All my Saturday runs from now on will be HIIT for 20 minutes and then anywhere from 5k to 5 miles.

    Have a Blessed day and lets get ready for C2!


    Blessings <><


  • SolidRocker - the 2am was due to the coffee I drank while trying to warm up in the hockey rink last night, kept me up WAY too late! 

    I think we run at about the same pace for distance, I hit the 5 mile mark at 49:22 today.  I was DYING afterwards, went to wash the sweat off my face and it was beet-red, when I do my normal HIIT for 20 minutes I am barely sweating at the end, guess I just need to run longer!    The 5 miles was a stretch for me, I've never in my life run that far.  But when I finished I thought "dang, that was almost a 10K, that would be doable by the end of summer...............just a thought!   

    I cheated a bit and didn't use any incline, was feeling a bit funky when I started the run.   I "lost" a minute somewhere on one of my earlier intervals, so ran the last 45 seconds at 9 mph to see how far I could get in 20 minutes.  I actually hit 2:16 miles at 20 minutes, due to no incline and the last gasp push on minute 20!  

    Everyone - what would you think about "mini-challenges" during our AR week? I saw this one one of the other threads, where the members receive an extra "challenge" each month, I think recently it was to do one burpee each day of the month to correspond with the number (so on the first you would do one burpee, on the 10th you'd do 10, etc).  Maybe we could challenge ourselves to 25 pushups, 25 squats, 50 crunches for 100 movements each AR day, call it our "dollar a day" challenge since we'd hit 100 moves ($1.00) each day?  Since we won't be doing our regular workouts, this will help keep a little more  "Active" in Active Rest!  I'm really looking forward to a week of "unstructured" workouts, just doing some fun activities like swimming, running with the boys on the beach (NOT in my swimsuit though!), rockclimbing wallls,  ziplines, and whatever else a teenager and pre-teen can throw at their mom! 

    I was going back over my results and took my weight/measurements today, my "paper" results the first 8 weeks were much better than the last 4 weeks.  I was much less strict with my diet this past 4 weeks,  too many BLT's (bites, licks and tastes), and my calorie counts were higher because I was just so darned hungry all the time.  I think part of it may have been just dealing with the mental/emotional issues surrounding my MIL's death as well (she passed away the day week 9 started), and I think I mentally gave myself permission to loosen up a bit, I had been wound pretty tight the past several months trying to keep everything together.  I'm okay with that, I knew what I was doing and still rocked every single workout.  It will be fun to see what my body fat percentage change is, I'm getting it tested Monday morning for my 12 week results, and will post pix and final numbers then.  It will be fun to see what everyone has done - I didn't meet all my goals that I set 12 weeks ago, but I'm darned close on some of them, and THAT is a success in my book!  

    We are heading out on vacation Thursday, I will be starting C2 with you all on the 3rd and doing the best I can with the temptations in front of me!


  • Hello Team! Today is the end of the 12 week contest for me. I started on a Sat. and ended today. I however didn't finish like I would. I am still posting my beginning and ending photos and am starting again April 3rd. The second contest I am going to end much better!!

    Stephon...I vote to start our own group. Any name is great! I kind of liked Quad Squad. Rockin Rebels sounds good too! Any way, let me know what it will be and I will be there. Thank you!

    I am excited for each of you that have done this contest til the end and made great changes. You are all so wonderful! Can't wait to see pics!!

    Here are mine:

    Starting:                                                                 Ending:

    Okay, so not exactly fabulous..but improvement. Here's to contest 2!!!

  • Happy 12 weeks my friends!!!  (Scroll Down)

    What a wonderful 12 weeks it has been for all of us.  I certainly stayed dedicated and never looked back once I started to see progress.  

    Jaimee-Your pictures look fantastic.  Your overall decrease in weight and size are really impressive.  Congratulations on a job well done.

    SolidRocker-You continue to strive for the top and it shows with all your treadmill exercises.  Your recent 4 miles run is off the charts.  I can barely make it to 2 miles.  Keep up the great work and congrats on your 5k run.  You deserve a ton of credit for your dedication and motivation.  See you in C2.  

    Tina-I have one suggestion for you.  Listen to your husband and go get those skimpy bikinis.  He gave you the go ahead.  Lol.  You have inspired me in more ways than one with your posts and encouragement.  I certainly hope we can all do the next challenge close together because we really have someone nice going here.  I followed your progress on the treadmill and was really excited when you hit the 2-mile marker.  Remember that!!!  Well, before I run out of room, I want to sum up my results.

    Unfortunately, I did not measure my arms, legs etc.  I did weigh myself and measure my waist.  Here are the official results:

    1/3/2011 3/27/2011

    Weight 192.8   172.8

    Waist 38-39    33

    Arms   ?    13’

    Legs-Thighs   ?    17’

    Legs-Calves            ?    12.5

    The real results were in my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure etc.  I was removed off all medications accept one which is a life long medication.  As you guys may remember I had heart surgery at age 34.  I had a defective aortic value.  I will tell you that I almost had to stop this nutrition program at one time.  I pushed on and overcame the rough time.   Here are the other numbers:

    1/3/2011 3/27/2011

    Cholesterol   230    169

    Triglycerides   468      89

    Blood Pressure   152/90     111/70

    I have posted my pictures to my profile.  Was not sure how to add to web forum.

    Let me know everyone’s thoughts.

    Best Wishes


  • Oh My Gosh Scott!!!! You have done GREAT! You look really good! I am shocked by your triglycerides number. That in itself was worth all the hard work!

    I hope you will be with us in C2!!!!!!


  • Congrats Scott! Your numbers show how well this lifestyle really works! Way to go!

    Jaimee - Your progress in your pictures is awesome! You should be so proud of yourself!

    I was unable to weigh, since I refuse to own a scale at home and not able to go to the gym due to daughter's stomach bug (on the way to recovery :)) but I did check the messurements I took kinda late in the game. I am down 2 1/2 inches in my waist and the same in my thighs. I plan to measure better for challenge 2. I was even able to fit into the top that was my goal, which is perfect for this wonderufl spring/summer like weather we are having here in South Texas!  I did take pictures and will attempt to post them soon.  The best thing is I feel better than 12 weeks ago and my hubby and I are looking around for a 5K to enter (thanks Stephon for that motivation!) Everyone enjoy your free day and active rest week.! WE DID IT!!!!!

  • Just  wanted to post my official results of C3 BFL

    When I started BFL in April 4 2010 it was just after April fools. and I weighted 200.3lbs and said to myself, Wow I can't believe I got that big. I wasn't that big in my life. So here I am now almost  one year later.

    For Challenge 3#

      Starting Date  01/03/2011

    Weighted in at = 185.5




    rt thigh=22.5

    lt thigh=22.5

    7 weeks later of C3

    weight =177.6




    rt thigh=21.5

    lt thigh=21.5

    Then I got my body fat done and my BMI done.

    body fat was 43.4%

    BMI was 29.7%

    Week 12 of C3

    weight = 171.8



    abs= 38

    rt thigh=20.5

    lt thigh=20.5

    body fat now 40.5%

    BMI now 28.6

    I was hoping to reach 170, That was my goal for Challenge 3,  Next time I will hit my next goal make for Challenge 4... =)

    Boom ~ Chica ~ woot.


    I just have a second, so I just want to give everyone a well deserved CONGRATULATIONS for making it this Challenge!  I've read all your posts and viewed all your results, and am blown away happy for everyone!

    My pictures get taken this evening, but my morning weigh in for the final time came in at 194 lbs, 27.5%BF, 25.0 BMI.  That's down from 230lbs, 31.9%BF, 29.7 BMI.  So I am really happy with the results this challenge, but have a ways to go to see those abs and pecs that are still a bit concealed.  But, that's what challenge #2 coming up is ALL ABOUT....taking it to the NEXT level, eh??

    I'll write more later when I have the time.  right now, gotta get back to work (yes, it's a work day for me today).


    Blessings <><


  • Well final photos are up...but haven't posted my measurements yet...have to get to bed..will post tomorrow night.  KEEP UP THE WORK EVERYONE....I am resting for a week and joining the Q2Crew for another Challenge on 4/4.  

  • Scott, Jaimee and Cajun.............

    I am so proud of all of you, and so impressed by all your photos!!!!!!!!!!   It is so cool to see what progress you all made in 12 short weeks - especially in the abs area, every one of you!  And Stephon - your numbers are very impressive, I'm guessing the pix will be as well!  

    My husband is taking my "after" photos for me tomorrow, and I'm getting my body fat tested after that,  I'll try to get them up by evening.  Only down 11.5 pounds total for the 12 weeks, but lost 4" off my waist, 3.5" off my hips, and 1.5" off each thigh, so I'm really happy with the results.  Can't wait to find out my new body fat percentage tomorrow!

    I had a very free free day today, and boy was it good!   Chocolate donut after church, pizza for lunch, taquitos for dinner, and a misc. other snacks here and there!  

    I need to set some concrete goals for C2, and be as diligent about the eating as I am about the appetite is my downfall, I was never that date in highschool who would just order a salad for dinner!

    Have a great week of AR all, and looking forward to hearing the rest of your results!  


  • Hope everyone had a great FREE DAY!!  I know I did.

    Well, my profile is updated with before and after pictures, BUT I won't have before and after measurements until tomorrow probably...just been a busy day today with work and all.

    I haven't had a chance to look at everyone's updated pics and info. but will do so over my AR week (what else am I gonna do?  LOL)

    Everyone get rested up, and get ready for C2!!!



    Blessings <><


  • Cajun!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me???!!!!! You look FANTASTIC!!!

  • All I can say works :)  Thanks Jaimee and MN Mom...I hope you ladies are joining us on Q2Crew for round 2.  Facebook me if you want...stay in touch!  Karla Cormier

  • Good Evening Team,

    Well, I am blown away by everyone's pictures and results.  I will agree that i went over board on my free day and paying for it today.  One of my C2 goals was to have a free meal instead of a free day.  I will keep everyone posted on the progress.  My first day of C2 was a success NOT only at the gym but I really fine tuned my eating meal plan.

    Cajunbluez-Your photos look wonderful.  You have a lot to be proud with those results.  Congrats.

    Tina- You have done extremely well throughout the 12 weeks.  I am excited to see your results as well.  Keep it up and think about C2.  I can help with some of the ideas.  I have really studied the C2 challenge by reading other forums and changing some things.  I know 11.5 pounds is tough.  Just think of your progress.  Congrats to you as well.  

    Solidrocker-Wow.  Awesome results along with a strong attitude to succeed.  Kudos to your hard work as well.

    Jaimee- Thanks for the nice works.  It was hard but worth every ounce of effort.  You keep up your efforts as well.  You have strong drive and determination.

    I think we certainly can agree on a couple of things.  First,  THE BODY FOR LIFE PROGRAM REALLY WORKS WELL.  Second, we have a great support group.  Finally, our way of life has improved 100%.

    Just to make a comment.  I am now in C2 and more determined then every to see those ABS.  I don't know who quotes this, but "YOU HAVE NOT SEE ANYTHING YET."

    Enjoy your evening and keep the updates coming.