Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • When Murphey decides to mess up plans, he really does. My last week was planned out to be a great one and a big push to get the best results, especially after such a rough one last week. Well woke up this morning to our daughter sick with what seems to be a stomach bug, so we are home through at leat tomorrow to help from spreading it to others. I am also hoping our son or I get it either! Not exactly the way I wanted to lose weight. I do have a DVD I can workout with here at home and will be trying to fit it in today, but still not the same. I am bumed to say the least but determined to watch my meals extra careful to try to make some difference anyway. So here's to trudging along as I remind myself that I love motherhood! :) LOL!

  • Hi everyone,

    Candace, Hope the little girl is feeling better today and yes Murphy seems to play no favorites when it comes to messing up plans.

    Thanks for the prayers and kind words everyone it really helps. Yesterday  had a not bad wo considering have not been to the gym for a while increased some of the weights. It was a hit and miss on some of the 10's. Now I have new levels to hit. My son and daughter will be joining me on the C2. I have decided to let them set up their exercises and they will be responsible for how much weight they use and what machines they want to use and record their wo's and meals. It's all up to them how far they go. I will keep doing morning wo's and will go with them at night and help out if they need help. The girl is graduating this yr. so she wants to look good for her Prom. Hopefully that will be motivation for her. She is 17. The boy is 14 and likes playing Call of Duty but said he will come to the gym will have to talk to my wife to ensure she doesn't give the ok to quit like last time. She is starting back with her trainer met this week for her scheduled sessions and feeling it. Alittle crumpy as she doesn't like working out yet. Well off to the gym now for my cardio.

    Girls take care of that asma we have puffers for both kids they only use them now when the are getting a cold one in the morning and one for at night. Thankfully that's the only time they seem to need them but will watch them at the gym. Never thought of checking with them to see how they feel after a cardio. Thanks for the reminder.

    We are almost done!


  • Hi it's me again,

    Just got back from doing an awsome cardio. After almost 12 weeks the light bulb went off. I was doing 4 sets of intervals and wondering how you guys were hitting your ten when I could barely finish mine. So printed off the cadio sheet and count just how many sets there were. I missed counted so today I started at 5.4% incline and 5.4 for speed, went to 5.9 and for the last min.went to 7 and had to keep yelling out loud to keep pushing and it worked I hit my 10.



    HIIT was very good this morning.  Eased my speeds up just a tad, hit 2.05 miles in 20 mins.  Dropped down to 6 mph and finished to 2.5 miles then cooled down.  I can tell my cardio fitness and lung capacity are improving in the subtlest ways.  Today I noticed that I was breathing very quietly, even at top speed.  Previously, I would catch myself fighting to gain control over my breathing speed and intensity - sometimes puffing out loud on exhales.  But today was not the case and it was noticeable.

    CLAUDE - "Yelling" outloud to keep pushing?  I don't think that was a "10", I think it was something more like "20"...DUDE!!...That's crazy intense!

    Everyone else, keep pushing!

    NAME THE FORUM - Have not received any suggestions on the name for our new forum board for Challenge #2 starting 4/4/11.  If no suggestions, I'll just call it "Round #2 - starting 4/4/11"...and you don't want something THAT BLAND do you? LOL

    Blessings to everyone and keep pushing toward the finish line...IT'S RIGHT UP AHEAD!!!  


    Blessings <><


  • Solidrocker....I thought we were gonna be called the "Q2 Crew" or am I mixing that up with the other folks that are ending two weeks behind us?

  • the screaming when hitting your "10"! That is awesome!!! I worked at a police dept. years ago and one of the officers doing BFL (with me and a lot of others) said he knew he hit his "10's" when he felt like dry heaving. I'm thinking that is way past a 10! LOL

    Stephon....I am so proud of you! I actually have thought about you a lot. Your 5K has been really inspiring. I am going to try running tomorrow. I did the elliptical yesterday because I wasn't too sure about my back. It felt fine! I did LBWO this morning and definately hit 10's on quads and hams! My back was a little tender, but not too bad! YEAH! .......As far as the team name, I didn't get a creative bone in my body! LOL I really sat here for like 10 minutes trying to come up with a name and couldn't except for some really boring ones.

    Cajun...can't wait to see your photos. I am really looking forward to seeing what you have done.

    Tina...You know I love you. You always write just what I need to hear. I hope you are having a great week!

    I am glad that the 12 weeks is almost up. I have been really down about getting hurt and finishing the contest at full force. Even though I am still doing the program, it will be good to officially start another 12 weeks.


  • Jaimee...I am excited too and are so sweet!  I can't believe what these 12 weeks have done to me.  I started at 218.7 with 38.4% bodyfat and 390.5" of body and at end of week at 170.0 with 26.1% bodyfat and 322.10" (yes...lost 48.7#, 12.7% bodyfat, and 65.2" off my body).  This is a whole new world!

  • Cajun...amazingly crazy!!!! I feel like a failure because I obviously haven't not done everything the right way. I am stronger, leaner and feel more confident but it doesn't show on the outside as much as I wanted. C2 will be better! I have you and others on this thread to thank.

  • Jaimee....absolutely do not feel that way!  Everyone who has completed these 12 weeks with us is stronger in mind, body, insight and look at us!  We all know what to do and we have a wonderful support group to lean on and bounce ideas off of and share our successes and our trials and challenges.  I have done this challenge about 6 or so times before and never even finished.  This is the first time that I was truly ready to make a change and determined to see it through.  And everyone on here has helped me with that.  This is a wonderful community and we will all be there for each other over the next 12 weeks!

  • Cajun - Way to go! Your progress is an inspiration and shows what can be accomplished when you are truly ready for a change!

    Jaimee - Don't feel like a failure girl! We all do the best we can each day and (like Cajun said) we are all stronger than 12 weeks ago.

    Stephon - As for an idea for the title for next round, how about "We're back - Healthier & Happier." I realize it's kinda corny, but the best I can do. Please don't laugh too hard. :)

    I agree with everyone about how much the support I find here has kept me going. If it weren't for this group and an encouraging husband, I would've quit a long time ago with some lame excuse.

  • I like C2 in Challenge 2....or following my Louisiana roots....Krewe of Challengers 2

  • Everyone starting a round 2 Challenge...join the other thread I am in please...they have our amazing energy and you will love them.

    It is called Q2Crew...and the captain and 2 co-captains are amazing!!!

    They have been quite supportive through Challenge 2....

    they are starting 4/3 but I am starting 4/4 and some are waiting til the next week...


    And I mean that sincerely!  Thank GOD that He has seen us through all the challenges we've each had during these 12 weeks!

    Final LBWO of this challenge went well!  Pushed hard, and even incorporated an entire set of Captain's Chair leg raises AFTER doing 3 sets x15 reps of Left and Right Combination Crunches!  It was a good close to Lower Body on an awesome challenge!  Now just ONE MORE HIIT workout tomorrow morning!  I'm planning on running a full 5k before cooling down to stop at 3.5 miles.  Anyone want to embrace the pain with me?  Gonna try to match or better my 5k race time of 28 min 18 sec., 'cause I'm determined to "move up the totem pole" on the next 5k I run!!  LOL

    If everyone else wants to join this Q2CREW instead of a unique forum, I'm OK with it.  Let's get in agreement before Friday of next week, otherwise I'll be posting one myself.  I just want to be on a thread where all of YOU are going to be for the next challenge.  So post on here what you want to do.

    Blessings to you all today...ONE MORE DAY!!!  Do that last day proud, okay?


    Blessings <><


  • oooops...they have been supportive through Challenge 1...we are starting challenge 2

    Come on over :)

  • Good Evening Fellow Friends!!!

    Finishing up week 12 fells wonderful.  Look for my pictures on Sunday.  I will update my profile with week 12 end pictures.  I took the day off and went cloths shopping.  How exciting!!!  I bought about $300 in new cloths.  I bought a ton of tight shirts and revealing fun stuff for the summer.  My waist is a 33 am I am really seeing some lean muscle.  I am going right into C2.  My weight is a stunning 169.2.  Although I still have a slight belly the results are showing, but slower then in the beginning of the challenge.  You guys deserve a lot of credit in this forum.  When I was in dumps, you guys lifted right up.  When I had a question, you guys answered them and made suggestions.  I appreciate all of you.  I am extremely proud of all your success throughout these 12 weeks.  Well, enjoy the weekend and have fun.