Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • Stephon -

    I think I speak for our whole team when I say "Way to Go!!!!!!!!!"  I bet your wife and kids are so proud of you, I know I am!!!!! 

    I ran my "treadmill 5K" this morning, and even kicked the last 1/10 of a mile up to the 6% incline you said you had to run at...........that was BRUTAL!   I think it is so much easier to run on a treadmill than outdoors, I think the motion of the track does some of the work for us, so way to go on beating your treadmill time!  I was a sweaty mess when I was done, I did my HIIT for the first 20 minutes (2.08 miles, thank you very much!) rested 2 minutes, then ran at 6mph/1%  till I hit 3.12 miles. I'm curious, did you just run steady pace the whole race, or kick it down at the end?  I'm guessing the first 20 minutes were not your standard HIIT! 

    Have a wonderful day everyone, and keep posting how you are doing!  I come on here so often for inspiration, I have really struggled with the eating this past several days - for some reason I never have to fight to get the workouts in, it's more of a battle to keep the fork out of my mouth towards the end of the day. I think I'm being tested this week, my carb cravings have been worse than any pregnancy cravings I ever had.   But - I just keep picking myself up, dusting off, and as Stephon so aptly put it, just "try to keep it between the lines"!  

    Let's rock week 12 Team.............I know I will have met some goals I set, but there are others that will come with C2, but that's OK.  Have a blessed day, and Stephon - once again - I'm clicking "like" on your post from yesterday!


  • YEAH Stephon!  Congrats!  I joined you this morning....did 2--45 min spin classes (burned over 1300 cals) followed by an ab workout (364 moves).  I feel great right now.  MN Mom...great idea about kicking it with Stephon!

    Thanks for inspiring us Stephon!!!


  • Happy Sunday!!!!  Can you believe our 12th week is here.


    What an accomplishment.  I am speechless.  You have really done a great job.  You really have a lot to be thankful for.  Running a race like that is truly dedication.  Job Well done.


    You are certainly taking it to an all new level.  I hit 2.03 on the treadmill yesterday.  You really have jumped to an all new level.  I could only dream of 6% incline at this point, but make no mistake I will be there sooner than later.  Keep up the great work.


    1300 hundred calories is crazy.  That must have felt wonderful.  You guys are blowing me away with the accomplishments.  Keep it up.

    I am very proud of all of us.  It's been a journey of 12 incredible weeks.  BY THE WAY, I KNOW EVERYONE IS WAITING FOR MY ANSWER ON THE NEXT CHALLENGE.  I have decided to go right into it.  I don't want to loss any momentum.  It also is a fear of returning to some of my old ways.  I am set in my new ways and really want the ABS.  I will continue to write in this forum.  I wish all of us the best.  I can't wait to post my pictures next Sunday.  Well, I am off to go play tennis.  As you guys may or may not know I have been playing tennis for 30 years and i am playing a 17 year old young girl who is ranked number 2 in the district.  I am going to give it my all.  I will post the results of our 3-5 set match up tomorrow.  I have to get ready for the match.

    Enjoy your Sunday!!!


  • STEPHON!!! You are amazing! I am so proud of you and this accomplishment! I loved the photo of you. You really look terrific.

    Tina..the inclines are so brutal! It really is inpiring to read about.

    Cajun...I am jealous. Enough said.

    Scott...I can't wait to see your final pics!!

    I went to the gym this morning and did my UBWO and 10 mins of sprints. IT KILLED ME. I am definately saying to eveyrone on this thread that taking one week of AR between contests is the max we should take. My back forced me into 12 days of AR and I have lost A LOT of strength and my run sucked. I was sucking wind and not hitting my 6.5 or 7's on the speed. I did hit 10's but at 6.0. I can't believe what 12 days has done!!! I am back in it and will continue through to the 2nd contest because this injury forced a AR early. I will OFFICIALLY start C2 on April 3rd.

    I am really disappointed in myself as I read all of your posts. I think I may be one of the youngest of our group that has stuck with the posts and I have had the least amount of results because I don't feel I have pushed myself on the eating for life plan as well as I should have. I know I put 100% into my workouts before my injury so it has to the be eating clean. Like I said before, I have revamped that area and I went from 162.2 last week to 159.6 this week. That is something anyway. I WILL LOSE 20 LBS NEXT CONTEST. I WILL BE 139 BY JUNE 28th.

    Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  • Just a quick note that after a very difficult week with the kids and only 3 workouts put in at the gym, I am determined to make this last week a great one. I just hope my kids cooperate. :) Off to the gym this morning! Everyone have a great Monday!

  • Candace...good luck this week!

    I have DOMS UB after such a long break. What a difference that break has made! Not a good difference! LOL

    Determined to make this a good last week as well. Can't wait for C2.

  • WEEK #12!!!! *BANG!*

    ...And we are off and running!!!!...

    Can you actually believe that we are starting Week #12 today?  I am beside myself excited!  Just yesterday I was staring at the 12 weeks like standing at the bottom of a long, steep staircase that I couldn't see the top of!  Today, I can see a door only 6 steps away that says "Active Rest This Way!".  And the bottom of the staircase is as impossible to see now as the top was in the beginning!

    When I started, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I couldn't see what I could be.  Now, I look in the mirror and I can't believe I was ever the person I had let myself become; a few pounds at a time!  I NEVER want to be that person again.  This stairway only goes UP and never back down!

    I hope all of you are feeling the same way.  You are all doing fantastic jobs with your own challenge, and the "challenges within the challenge".  I can tell you that this would be a lonely, painful journey without all the "new friends" I have found in all of you on this forum!  I tell my wife that you all are "My closest friends that I've never met!"

    LBWO was intense this morning (yes, I know i ALWAYS say that).  But it was.  I find myself pushing harder to do the reps SLOW and precisely, making the pause at the top and bottom of each rep, holding form to isolate the muscle.  It was awesome!  Hey, I adopted a little trick to the "Body for Life" and "I'm living my body for life" that  the book suggests to time your reps (if you use this).  I sub the word "body" for the rep "number", so I'm able to count while timing my rep.  So it ends up sounding like this "ONE for Life (pause) I'm living my ONE for life" (pause) "TWO for life (pause) I'm living my TWO for life".  If you are laughing, that's okay, I don't blame you...I avoided posting it for several weeks now because it sounds dumb...but it works.

    Everyone have a Blessed Day today.  No matter where you are in this challenge, don't get down...there's another challenge just around the corner to right all the wrongs that you're bummed about in this one.  So, GIVE THIS WEEK ALL YOU HAVE!!!!


    Blessings <><


  • Hey All,

    It's great to get back in touch, You guys are all doing awsome. I have not done that great but have made some progress. What a total burnout week. Went to the gym Tues. at 3:45 am had a good cardio went to work my day was going well until about 2 o'clock. My wife and I work at the same place she met me as I was coming out of the washroom to let me know that her mom called and was having blurry vision. So off we go to her place about a 5 min. drive from work. Got there her blood pressure was up and her eye sight wasn't that great. So off to the hospital we go. After sitting with her for a coulpe of hrs. decided to leave my wife with her andb go home and drive the girl to work and feed my son and myself of course. Didn't eat until 8:30 pmafter picking up my girl from work so the 3 of us ate at the same time. At 9:30 pm. my wife calls for me to come and pick them up at the hospital Just finished eating and was trying to wind down a bit no such luck, went and picked them up and brought mom to her house about 10:30 pm we decided that it would be best for my wife to stay the night and she would take mom's car to work the next morn. didn't get to sleep until about midnight. Woke up mat 3 am decided that I would sleep until 3:30 then go to the gym woke up siad to myself, self you are tooo. tired you need more sleep so I wwent back to sleep and woke up at 6 am.

    Made my wife a lunch including breakfast, ate breakfast fed all the animals, we have 2 dogs & 4 cats. made my lunch and off to work I go. So the rest of the week Ididn't make it to the gym, my mom inlaw had a mini stroke again apparently there is nothing they can do at this point. Her blood pressure when they finally were able to take it was 247/ 123 no kidding. She has been on blood pressure meds since she was 18 yrs. old she is 78. Every thing is back to normal so far this Monday. Hope to get to the gym tommorow morn. & night. I need to get my UBWO & LBWO in that I missed last week. Will  be swimming tonight we have a time trial swim tonight so I want to see how much progress if any I have made from my last one before christmass. Then when I tried to login to this site I couldn't have been trying all week contacted BFL Team and tried all weekend and was not able until this morning changed my e-mail account as the one I was using was apparently invalid along with my password. Alls good now one happy camper. LOL.

    I don't think I would of lasted this long without you Guys and Gals THANKS A BUNCH!

    Keep up the great work.

    Claude aka, Claude the crab.

  • The trip to the gym was greatand boy do I feel much better. I did a boot camp class that I love and pushed myself. It was amazing how a few "off" days can really affect you. I really appreciate the support I get from our group and am looking forward to the next 12 weeks!

    Have a great evening everyone!

  • Good Evening friends~~~

    Well, the results are in from the tennis match.  I am NEVER full of myself but I impressed myself with the tennis match.  My stamina was off the charts and I beat a 17 year old Number 2 seed in strait sets.  I am now this young girls coach as of yesterday.  Samantha said she never played so hard and was determined to keep up with me.  I was overwhelmed with joy.  Keep in mind she is 17 and I just turned 39.  I am dame proud of myself because I was not sure what to if I still could keep up with the young kids.  I have decided to enter re-enter the semi-pro tour again.  I will keep everyone updated.  If anything I can say I am in possible the best shape of my life.  

    I am still struggling with the stomach area but I see slow changes.  This is a slow process and it takes a lot of time and dedication to see those ABS.  I am determined to see them.  I need to keep it short but it looks as tough everyone has great results to report.  Looking forward to the final pictures and comments on the C1 challenge.  


  • Happy Tuesday Week 12!

    Typed a long message early this morning, hit "reply" and bye bye message!  I didn't live by my own advice of copying your post to clipboard before hitting reply, so if you lose it, you can just paste in again.

    Oh well, the short version:  HIIT good this morning. 2.25 miles.  5k increased my endurance because same speeds used last 2 weeks don't get me to my max heart rate or intensity.  So up 1/2 mph we go starting Thursday!

    TINA - Barely crossed the 2 mile mark at 20 minutes today...I'm slackin'!!

    SCOTT - Way to go on the Tennis!  Sounds like you have a renewed dream to follow!  I'm right there with you on the belly flab!  Seems like that is the last place it wants to come off for me too.  I will definitely get some washboards during the next 12 weeks though...EVEN IF IT KILLS ME!  At my funeral they'll say:  "He looks so natural....AND FEEL THOSE ABS!" (sorry, sick humor)

    CLAUDE - Praying for your mom in law and your whole family.  Tough stuff to deal with.  Hang in there and just do the best you can dude!

    CANDACE - Way to go to boot camp girl!

    Blessings to all!  gotta run...


    Blessings <><


  • Hi Stephon,

    You must of been walking on cloud 9 after the race knowing that you were able to beat people alot younger than you are plus your time.Great Job. In all my excitement of getting back on this site I also forgot to mention what a great idea for those of you that ran with Stephon on your treadmill. We should try and get everybody on board for the next C2 and try to do a run like that. I think that was so cool. I have decided to start my C2 April 4th. I'm starting off on my free day which is a Monday, workout better that way for me. I will also be giving up meat,dairy & foods rich in fat. This challenge will truly be a challenge.


    Great job since you have been playing tennis for a while you must be able to anticipate where your

    opponent is going to hit the ball. I call it smart tennis you are not running around like a crazy man wasting



    Sure hope the kids cooperate this week and you finish strong.


    You look amazing your sons jaws must of hit the floor when they saw you. WOW!

    MN Mom,

    You should be very proud of your progress if mine was half as much I would be. Don't stop now .

    WE are almost done!


  • With my kids deciding to wake up earlier, we were able to make the gym earlier this morning. I ran on the treadmill to work out all the soreness from my boot camp. I was so energized when I finished! I have also gotten more done around the house this week, which I love!

    Stephon - I am inspired by your 5K. I have never done one, but my husband and I had talked about it. When I showed him your results, we decided we should definietly do a local one soon!

    Only a few days left in this challenge, so let's kick it out!

  • Way to go, everyone!  It is so much fun to see how every single person who has veered off track for a moment - be it due to illness, injury, life or hormones, just keeps hopping back on and plugging along!  Yayyy Team!!!!!  THAT is the attitude that will lead to ultimate success in this battle!

    Jaimee - so glad to hear you are feeling better and able to work out again!  Don't be too hard on yourself - from what I remember, you are the only one on here with a ruptured disc and 5 little ones to deal with each day, and you are right back in the saddle!  We leave for Mexico next week, I'm nervous about what it is going to do to my progress,  but will do my best.  Starting C2 while down there, can I take 4 free days right at the start???!!!

    Claude - so wonderful to hear how you are helping your wife out with her mom.  It has given me such a sense of peace to know I did everything I could to help my dear MIL who just passed away.  No regrets, just wonderful memories.  Even if she doesn't tell you all the time, I'm guessing your wife really appreciates the way you step up and help.  THAT is the indicator of a true man!  And Hey - let us know how your swim trials turned out!  

    Candace - woo hoo, you've inspired me to try our club's circuit boot camp on Monday!  I've honestly been scared to try it, afraid I won't be able to keep up with the ladies who do it (they are all super fit), but AR is a good time to give it a whirl, so be praying for me at 9am Monday!

    Stephon - awesome to hear you are raising your speeds, you just keep setting the bar higher and higher!  My guess is your body was still recovering today, because we all KNOW you are not a slacker!

    Scott - way to rock the tennis match and make the teen scramble to keep up, that had to be the best feeling ever!  We are so happy for you!

    CajunBluez - I can not WAIT to see your 12 week pictures!  I am still trying to pick my jaw up over the 1300 calories you said you burnt in your back to back spin classes!  

    I'm really excited personally..........I was talking to my younger brother today, and I think he is going to do C2 with us!!!!!  He's very strong, but the whole approaching 40 metabolism is catching up to him like it got the rest of us.  We were talking about it today and I asked if he'd consider doing C2 with me, he was pretty interested, I SO hope he does!  His biggest concern I think is the eating portion, he's in his squad car much of the day,  so meals and his schedule are totally at the mercy of all the crazies running around in our communities, but he's determined and I know will be able to do it if he is ready.  Prayers please, I'd like to keep him around as long as possible!  

    Have a great day all, and looking forward to rocking the rest of the week!


  • Happy Wednesday Week 12!

    My UBWO was kindof special this morning.  Just think, TODAY was the last UBWO you had left in the 12 week challenge!  I tried to really make it burn, and hit muscle failure on  several exercises.  I know it doesn't REALLY mean anything...cause we're going into another 12 weeks on 4/4/11, but I never thought reaching week 12 would feel as "sentimental" as it has turned out to be.  I'm just an "Old Romantic" at heart I guess!

    I was doing some studying on heart rate online last night.  There are some interesting studies to determine your "max" heart rate.  For my age and fitness level, mine is supposedly somewhere around 175bpm with my "target" somewhere in the 140 neighborhood.  However, I regularly hit 164-170bpm on my HIIT, but it's getting harder and harder to hit that level because my heart rate is dropping - which I found was a good thing!  The better shape you're in, the lower your heart rate.  Example:  When I'm running at 7 mph in a 5k, my heart can beat 165bpm, while the guy passing me at 8.5 mph who's in much better shape may only have a 130bpm heart rate!  "Resting" heart rate will be less the better shape you're in too.  Lance Armstrong has a resting heart rate of around 30bpm!  Mine typically comes in around 60 which is still good.  Get online if you are unsure of what all this means, and dig up some information...very interesting stuff!

    My daughter is a semi-pro photographer.  She is bringing over her camera, black backdrop and lights Sunday so that she can take my "after" photos.  I will be taking her "before" photos, because she will be doing round 2 with us!!  She has done BFL before and had great results, but was recently divorced and just needed to work on surviving the transition.  I told her not to worry about it, just take care of herself and when she was ready, she would know.  Well, she's ready!  

    As long as there are no objections, I will be starting a NEW post for our second round that starts 4/4/11.  If that's cool with everyone, I would like to request that you all submit titles for the new post, and we can vote on what we'll call it over our Active Rest Week.  OK?  Let the suggestions BEGIN!!!



    Blessings <><