Starting 1/03/2011 - Who's With Me?!!!

  • It's the Monday after the holiday/New Years weekend. I'm going to indulge a little over the holidays so I don't want to start to soon. I read that Monday is the best day to start a weight loss regime. It's the first day or the workweek, and we have the weekend to cook delicious healthy foods. 


    I'm going to start working out now so I don't have too much new change when I start eating BFL meals.



  • Hi Quillterri,

    Congratulations on the decision to make a change.  But, I'm sure I wouldn't start Jan. 3rd.... and join a group of 50,000,000 ?? or so others starting on their New Year's resolutions to go on a diet and lose fat.....Why put it off? 

    December 20th 27th are Mondays too...perfectly fine days to get  started.  You can take the official holidays as your free days if you're so inclined.  Cook up the healthy meals this weekend.  If you have vacation now, you can spend more leisurely time in the Gym as well, to learn the excercises and lifts you'll need.



    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • I don't have a problem with 50,000,000 people! I joined Body for Life for companionship and support so a few more folks won't matter. 


    I'm starting the workout portion this week.  I have lots of socializing to do until after New Years so I don't want to turn down eggnog, fried turkey, dressing, etc. IIt's only two more seeks of food I can't get any other time of the year. I've learned that I don't do well with free days - a little slip for me means a lot of lost time. I eat healthy on all my days. When I slip I eat junk food because it's quick to prepare unlike homemade beans and rice or stir fry. Some people do indeed do better with free days. I'm not such a person.  If I eat fatty and sweet foods, i crave more.


    i I don't work so i can easily go to the gym when most people are at work. 


  • I am in! I was teetering between December 27 and January 3rd but the 3rd sounds more realistic… Besides, the more the merrier!!!  Round two here I come!!!


  • Sign me up!  This is my first challenge, so I am excited.  I was going to start 11/29, but an impromptu trip for work to Las Vegas kinda stalled it.  But I am ready now.  I've been in the gym mapping out the equipment and my starting weights.  Also ,started to eat healthy and figure out what works out for me mealwise while I am at work.  I feel better already just doing the minimal exercise I was doing, so imagine how I will feel once I do and finish the actual program.  The only hurdle is I use the gym at work, but I only work Mon-Fri, so Saturday I'll have to improvise on the cardio since it's to cold out out to run outside(Wisconsin).  

  • Let's do this! This will be my 3rd challenge. Lost 70lbs during the first two but with the holidays and family in town it kinda put a pause into my training. I'm starting the workouts and eating portions now though as well. Once you've been doing BFL as long as me it becomes routine and I feel off if I don't go work out. Good luck everyone!

  • I'm in too! Planning to start on Jan. 3rd. REALLY need the motivation of others to keep me going. This is my first challenge, so I am optimistic. Reading the success stories of others really hit home for me. Hoping I can make a serious change!

  • I'm in with you guys! this is C2 after 10 years, C1 was completed in 2000 and I was looking at my before and After pics from back then and the change was outstanding, inside and out, never sent the package in because I was excited with my change...anyways... I've tried to do it on and off for the past decade but I want to do the entire 12 weeks I' m in!,,,

  • I'll be starting then.  I'm staring on 1/3 so it will be in the 2011.  I take it they will still have the competition?  

  • You can start your challenge at any point during the year...There are basically 4 rounds in 2011 and there is a cut off date in December for the last round.

    I am starting a group up from my church/school beginning on the third...They just completed their 1st challenge on Christmas day; I think I had around 14 finish, some with amazing results.  We will be around on the forum so look for our thread if you want to join..."Step It Up For Spring" Challenge... =)

    All my best to your success!! =)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Okay - You talked me into it.  lol  I did a BFL challenge about 8 years ago and had unbelievable results.  I've let myself go the past two years and HAVE to get it back under control.  I'm starting Jan. 3rd and can't wait!  I need support so anyone wanting to be chat buddies through this please let me know!  Time to clean out the pantry and get ready!

  • I'm in!!

  • Hi All,

    My name is Elyse and I too plan on starting my 1st challenge on January 3, 2011! I just scheduled an appointment to get my body mass tested this Wednesday, December 29th and will have my husband take my before pictures on Friday, December 31st! I'm ready for this and am excited. I'm a bit nervous that I'm going to screw up or do something wrong so I find myself re reading the book in areas that I'm nervous about!

    Good luck to you all and I hope to stay connected ;)

  • I'm in for the 3rd! This is my first challenge and I am looking forward to it as well as fearing it! I've always been a gym person but recently my confidence to succeed in this area has waned. I think this is just what I need to regain control over this area of my life and I know how important this community of challengers will be to me!

  • I could really use some support as well! Let's chat:)