• Hi all!!!! so glad to be able to chat with you guys!!!! Must confess that have tried to start three times... still strugling... I think I am a bit afraid that is not going to work.. on me... and keep jaxing it.... :o(  BUT I AM GOING TO DO THIS!!!!This are my questions

    1. WEIGHT TRAINING... HAVING A HARD TIME WITH THE HIT POINT... I am quite good at weight training and enjoy it... I find the one minute break too long... can I reduce this? I am having a hard time going up on the weight and keeping the qualitiy of the exercise... but then if I dont put more weight... I  just cant reach my level 10 effort...  I have not been able to do that yet. coz the dumbells go up in 2kg... so from one step to the other one is quite a big change.... any ideas....

    2. Cardio 20 minuts HITS... I love spinning in the gym... and running bores me... just need a challange so spinning adds that... but is actually 45 minuts... those of you that have done spinning know that there are hit points... is this ok for one of my cardio days?

    3. 6 meal thing finding it hard... I am just doing 4 or 5 at the most... actually I am afraid of eating after 7:00 pm ... have some mioplex cardio control and mioplex low fat... but each package is huge for a girl (thats what I think!!!) can I divide one in to two????

    4. ABBS mmm dont understand how to make it work with the same 12 10 8 6 rutine... as with abbs you dont usually use weight so i feel I am not increasing difficulty but make in it easier as I reduce the number of repetitions..... I feel I am reducing intensity instead of aumenting intensity... any advise

    Hope to find motivation in hearing from you guys....


  • Sanka78-Great questions!!

    1. wt training-start slowing down your lifts, really feel your muscles working; don't reduce the 1 min. break time; something about the lactic acid build up etc...adding more wt.  to go up in a littler amt, buy wrist wts.  I've seen them in Target and Walmart(I'm not sure where you live...) and you just strap them on to add either 2 or 4 lbs. per arm.

    2. It is very important to do the 3 20 min cardio HIIT sessions (on an empty stomach) in order to burn the fat...I might be wrong, but maybe one session would be okay, but you want to watch overtraining so it doesn't exhaust your energy supply.

    3. Food is fuel for your NEED to eat the 6x a day. don't be afraid of eating after 7, your body needs it to build muscle....If you can handle cottage cheese, that is the best protein source at night; I mix it with nf yogurt and my last meal is at  about 9:30 at will need the energy for the morning's workout or to help feed the muscles like I mentioned before. Myoplex Lite is the right portion for women...drink ALL of it... Women tend to gear about 20g protein and 20g carbs per meal.

    So hang with this, the results are TOTALLY worth it!!

    Keep coming back! We want to hear how you are doing! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • I agree with what DebMo says and I add that on can hold weight plates or dumbbells to increase the burn, again be very mindful of contracting your muscles so that you feel the burn.

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  • For the abs, you could also try them on exercise ball, bosu ball or decline bench.


  • Hey, Sanka! I'm a C1W1, as well...

    My husband has a home gym, so I'm blessed to have that available... we have four 1/2 pound magnetic weights that "stick" onto the end of our dumbbells... so I can add weight in 1/2 pound increments. It helps a great deal when working with the dumbbells.

    We also have 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 1.25 round weights to add to the bar and machines.

    Thanks to the others for the great advice here!!

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