Starting Monday 12-13-10!! Anyone else?

  • I came on the BFL website to see how people tolerate Betagen+Myoplex post work-out (I just took it for the 1st time and my stomache feels not so awesome.....). Anyways, I saw this thread, and I too started on Dec 13th. So, hello to all, and good luck (not that luck is really what's needed), enjoy! For myself, I will confess to starting a BFL challenge twice, and not finishing twice. So, this time, my #1 goal is to make it from start to finish.. even if its not perfect.

  • How are people doing? Anyone still around?

  • I'm still around! :) I'm doing really great. The six meals a day thing has really helped me curb my chocolate cravings! How are you guys doing??

  • Hey mads! Good luck this time! I have also started and failed the BFL (way more then twice actually) Doing much better this time around!

    Just finished the lower body weight training plus i did some yoga after. Man do I ever feel good! :D

    Yesterday was technically our first "cheat" day. I didnt even really want to cheat - i did cheat a little. I did so in an effort to avoid a mishap in the week ahead. I know myself and if I didnt have a few "treats" on sunday then I would justify one on a non-cheat day. Sounds a lot like an excuse in itself when I read it back hehe.

    I have come a very long way. I cant believe still that I don't even crave the junky stuff like I used to. Last week wasnt a great week meal wise. I am still finding it hard to eat 6 times in a day. Does anyone know if it is possible to do the BFL without all the supplements? They are pricy!!

  • Congrats! :D

  • I'm on week two, lost 6 lbs in the first 5 days. Been only using the Myoplex lite for a supplement, and feel pretty good so far. Gym time has been awesome, pretty sore from all the years of non-use!

  • still here. Was on vacation for a week. It went ok. I lost 5lbs so far! On to week 3!

  • How's everyone doing? Almost done with week three, this week has not been easy. Got a real bad chest cold, have had to fight through the workouts, though I do feel better once I'm done. Missed two workouts due to bad weather, but stuck with my meal plans both days. Only lost 1 pound after week two, waiting to see how this week is going to be. Might make some adjustments if the weight doesn't come off quicker.

  • Starting week weight loss so far - 14 lbs. This weather has been messing up my gym days. Snow keeps everything closed in eastern NC! Feeling a lot better, enjoying my free days. Hope everyone else is doing OK, don't give up!

  • Anyone still around? Doing a lot of talking to myself lately! Week 6 is complete - looking forward to the next round. Going to try and switch up some exercises, and review my meal plans from the first 6 to see what worked and what didn't. Hope you all are still hanging in there!  

  • Well...since it appears I'm the only survivor, here goes.

    Completed the challenge today, lost a total of 33 lbs. Feel great, lots more energy.

    Taking two weeks off, then starting the next challenge.

    Hope you all are doing well.