Everyone in the gym... is watching me...

  • I'm feeling nice and sore in my legs now! :) LOL. Who would think your body could have a delayed reaction to being sore. Is there a medical reason for it being so far after the fact?

    I am looking forward to getting in the gym later today and getting another crack at my arms! Do you think it would be okay to do a bit of swimming to loosen your body up after upper body day, or would that be overdoing it? I think it would feel really lovely on my joints. (Lauren... making herself sound like a grandma...)



  • Hey Lauren. I was thinking about you from last week when I replied to your post. Beginning of week 2!!! How are you doing? Hang in there and don't give up!!!!

  • My wife is feeling self conscience at the gym, too.

    Half the guys there don't know what there doing, and have an organized exercise plan.

    You come in with direction and purpose, all organized, keeping notes - pushing yourself like a pro!

    Ya, you got there attention!

    Show them how it's done!

    Your not there to mess around!


    They will benefit by watching you, and figure out what they are doing wrong - hopefully.

    And when one of them gets the kahonies to ask you what program your on - It's a book, "Body for Life - by Bill Philips. Looks like you better go get a copy!" haha

    Good job!

    "What you put in, is what you are going to get back."

    - Terry

  • I do look at other people in the gym for pointers and ideas for new exercises I dont think I am starring anyone down uncomfortably but I just like to see what new ideas I can get.

    Are you talking swimming for fun or as a cardio routine? I swam competaively in High School. I love to swim and do that as part of my workout, feels great and stretches out my shoulders and back. I dont do it on the same days as my upper body because it works the same upper body muscle groups, also I do cardio and weights on different days but if I had to do them on the same day (which happens sometimes) I would do Legs and swimming together.

    keep on going Lauren, sounds like you just want more and more activity which is great and creates such a postive snowball effect.