Everyone in the gym... is watching me...

  • Does anyone else have a gym where people have really wandering eyes. Today I really felt like the pony on display. I know I'm really out of shape, but it was only slightly rediculous. Specifically I would be looking up into the mirror to make sure my form was on and people would jerk their eyes away. Maybe I'm just being paranoid?

    I know I'm not there to worry about stuff like that, and I don't really care, but for some reason it made me uncomfortable today. I'm going to ignore it and just keep going after my tens.

    I asked on the first forum, but I'm not sure if anyone responded or not, I'm sorry if someone did, I'm still learning to navigate this page.

    I'm a third shift worker, I have to do all of my working out in the morning when my kids and husband have gone to their respective day activities because my husband is also in college at night until nine at night. I see him for a few minutes before I leave for work and a few minutes in the morning before he leaves for the day. I get up, make dinner spend time with the kids and go to work. I've been making a seperate breakfast for myself and eating with the kids. I have my three meals at work and then come home at seven am, eat dinner, and go to the gym by nine or so. I've been doing a Zumba class for my cardio on Tuesday morning at 9, at 4 in the afternoon on Sunday since the husband is home. 

    I plan to do the twenty minute aerobic solution as suggested on Thursday, but the Zumba class is an hour long. I don't really want to give it up because it is really a lot of fun! I'm not sure that I'm all that worried about not getting results. Not that I don't think there will be results, I mean I think that I WILL see a difference because I've been terribly inactive up to this point. Even though I'm actually participating in the challenge I don't really think that I have much of a chance to win considering that I'm a woman over 250 lbs. I think I have a few challenges left before anything overtly dramatic happens. The Zumba is pretty high impact cardio. What do you guys think though? Do you think the results are more important than being bored?

    Also... how should I tackle that last meal, because it's vitally important that I get to sleep before eleven, and I don't think you're supposed to eat right before you go to bed. I'm pretty sure that's something that everyone frowns on.




  • Zumba is very high energy. Make sure that you are HIITing it hard and go for it. If it is something that you enjoy, and you can get a really strong, solid cardio session out of it, GO FOR IT!

    Eating before bed! This questions comes up all the time. Please eat in bed if you want. Your body requires fuel. It is essential that you are continuously fueling your body. Cottage cheese with an apple are the suggested last meal plan. The foods you are fueling with will not break down into simple sugars while you sleep.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Thank you! I was really worried about that last meal thing. My middle name is Rene'e too! Small world.

    I figured Zumba would be okay, but I didn't want to stray too far from the program. LOL! At my size walking up the stairs almost gets me my HIIT, but I know exactly what you mean, and for the last three weeks I've been trying to be more "high impact" in the class by jumping instead of marching and whatnot, but it's very hard for me. I'm going to just "keep the faith!" like you've suggested and do my best. I figure half the battle was getting in the gym in the first place :)


  • The first time I ventured into the gym I sat out in my car for 20 minutes talking to myself. I finally realized that I wasn't getting any fitter sitting in the car. Hauled my butt in there and HIIT it hard. I found myself being inspire by some of the heavier lifters in the gym. It can be very motivational. Keep your eyes peeled. You will probably find that there are a number of people at your gym that are more than willing to help you find a specific exercise for a muscle group or whatever.

    You will learn to LOVE the gym! I NEVER though I would be the person to EVER say that :-)

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Lauren-

    I have my 6th meal right before bed, usually nf cottage cheese and yogurt, like Renee said, eat in bed if you'd like-I've done several times!

    The gym...keep focusing on your goals, don't worry about the "wandering eyes"; they will be amazed in what the 12 wks will do for you!

    I started at 203#, have lost 25#...on C2W2 and looking forward to Father's Day (my finish day), might even wear that bikini to the pool! :)  You CAN do this!!

    Keep posting and asking questions! Have a great day! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Lauren, I know what you mean. I just started my challenge and yesterday was my first day in the gym after so many years, I don't want to think about it!  when I walked in, it was full of 20 somethings and 30 somethings that have obviously been there for awhile. I think that was my biggest obstacle was walking in that door. Here I am jiggling my big belly into their domain. My mind was screaming "what the heck am i doing here!".

    During my entire workout, people were looking at me with furtive glances. It was very intimidating. But then I thought, "I am not in here for a fashion show, or to be judged by others around me". We started this challenge because we wanted to change ourselves. This is not about them, its about us. I stayed on point and finished my workout. Man, am I sore today! But I definitely got my 10's! If they want to look at me and think, "what is he doing here?", that's ok. I'll just think of it as a joke, because the joke will be on them in another 11 weeks and 6 days.

    I can't really help you with the zumba question. My best guess would be to follow the program until you get more comfortable with it and a little more educated. And don't you dare think you can't win! ok, you're over 250. ok, you've been pretty inactive. I think that puts you into the same catagory as about 80% of the rest of us that have made the decision to change. I'm over 260 and will turn 50 during my challenge. You know the old saying' "it's never too late too change". It's become my mantra!!!  Sure, I may not get a prize from Body For Life, but it won't be for a lack of trying!!

  • Probably just being paranoid.  :)  I was like you at first: overweight, out of shape, oversensitive to what people thought of me.

    But realize this:

    1.  You're overweight...which is why you're at the gym in the first freakin' place!  How are you going to solve the weight problem if you DON'T work out?

    2.  The vast majority of people there are working out for themselves, not to look down their noses at people.  Believe it or not, most of them think "Good for him/her!" when they see someone taking control of their fitness.

    3.  Get you a music player (iPod or whatever), focus on your workouts and music, and you will easily ignore everyone else.

    I've been at my gym for nearly five years.  I've had countless people tell me, outside of the gym, "Hey, I saw you today and said 'Hi', but you must not have heard me."  My wife has female friends who can vouch for me not looking at the ladies in the gym, NOT because I don't like to look at nice-looking women (I do, though not lewdly), but because I'm in a zone when I'm working out.  I have had numerous people stop me in Wal-Mart or Home Depot near the gym and tell me they recognize me from the gym, but that they don't bother me when I'm working out because they notice I'm dialed into my workout.  Most of these folks, I do not recognize them...because I don't look around when I'm working out.

    In other words...

    Though I am a 100% social butterfly, I'm not at the gym to socialize.  I'm more than happy to do so once my workout is over, and it's not uncommon for me to stick around for a half-hour and chat with workers or other patrons who have finished their workouts.  But I am there first and foremost to get fit and get done...period.  If you go in with that attitude, you will find it ridiculously SIMPLE to "hit it and get out", without even noticing anyone else there at all.

    Hope that helps!  :)


  • Lauren,

    Let me speak from the bottom of my heart and from experience.  When I joined the gym, I weighed 300lbs.  Yep, I felt exactly the same way you do.  But I want to reassure you that you are wrong in what you interpret.  Most of those people would love nothing more than to see you succeed.  (except for maybe the shallow dipstick, then you can just ignore that one)

    If they are watching and see you do something improperly, would you rather they ignore you or help you?  They are just as unsure about it as you are.  

    In my humble opinion, if the Zumba classes make you happy and you enjoy them, then by all means do them.  HIIT on an empty stomach is the biggest bang for your buck, but there is no law that says that you can't do something you enjoy just because you are doing BFL.   What matters is that you move your butt.  

    It took me 3 challenges to lose 125lbs.  If I can do it you can.  I've now added an additional 23 pounds lost to that total and I'm still enjoying my workouts daily.  

    The very best thing you can eat and eat it right on the way to bed is low fat cottage cheese.   It's got muscle building amino acids and slow digesting protein which is what your body needs during sleep.

    Congratulations on your decision to change your life!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Well said Jonathan.  

    I was going to reply before I read your message but you said perfectly.  

    Lauren, get in there and do your best.  You can do this!!!  Can't wait to hear about your progress.


  • Well said Jonathan.  

    I was going to reply before I read your message but you said perfectly.  

    Lauren, get in there and do your best.  You can do this!!!  Can't wait to hear about your progress.


  • Hit the gym!! Chances are everyone is curious because they haven't seen you before. People in the gym are usually "gym rats". They go the same time every day with the same people. Someone new is bound to perk curiosity. I promise you: Go the same time every day and they will not look at you anymore because you won't be new anymore. They may even say hello and offer some tips.

    Stacy Lynn

  • Thank you to everyone! At least I can be sure I have a really big group of people cheering me on. Everyone here seems so positive, and that's exactly what I really need right now!

    I'm sure it's probably just as you all describe, an interest in the "new person." I'm going to try to keep myself "in the zone."

    I'll keep you updated! I'm really excited for this to work! (Or should I say for me to Work!)



  • Lauren-

    YES, we are cheering for YOU!!! RahRahRah, cartwheels and flips...you are on your way!! Get in that ZONE, sister.

    Keep us in the loop now...visit the Faithful GBer's thread and get to "know" people...it's those cyber connections that helped me going during C1 and now in C2!! Or if you are up early like me, come to the "Coffee Crew" thread!

    Off to workout...Have a great BFL day! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Thanks! I've really had this feeling not only of people being there for me, but an accountability. I look at things that I would normally just eat without any thought and I think things like "Debbie would be disappointed in me if I ate that, because she wants me to do well." It's actually really comforting.

    Day three, eating clean, working hard and feeling great! (my arms are kind of sore... I wish I could understand that one... because today was leg day...)

    P.S. -- Felt great in the gym today, put on my earbuds and pushed it to the limit and thought zero about what was going on around me. Focused on my tens and how my body was reacting to the weight I was using. It was awesome and I thought nothing at all about my fellow gym members! Thank you for helping me get past the nonsense!


  • Lauren-Yes, it's good to hear those voices...visit these people's profiles by clicking on their names, most have pics posted...that way you have a mental picture with the voice to keep you going!

    You are doing GREAT! And the muscle soreness is DOMS-Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness...you WANT that, because you know it's working.

    Let me know how you feel later today!! Will you be walking?? My first challenge well the other day in fact, day after LBWO...hard to sit on the dang toilet! lol!

    Have a great day! Way to stay in the ZONE at the gym! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...