Cardio workout days

  • Okay so second attempt to make this post. 

    Question?  I just started on the BFL and I would like to get the maximum results.  I understand the weight lifting portion of the program.  This leads me to my cardio question.  I ride a road bike long distances and wanted to know if I can continue to do so on my cardio days.  I see the plan shows 20 minutes of cardio on the program however when I ride I am on my bike for over an hour!  Anyone have any ideas, will this work?  Please let me know.  Thanks the New Girl.

  • You want to do High Intensity Interval Training for the 20 min. The intensity part is key.


  • Kat is right.  You need to hit the intervals for 20 minutes.

    See, what you're doing is steady-state cardio.  Not that it's's not.  But the main drawback with steady-state cardio is that when you're done, your body stops burning.  With HIIT cardio, you're still burning, even well after you're done.

  • Pathfinder-Yes Jon and Kat are correct...If you want RESULTS, you need to do the cardio HIIT sessions. Maybe save your long bike ride for your free day.

    Your body needs that intensity to keep revved up for the day so it can burn fat. If you overtrain, you will be left exhausted and not wanting to work out at all; AND I know that's not what you want!!

    All the best to you... :)

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  • I agree with everyone above. HIIT has been proven to increase your metabolism up to 24-48 post exercise. There are a whole bunch of solid studies proving it.  While the long bike rides may burn more calories during the exercise, the goal of the Body-for-LIFE program (and the reason why it works so well for so many people) is that it focuses on completely overhauling your metabolism to one that is more efficient. The goal is to get your body burning more calories all day long, even while you sleep. You'll get that done with the HIIT, the frequent balanced meals, and by building muscle through strength training.  Here's an article that talks about HIIT, but if you google it, you'll find endless peer reviewed scholarly articles and research on how effective HIIT is. ..

    With that said, I know that some people are really tied to their endurance training. Depending on where you live, your outdoor bike rides might actually already be a form of interval training....if there are hills and your heart rate is reaching at least 85% of your Max Heart Rate and then dropping back down several times during your ride. I don't know if that is the case for you or not. If you are riding at more of a moderate pace and your heart rate is pretty constant then that is not interval training. If you are someone you just doesn't want to give up long moderate rides, I think you would still get great results by doing HIIT at least twice per week and maybe taking that long ride on the weekend in place of HIIT.  Just make sure you are following the program by the book with the eating and still getting in those intense strength training sessions. There are also benefits of changing up your mode of cardio to keep your body guessing and learn something new, so embrace the idea of utilizing other forms of cardio! 

    Best of luck to you in your challenge!  


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