Starting 12-6-2010

  • Here's a thread on the EFL book.  I have a personal list of how I would use the book.  Since then, I started using sugar substitute.

    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Hi guys,

    Hope everyone had a fantastic couple of weeks with your loved ones, and that you're goals weren't totally crushed in all the fun! I tried my best to control portions and eat authorised foods, obviously it was difficult. I managed to not gain weight, which was my mini goal over that two week danger zone of christmas and NY so I'm very pleased with that. I found it difficut to exercise by the book last week as I went camping for 5 days over NY, however I did managed to fit in lots of walks and swims and last night doing ubwo I didn't feel like I'd lost any strength SO hopefully two bumpy weeks haven't hurt my challenge too badly!!

    My goal for the next two weeks is to follow the plan perfectly - it's weeks 5 now, I feel comfortable that I know what I'm doind and whats expected of me in this challenge so....just do it.

    Is everyone else still out there??

  • Hello all!  I hope everyone is doing wonderful and keeping motivated.   I know I've been less than perfect, but doing more right than wrong.  My husband is out of town for a few days, which always makes it more difficult to get motivated, especially for my morning runs.   I missed one ubwo, but I've done well otherwise.   I'm down 12 lbs now, which considering the holidays were just here I am really proud of.  I had purchased a pair of jeans after having my son because nothing fit, and now they are way too big.  All but one pair of my regular jeans are still a little too small, but I'm getting there a step at a time!

    Hope everyone is doing great and hanging in there despite temptation.

  • hey guys!

    is anyone still on the course?

    I had some problems so I gave up :(

    I know I am giving up of life too.

    I am planning to start again when I move to my new home.

    I would like to check out some results you have had since 12-06-2010.

    thanks you

  • Hello Aoki and everyone!

    I wasn't perfect, my diet could have been a lot better and I missed an occasional workout, but I did complete the challenge.  I lost 22 lbs and went from a size 12-14pants to a size 6-8.  I feel so much better and looking at my before pics I can't believe it was me.  Did I meet all of my goals?  No.  But I made so much progress in a short time and I'm really happy!

    I am currently on my 2 week break, but I plan to get back to the program full up next week.  I look forward to what this next challenge brings me.

    I hope some of you made it through, I know it was tough with the holidays.  Aoki, just put your mind to it and you can do it!!

    I never wanted to post my before pics, but here goes.  Wow I looked bad!