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  • Hello Everyone,

    The Philmont Group is a bunch of young and geezer BFLers (some first timers, others repeats) that started our quest on or about 11/29/2010 and look to end the beginning in Feb, 2010.  It doesn't really matter to me when you start, if you'd like a support group for you BFL journey -- and I have to be frank, I'm not a routine user of social media so I didn't think I would but wow, it it helping -- come join us in this thread.  To join, just introduce yourself by replying to any post on the thread and then come back routinely and update us on your progress and help others in theirs...

    How did we get to be named the "Philmont Group"?  I put the post that started it all in my bio which you can read here:

    The original thread for the group can be found here:

    You can also use the "Follow this thread" link on the left to get updates emailed to you.  I really like that option.

    If you haven't picked an avatar yet, you can use the Philmont emblem.  That way, whenever you post, to the group, the emblem will be displayed in the forum listing making the group that much easier for find.


    Thanks to everyone for their support so far!  I know I'll be ready for that ascent on Mount Baldy next June and you can be ready for whatever "mountain: you need to climb!





  • Sorry, its "Follow this Question" on the right!

  • Hi!  Im glad to be joining your group!  I started 11/29 also.  This helps me too by checking in!  Keep up the good work!  February will be here before we know it!  Now let me run, im late for my snack!!  :)

  • Is this the Philmont Champions Club...looking forward to making huge strides with everyone in the group...I started on 11/29 and will definetly keep everyone up to date on progress.  

    So far...4 days in...things are looking promising.


  • Hi ChipT

    Read your bio -very cool - that was one of my thoughts when I started my transformation starting in Sep 2008.  Turns out I may never get to Philmont - but I'm working on it!  Body is certainly ready for it.  My eldest son is wrapping up his Eagle, but will age out in Feb., and my younger (Life) scout isn't terribly interested.  Still, doing this definitely ranks high on my list of life's accomplishment's and pleasures.  Feel free to read my bio for a different perspective....


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • Four days in. I don't really feel hungry ever. I want to try getting up earlier (to work out and eat) but it seems that the earliest I can wake up is at 10 AM (I know what a life haha).

  • Alias, I agree.  Rarely feel hungry (but don't mistake that for not having cravings!).  Sometimes, I can't do the 6x per day.  LBWO was tough yesterday and then I went and played hoops last nite for the first time in 5 years.  Talk about sore!  But feeling good on day 5.

  • Jacium -- Yours is a fantastic story and gives me a lot of hope!  The idea that one of my kids (or my wife even) might look at me and say "Dad, you're ripped." would be the biggest trip of my life!

    I hope you get a chance to do Philmont.  Some day, I might post the mental image that I have in my head of standing on the top of Baldy that glorious morning over 32 years ago.  It is still etched in my brain and a bit defies belief. I understand that in this day and age, our kids have so many opportunities to see and experience the world around them -- without even leaving their desk! -- that the impact of such a trip is much less that it was a young kid from West Virginia in '78.  But the entire thing was awe inspiring to me back then and I've clutched on to that vista as "my goal" to return to my youth:  physically, mentally and I suppose, a bit spiritually.

    BFL on!

  • Hey Chip T - I found ya this morning......I just added it to my favs so I won't get one posted for today yet so I thought I'd come over here.  Well, I did my LBWO last night and it took me 56 min!  I must not be moving as fast as they require because all of the other rests I'm following.  Can you give me a sample of let's say you working your quads or hamstrings?  I mean the time you do for each completion?  I did workout on empty stomach last night and felt crappy for the rest of the evening, that's why I don't workout in the am.  I am puzzled by that....guess I will buy some more shakes and bars for snacks....tomorrow weigh in day...

  • 49er fan.  I'll see if I can get GymGoal (an iPhone app I'm using) to capture the timing for my LBWO next time around (Tues...).  UBWO tomorrow and my wife has asked if she can join me!  Yahoo!

  • Hey all...

    Just want to keep encouraging you not to get discouraged.  I haven't read that anyone really has been, but just want to put my thoughts in about not giving up. it goes....

    I was really tired on Thursday & didn't feel like doing my scheduled routing, so I didn't.  But guess what I had done on Wednesday...BFL aerobic wo & an hour dance class. No wonder I was tired.

    So, I gave myself off on Thursday.  Friday is always a hard day to get in any kind of wo for me, so off 2 days in a row (Fri is my usual day off).  I didn't falter on my eating plan & am looking at 2-1 hour dance classes for tomorrow.

    I'm not upset with myself, because I'm focusing on what I can make happen right now.  This isn't an excuse to not get things done, just an encouragement to those of us finding it difficult in this typically more to do than usual time of the year.  Just dig in when you can & keep focused on that.  We all have to eat, so keep your good snacks handy & keep drinking that water-this makes a big difference.  When calmer days come around it will be much easier to maintain that schedule.

    Thanks for "listening" & get to it!

  • Oh my gosh!  I am soooo sore! I kind of nixed my cardio day yesterday because my legs were still burning from doing legs on Wednesday. I was running around all day though...up and down the stairs yesterday getting ready for a party I hosted last night. Let's just say that was my eating-drinking free day. I'm back on track though and had an awesome upper body session this morning. Hopefully by tomorrow, I will be "pain free" and then hop on the tredmill to get my cardio in. Instead of running, I'll do the hill workout.

    Hey Chip~ I used to live in West Virginia back in the 90's. I lived in Clarksburg and worked as an TV anchor at a local station for a little more than 2 years. I loved it there! Go Mountaineers! Now I'm back in Packer Country! Go Pack Go!

    BFL on!


  • Hey everybody:

    Finally, I am back from Chattanooga and made it to the grocery store.  Went out for aerobics tonight.  It was the first time I went outside at night because we have bears and panthers.  I took the dog with me to help keep the beasties at bay (English Toy Spaniel, not much of a threat).  I can't do the weights due to two rotator cuff surgeries, and so am focusing on the aerobics.  I know I won't get the same dramatic effect, but I know it's better than Swiss Cake Rolls!  I ate successfully today.  All in all, it was a great day and I hope it was for you too!


  • Chip T - thank you!  Can you also show me your time for UBWO?  It took me an 65 mins for me to do...ugh! Feel good about it but this is my third UBWO and I would think I would be faster.  Anything is great and good for the wife!!!!

    I lost 4 pounds!!!!  I know it was mostly water but I don't care!  That was after 9 days, not 6 as I started early.  Sat is my weigh in day....

    Bommerangmama - You are not alone, I didn't do my aerobic on Tues or Thursday so I gotta get with the program quick!  Tomorrow will be my aerobic and I will have no excuse as it's Sun.  

  • Julie - good luck with the aerobics!  It is still better than "Swiss Rolls" as you say.....BTW, my 49ers play your packers tomorrow.  The 49ers don't stand a chance but am gonna watch the game and job on the treadmill at the same time!