Week 2 Day 10

  • I have did BFL 2 years ago with much success. I was a success story! I know this program works and that is why I am doing it again... but what happened? Why do have have to do it again??? Good question. I ask myself that daily so I can keep my results this time.  2 years ago I transformed my body. But slowly over the last 2 years I let myself go. I started putting others before myself. I made other things a priority over taking care of myself.  And the WORST part... I can't even believe I am admitting this... I had smart Lipo on my stomach because I thought that was the answer.  It wasn't!!!! I was certain I couldnt get rid of my stomach with exercise. and diet.  What was I thinking!!!! I know that wasn't true. When I did BLF the first time I made my stomach go away!!!! I have to say I regret my decision. I have two little girls that I one day will grow up to be women and how will I be able to look them in the eye and say "love the body you have, you are perfect the way you are"....???? So since having hte procedure I went into a nose dive with my weight. i creeped up to my heaviest I had been in 2 years. And I just decided I am not going to do this to myself any more. I know what works and I am going to do it... again.  I have my 1st challenge before and after pictures on my fridge. I am my inspiration now. 


    With that said... I need some help. I have been more hungry this time around. I am hungry after about an hour and half after I eat. Is there something that I am missing?  I also am doing a boot camp 2 days a week.  Should I substitute that for a cardio workout? UBWO or LBWO? or should I do that in addition to my regular BLF work outs.


    I am glad to be back, this community really helped me the first time around. THank you in advance.

  • Hey shelamber welcome back! you know this program works so you know what you have to do food wise!! stick with the program, sometimes you get hungrier because your metabolism has speed up due to eating cleaner foods and eating the 5-6 meals. Dont let yourself eat within 3 hrs drink water instead, find something to distract you, if you are eating correctly your body should not need any more food.

    Boot camp is a fantastic way to boost your metabolism, bootcamp is usually circuit based which is more cardio based so if anything substitute it for cardio, but i would be inclined to just substitute it with 1 and still do your HIIT twice a week.  You need your strength based program to build your muscle which will burn fat faster.

    good luck

    healthy body healthy mind!!

  • Thanks for that advice.  That is what I was figuring but I just want to make sure that my time spent working hard is worth every second, ya know!

    I will do the water thing too... so far so good!

  • Hey and welcome back!

    Boot camp can be tough so I agree that maybe just do one per week along with 2 HIIT's.

    Along with the HIIT''s I also hike a lot with my dog, runing like a mad women up trails and love it but get more hungry so make sure your portions are right, getting enough protein etc, also that you're drinking lot's of water.

    I know exactly what you mean about putting others first, of course we do with our kids, but we must take care of ourselves and now I make exercising a priority, it's part of my day, I get it done, period. I never think I'll put it off.

    By the way I also tell my daughter to love herself the way she is, so important:)

    Best of luck:)