Too much information is bad

  • There is alot of information out there with regards health and fitness so much so that one can become paralysed by it, bodyforlife is a way to get into shape, its not the only way but its a way and a great way at that, my advice to people is to follow bodyforlife exactly as outlined for 12 weeks even if some of its principles are contridicted somewhere else, if you want to follow a differnet program then thats fine too do that but dont mish mash programs ,it leads to frustrations


    For example here are a couple of contraverstial principles that Bill outlines in the book

    1.take a freeday-some other programs say dont-some say eat clean all the time, some say only 1 cheat meal,, hey they may be right, they may be wrong who knows but if your following bfl you get to have a freeday

    2. workout on an empty stomach and wait 1 hour post workout before eating-other programs say you should eat before and immediately but who cares your following bfl right so stick to whats advised, it may be wrong but you have commited to the bodyforlife way

    3.only 20 mins cardio, other programs do alot more cardio, some programs do no cardio, whos right? they all could be right but for now your following bfl so stick to bfl


    Do you get what im getting at here, bodyforlife is a road map to follow for at least 12 weeks, commit to it and assess how you have done after it, if you are happy with your results stick to it, if you want to try another program feel free, but what ever you choose stick to whats advised for the timeframe given

  • I was thinking about this just the other day and you are so right, keep to the time frame on any workout, it can send you nuts otherwise.

    I've been lurking around on another website and there are so many conflicting opinions on how many sets to do, do this and don't do the end it is so much better to just stick with one program and don't try to mix them.

  • Good post 6pack.  It's soooo easy to get stuck in all the details.  We'll never know if the program works if we don't follow it.  Tweak it to death, and it won't work.  Follow it heartily, and results happen.

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier