• Hello..I've just joined after looking over the site and info for a couple of days. I'm 52 YO female, looking to lose 10 lbs and even more firm up as much as I can for my age.  I've lost 10 lb about a year ago counting calories and exercising, i.e. walking, stair climbing, but now I'm stalled at 140 lbs and not happy at this weight.  BFL seems very doable for me, flexible meal plans and easy to understand exercise program.  I have a recumbent bike at home and will use this in the morning, instead of watching TV in the morning before work.   The forum seems very helpful for all.  Looking forward to the improved me in 12 weeks.

  • mar57 there is a thread on here entitled something like Newbies Quick Check Info or something similar.  It is a list of things that experienced challengers have learned to help with their success.  The biggest thing is read the BodyforLife book and do it by the book.

  • Hi,

    Welcome. I'm on my 3rd week of BFL and am happy so far. It's not always easy but it will be worth it in the end. Just look at all the people who have completed challenges. They are such an inspiration and look so good! Everyone on this site is helpful with any and all questions. Good luck to you,