Hello everyone...

  • My name is Collin...I started the BFL challenge today. I'm 47 and need to make some serious changes in my life before I keel over. I was pretty shocked when I looked at the "before" picture...I'm thinking...that's not me...I don't look like that!! The camera must add like 20lbs or something. Also, in the challenge package it has the optional information section where you can put blood pressure so I thought I would go up to Riteaid and use the little test thingy to get a reading. I already knew my blood pressure was borderline high from the last doctor visit but the results from the test were scary (174 over 111)...I hope that's not right because that is really high.

    My goals for the 12 weeks are to lose 25 lbs (down to 180lbs) and stick to the workout/eating program. And no alcohol for 12 weeks...probably for the first time in my life since college. I hope this will get my blood pressure back in line.

    I didn't fully prepare for all the meals required during the day and I need to run out to find the protien bars/shakes because the local grocery store didn't have anything like that. One thing that I found to be really good is sliced turkey wrapped in lettus...simple and really tasty. Well...

    Good luck everyone...



  • Collin ~

    Great decision! Plan, plan, plan. That is the key to success on this program. You can do this! Ask questions and seek folks out if you need encouragement.

    Be good to you!

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)

  • Collin-Congrats on making a great decision for your Health & your LIFE! If you stick with the plan and are FOCUSED, you can reach your goal of 180#. Renee is right...Planning is key!  Always have a plan B and and a plan C!  Make sure you are writing things down so you can review what works or doesn't work...

    Again, welcome and best wishes to your success!  Visit other threads and reach out to people and ask questions if needed; there's always someone around to help out! :)

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Collin,

    Congratulations on starting this challenge.  I will be 35 this month and am on 5 different meds for blood pressure.  Since starting 9 weeks ago I have been able to stop 2 of the pills as well as got of my cholesterol medicine.  I use to say that too..." I hope the machine is just wrong", but it never was.  It is so good that you decided to do BFL for and your health.  You can and will complete this challenge!!!!  Like Renee said, PLAN, PLAN, AND PLAN EVEN MORE.  As far as the alcohol goes, you sound like me.  the last time I went a period of time without any drink was way long ago.  At the beginning I asked a few times if I could have a couple of drinks on free day, but everyone said it will hinder your results.  I have not had a sip in 9 weeks and feel great.  That was and is another challenge with in the BFL challenge.  You are going to do a great job Collin.  Again, congratulations and best wishes.


  • Welcome Collin. :) You will do just fine - treat yourself like you were treating someone else...the results will be remarkable.

  • I suppose replying to my original post is the best (?) way to put a follow up comment on...

    I have tried to complete the body for life challenge a couple times before and haven't gotten past two weeks. This time I am doing it in concert with other changes I want to make...sort of a total person make-over. I am about half way through the book "The Power of Focus" and doing the action steps as I go. It has been very helpful with staying focused and on plan. The BFL challenge is one of the goals I want to accomplish as part of my "Master Plan"... : )

    Thanks for the nice replys,


  • Collin,

    One thing that helped me was that after reading the book I had almost a week of mental preperation, like getting on here and meeting people, planning my workout book and food and meals, so that when I started on that Monday I was ready to hit the ground running. It sounds like you are getting all in order and rready for the journey.  You can do this and you will.  I thought at the first of it that I was going to fail, but not once after getting past the 1st few weeks has that thought passed through my mind.  In a short amt of time you will start to feel so much better and your pants and shirts will start to fit like they are suppose to.  It will feel great!!!!!  I promise.  Just stick to the book and be true to yourself.  best wishes...sco

  • also, come over the the faithful GB'ers thread.  inroduce youself and ask as many questions and post ups and downs.  that has been another thing that has helped me.

  • Welcome Collin,

    My best wishes for your health and happiness as you start the challenge.  Great folks here to answer questions or just compare notes.

  • Collin feel free to create your own threads under any of the topic headings.  It really helps new folks learn from the questions that are posted open forum.  Everyone can see answers to specific topics when you do that.  

    You can do this. You will have your struggles but remember if you have a set-back don't throw away the day or the challenge.  Just keep moving forward.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Collin - Good luck and congratulations for commiting.  I look forward to your success!!