Starting 11-29-10. See you at 12,500 feet!

  • I bought BFL at Borders and just finished it because for me, time is ticking, literally.  On June 26, 2011, I leave with my son for Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico.  For those of you not familiar with Boy Scouts, Philmont is a high adventure base and the tallest peak, Mount Baldy, is 12,500 feet.  I stood on its summit when I was 16 -- a young, fit Eagle Scout.  I'm now 48, 5'10" (and shrinking unfortunately), 208 lbs, and so out of shape I probably couldn't run around the house much less make the ascent on Baldy or the 70-100 miles of trail we will do around it.... 

    I'm proud of pretty much everything I've accomplished in life with the exception of taking care of myself.  And that has impacted only me -- until now.  On the trail, you go no farther or faster than the weakest link of the crew.  In my current condition, that's me.  In my current shape, probably couldn't even hike out of base camp.  So I have 7 months.  But not really.  By March, we will be putting our training into full gear -- and either I'm ready then, or the crew and my son suffers and perhaps even worse, I could hurt myself.  BFL is going to help me prevent that from happening. 

    Tomorrow is a planning day.  I have fitness equipment (that's been idle for a while) but I'm familiar with most of the exercises in the book and its just a matter of planning out the workouts.  This part of it doesn't scare me at all but if anyone want to point me to some sample workout schedules for the "getting restarted" type, that would be great.  Otherwise, I'll just use the first few workouts to "recalibrate."'

    Food will be much, much more difficult.  I work in an office so the idea of cooking (even using a blender) during the day won't cut it.  Going to have to start packing my lunch like we do the kids and will likely need to so the supplements.  But which ones?  Anyone who has suggestions to help me on these lines -- greatly appreciated.

    Come take the BFL journey with me.  I promise to post a picture of the new me on Baldy next summer!

  • I will be joining you sir.

    I am a 19 year old college student: 6'2" at roughly 180 pounds. I am the "skinny fat" look with a very unchiseled midsection and somewhat chiseled arms. I want to drop from 16 percent body fat to sub 10 percent while also gaining muscle mass. Summer is quickly approaching and I have never been "skinny" to the beach ever. I've never been 100 percent confident with my body enough to take my shirt off at the beach and keep it off. Weight has also been an issue for me and I recently dropped from around 200 pounds to 180 pounds over the past year or so by eating more meals (with smaller portions) and drinking exclusively water (and occasionally vodka/beer ;)).

    I have done the exercises in the book and read the book several times but this time I want to mean it. I want to actually do everything the book says from writing down goals to actually measuring my progress. In the past I have failed to planned and so therefore I planned to fail.

  • I will be joining you as well :)

    I am 18 years old, in college, and work fulltime. I've done the challenge before (unofficially, my sophomore year of high school) After a while I became very lazy, and my eating habits have gotten horrible to say the least. I'm 5'7 at 175llbs, but I used to be 5'7 at 150... I want my old body back

    My best advice to you is to buy lots of tupperwear, be prepared to plan ahead, and have a backup plan in case your schedual changes. If your main concern is food, again, plan ahead plan ahead plan ahead. Your best bet is packing your food for the office the night before, everything cooked clean and ready to go. (I'm sure you have a microwave at work, right?) But good meals that you can bring would be salads,  sandwiches, chicken and brown rice, vegetables,soups, pasta, ect. If you still would like protein shakes during the day without access to a blender, go to GNC or a Vitamin Shoppe, and buy a blending container. They're plastic container/cups that come with a wire wisk ball inside. Pour your water in (measurements on the side!:) followed by protein powder. Shake it up and you're good to go :) These are so convenient, I use them right after I leave the gym on my way to work. In addition, protein bars are amazingly convenient, portable supplements. (I love PureProtein bars and myoplex lite chocolate crisp, but if you try the pure protein, make sure you drink water. The bar is essentially protein powder mashed into bar form. Incredibly chewy, and sticks to your mouth. Trust me. Drink. Water. lol)

    My advise for your workout rutine is to take it slightly easier the first week- get a feel for what you're doing, and then really go for it your second week. You don't want an injury your first week in. Know where you can push yourself harder, and learn the difference between pushing yourself and hurting yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck :)


  • rblgenius, tracey, good to have you guys along.  I guess I'm officially the geezer in the crowd.  Check in with me and let me know how things are going.  planning my workouts now.  going to try the Lose It! iPhone app -- not much of a believer in paper.  Heard that's a pretty good one.   Tracey, thanks for the food advice.  Lots of turkey left over from thanksgiving so I should be good for this week.  going to try to keep it simple for now on the shakes and just try the myoplex premixed from CVS.  pricey but until i get it all going, probably will work best.

  • Starting 11/29/10 as well.  I may be the geezer.....and only female?  47, tired of being unhealthy, tired of carrying this extra 30-40 pounds around, and tired of painful knees!  Time to get on with it..............

  • I"m joining too Chip T....lovemy6dogs, I am 46, female as well who needs to drop 30 pounds.  I'm 5'7 and 200!  Time to lose....I tried this once before so I have some sort of idea but didn't stick with it after two weeks.  I must confess I started two days ago (Friday but I will just continue til next Sat as my weigh in day).  I look forward to see what we all do!  Good luck and see you guys tomorrow (Monday).  Today is my LBWO but my knees kill me so wish me luck!

  • Good luck at Philmont. My son's troop is going this summer as well, but he can't go this time because he won't turn 14 until the day after they get off the mountain.

    Want it. Plan it. Do it.

  • I'm 47, female, and probably one of the highest % to lose....I'm 5'2" and 195 pounds.  I have roughly 75 pounds to lose.  I think that's almost 1/3 my weight?????  I want to start running again instead of huffing and puffing to the mail box.  :-)

    I'm a band director and  I'd like to be much more shapely before the big spring concert this year...that's in May, so I'm on your time table for the most part...two 12 week rounds will hopefully do it for me.

    Best of luck to everybody!

    Mary (beachmomfl)

  • Ok, we just want to keep on this thread as an 11/29 group?  I like the idea of starting and finishing with the same people and getting to know each other.  


  • 49er Fan: Since we are in a similar boat and same age (let's hear it-whoop whoop), do you want to buddy up?


  • I'm all about starting a group.  I still don't understand what kind of order the groups show up, so my post is way below.  If we're going to name ourselves, what about calling us the Philmont Group?  That's the name of the place Chip's going to and it seems motivational...just an's a good idea to have some kind of title that we can find in the threads.....

  • Hi everyone! My name is Alicia..tennisgal and my husband's name is Dave. We are starting tomorow as well and would love to be a part of the Philmont Group. I am 37, 5'2 and 159 and my husband is 40, 5'7 and 158. While we both want to chisel up, I want and need to lose some weight. I have spent today grocery shopping, meal planning, printing off the downloads from the website and buying my EASWhey protein for shakes and protein bars. I am so excited and can't wait to see what I look like and feel like in a couple of weeks.

  • I did this a couple of years ago, although I only lasted 5 weeks.  I can tell you now, if you do the workouts like outlined and eat clean, you WILL see a difference in just a short time.

  • Hi everyone, I'm Emmy and I did the challenge 9 years ago and I looked great after the 12 weeks and felt even better.... however; life has taken over and I just turned 49 last week and I don't know when all the weight came back on and now I'm older, my body hurts everyday, (knees and back).... this has been the only program that has ever helped me acheive the amazing results it did way back when... I don't want to be a downer b/c I need to do the challenge again... I did keep the wieght off for almost 8 years but like I said, with kids, career change and the demands of motherhood, wife and business  I put everything first and let myself go... ugg... now I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!

    I have been gearing myself up for the BFL challenge for about a month now and tomorrow is my start day. I can not go one more day with out of control eating and no exercising. I can tell you that if you do the exercises like the book says you will be amazed at how much you sweat and how great a work out you will get if you go for the '10'... Last time I had a treadmill, which I loved, but this time I have a eliptical and that will have to do. I have all hand weights and that is what I used last time. As I get into week 4 I may join a gym however; I know this may be the best for me for today. I have gone grocery shopping and planned my meals. I just have to go out in the morning to get some myoplex bars... Walmart is quite cost effective. I will also use the protein shakes and what ever it takes this time around.

    Ok one challenge, b/c I don't belong to a gym I can't get my body fat measured... does anyone have any ideas.

    also, I feel a bit crazy starting the month of Christmas however; I have already planned in my calendar my free days around any and all holiday events. I really think this is doable and I am holding to the idea that in 4 weeks it will be almost the new year and I should look and feel better and it will be all worth it. Like I said, I can't possible go into the new year at the rate I am going I will dig  myself into a deep hole. I need my confidence and health back!!

    I want to be a part of your group as well... how do I find you after I sign off?? Thanks so much..

  • emmysum

    Google navy body fat calculator and you can enter the listed body measurements and it will give you a pretty good body fat measurement.  It is what I use.