In this for LIFE... because I want my "body for life"...

  • Thanks Jessica... I am always interested in what others do and what is working for them. When do you finish your challenge?

  • Anytime.  Oh, I also have my veggies of course.

    I finish the official Challenge on February 20th.

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • So finishing up week 11...ONE MORE WEEK TO GO!!!!

    The challenge for me is week this week be I am taking my 3 bigger kids to Great Wolf Lodge tues/wed. I have this association with traveling and junk food.

    I am going to plan all my meals, make them easy and portable as to avoid this!! If I can make it through those 2 days...I am home free!! I will have completed 12 straight weeks of great clean eating, wicked workouts and some big psychological adjustments.

    I have all my workouts and food planned for next week with the adjustments. I can do this!!

    Looking forward to what week 12 will bring and then onto another 12 weeks!!

  • You can do this!  Watch out for week 12.  Maybe people see it as the end, but remember that it's not over until day 84.  Keep going and you will be so proud of those final pictures.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thanks for the support... this is just the beginning for me. Getting used to this way of life...eating carbs without guilt, having some yummies on free days (YES it is ok to eat SOME yummies... this is HUGE for me).

    The pictures will not be earth shattering...but in my next 12 weeks... ;)

  • The pictures are only part of the equation.  I'm mostly interested in how you feel, how this has changed your life and what you'll do next.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I am focusing more on the "life" part of the equation. A healthy life, a liveable life. I know I am not going to see MAJOR weight changes as I don't have MAJOR weight to lose( that will come over the next weeks I do this program), but I am seeing MAJOR mindset changes and changes within myself...accepting myself, not beating myself up after free days (gets better each week, I know I have work to do here still but this is life for me), feeling more comfortable with the healthy eating not like I am on a diet or being punished.

    I am sleeping great (poo poo poo) and in general feeling a sense of calm and confidence in myself. I am not feeling like I am failing because I don't have earth shattering weight changes. Because that is only the external. Internally, I have changed WAY more than 10lbs worth of weight loss.

    I am really enjoying eating well and knowing the good I am doing for myself. Yes, I still enjoy knowing a free day is around the corner, but I crave the regular days on my free day now!! How crazy is that?? I like the regular intervals of eating and knowing each meal is helping me to build a better, stronger, healthier, leaner body. I am actually visualizing all those things happening and they are really happening...everyday I see changes whether they be physically or mentally, there are changes.

    This program works. I have always said though and I was told by some of the amazing people on this board too, the transformation begins from the inside out. Begins with the mind too. I may not see changes happening on the outside immediately, but there are changes happening on the inside and no one should discount those. For me they may be even more important then the external changes. Actually I know they are for sure in the long run.

    So here's to the last week of C1 for me!!

    And after...on to C2...this is life!! I am going to be like Jacium and just keep going and going and going because it is good for me and why stop something that is good for me?!?!?

  • I spent the last 2 days in Great Wolf Lodge with my 3 older kids. We had a BLAST!! I did my HIIT and then the amount of running up and down the stairs with tubes and without for the water slides etc...exhausting!

    Anyway, my eating was BANG ON!! I came very well prepared and boy did it pay off!! I planned and pre-packaged each meal, and took lots of things that were portable and convenient!

    I was worried as this is my last week of C1 and I thought it would be difficult...nope!! I did amazing and did not feel the urge to have the ice cream, pastry, bagels, chips and junk my sister brought with her.

    YAY for me!!

    Last few days of C1 and then beginning C2!!

    Looking forward to more great changes in the next round!

  • This morning I weighed and measured. I am at the end of week 12.

    Since the end of week 7 I have lost... (didn't measure from week 1 as I was just trying to make I have starting measurements for C2)

    ~ 0.75" from waist and hips (each)

    ~ 1.5" inches from saddlebag area

    ~ and maybe 2 lbs in weight

    I am really starting to be ok with the weight thing. I am almost happy when the weight stays but the inches go down because that means I am losing fat but building and retaining lean muscle in order to keep burning fat...

    What I have learned about myself through this challenge is where I feel I have benefited the most. I am much calmer, yes I would still like to see those pounds drop because that is how we are trained... the less you weigh the smaller you are. Right? WRONG. I am being to realize for real that this isn't always true. I don't weight much different than when I started but my inches decreased so therefore fat has gone! I look smaller. I am sleeping better and making great food choices. I am not feeling constantly deprived or hungry and that is what really matters. This is about LIFE.

    I will begin C2 next week and I really feel now I have a good grasp on the program and will keep progressing through C2.

    Thanks everyone for all your help and support always!