Wondering about challenge 2...

  • I am currently in week 8 of my first challenge. I know that for women especially, the results are a little slow at first as they have been for me (though I am pleased with what has happened so far). One of the things that keeps me plugging along is looking forward to those last weeks where the visible results start to pick up a little.

    So my question is.....

    Assuming I am pushing myself to my 10's and eating clean like BFL says to, will the results just keep getting more rapid in the second challenge since the foundation has been laid during the first challenge? Or will there be another 7,8,9 weeks of slower results then another surge at the end?

  • jmsforlife,

    Congrats on making it to week 8!!! It is time to kick it up a notch: eat cleaner, lift more and run further and reap the rewards of all your hard work!! Stick to the plan by the book and the results will happen!

    As for C2 for me it was incredible. I took two weeks of Active rest and lost another 5 lbs for a total of 22 lbs. I took everything I learned from C1 and make a focused plan for C2. I didn't lose as much weight in C2 but the scale is not your friend. It lies and gives one a skewed sense of success or failure. What did happen though is BFL became a way of life for me not just 12 weeks or what week am i in AND though I didn't lose as much weight my body fat% dropped big time and i leaned out and gained muscle. If you look at my profile my before pic is after C1 and active rest. C2 was hard but good things keep happening. I would encourage you not to worry about what week you are in or when results will happen. Stick to the plan by the book and the results WILL HAPPEN!!

    You are right the best is yet to come. Finish strong!

    I can't wait to hear about your success!


  • Bump!

    Just love what Orrin says here.  I am over halfway through C1 as many are, and wanted to ensure people don't get discouraged because they aren't seeing the results they wanted.....yet!

    Many people who start BFL have done it before and given up around the 6,7.8 week mark due to discouragement.  Take a look at Orrin's pics and see that anything is possible, if you are in it for life!

    Jules x