Bringing Sexy Back! Starting 11-15-10 Who's in?!

  • :O) that's  a great ATTITUDE! GO FOR IT! JUDY!

  • ebizaliz: you are not eating enough to feed the machine! Reassess your food choices and that will make a huge difference.

  • ( i didn't  know if my email was sent to you or not but i decided to post it on here anyways!)

    You should start now! This will help you to learn how to become a better eater for your whole life not just when you are trying to lose weight! At restaurants make sure you get grilled items or dressing on the side and go for a baked potato or steamed vegetables. Since you are going to Orlando, take advantage of the fish they have there! Also, if you get just a 6/4 ounce lean steak thats really healthy!  If you are following the six meals in a day plan then you won't be hungry enough to consume a 2000 calorie meal in one sitting :) I am nervous about the holidays too, but in all reality if you just plan to use it as a cheat day and then modify your workout schedule you should be okay.  Or I am planning on just adding a work out to that day because I don't want to make food the enemy or ruin time with family! Everything is okay in moderation :)

  • Hi Tenacious_e and everybody else =)  I started Monday too.  My name is Jenny. I'm 25 and 6 weeks postpardom from having my first child.  My husband is also extremely supportive. He is familiar with the program and uses it with the cilents he is a personal trainer for (note * he refuses to train me)  I too work full time and will be back at work starting Nov. 29th.

    So far the workouts have been going well. I've been inactive for going on 8weeks and before I was pregnant I was well on my way to a non-active lifestyle. I'd skip meals and binge eat on Thai and Mexican food at night no matter what time.  I was also getting to the point where I was exhausted and felt that I needed 10+ hrs of sleep a night.

    I first learned of the program from a close friend that my husband helped loose 100+ pounds on BFL.  He's 3 years into his weight loss and still living the life style.

    What's been working for me so far is getting up every day at 7am and starting the day with a 20-45 minute walk around my neighborhood.  When I get home I start my work out for the day. When I finish I text my friends/family letting them know how it went. I then shower and have a BFL breakfast 1hr after completing my workout. Occasionally things get  side tracked for a minute or two when I have to take care of the kiddo but my husband does well to help me out.  

    I also took my "before" picture yesterday morning- lets just say I rushed to get out of the bikini because it scared the hell out of me.

    I'm very excited about starting this program and look forward to the changes and positive imporvements my body will undergo physically and mentally.

  • A tip my friend gave me (who also did BFL) is whenever he'd eat out he would ask the server to box up half of his meal before the brought out the entree, this way he was able to stick to the portions on his plate and have the other half for a later or meal. Its also cost effective!

  • Hi ebizaliz! I just had my baby in October and am working to get the baby fat off as well as tone up.  I'm breastfeeding as well.

  • I started again yesterday. The thing that got me off track before was not understanding the menus. They look so "bland".. are you guys cooking? I mean I am making chilli and things ahead of time so I have it packaged and ready to go for lunch and dinner. I enjoy doing that on Sundays.

    I have the recipe book - and I probably need to reread that. Is there anything I am missing here?

  • jlippard - congrats on the new little one! I can't believe how much weight I gained with this last pregnancy (well, it is my 4th - I guess it is expected). I have never weighed this much in my life! Unfortunately, I hold onto every pound until I have weaned from breastfeeding. I am anxious to see if BFL will work WHILE I am breastfeeding. I know I can't expect to lose right away and I noticed the scale hasn't budged even an ounce since I started. It is discouraging since I feel like I am starving all of the time!

  • This is my first day have to say i'm not hungry at all but i'm exhausted... so i went and bought a womans vitamin.. I really hope this helps. any one have any great recipes???

  • Hello ebizaliz ,jlippard I just wanted to comment on the breatfeeding and doing BFL the first time I did BFL I was also brestfeeding I followed the program without the shakes and continued to take my vitamins and the results were amazing I went from a 12 to a size 4 and had more energy for my baby it can be done ladies hope to see your after pics....I enjoy all the encouragment on this thread I am on day 8 and can already see the difference I have recruited some friends to make sure I don't derail...but this forum is also a great inspiration thank you all

  • Hey all,

    I thought I'd jump in and see how everyone is doing.  I'm part of the other Nov 15th group.  It's good to know others who are in this together at the same time!  We're doing good and pumped up for week 2 and it looks like your doing well also.  Keep on keepin' on.

    "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

  • Yikes! I totally fell off the horse on Thursday, Saturday and today. I still worked out but didn't watch what I ate. Now I feel totally guilty! I was just starving and food looked so good. It actually felt good to finally eat again. I have been so hungry since I started the program. I have been working really hard on eating enough calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc. I am really discouraged right now and need some motivation. Starting over tomorrow. Wish me luck...

  • Hey ebizaliz,

    Don't despair!  Everyone falls of the horse at some point.  Take a look at your dreams and goals and make sure you're eating enough.  I'm 'wishing you luck!'

    Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier