Starting Nov 14th - Monday - C2

  • Is anybody starting this coming Monday, November the 14th?  I finished C1 at the end of May and will be starting C2 Monday.  I've got some ground to re-take and then going after new results.  I'd love to have some accountability for myself and offer encouragement to others throughout the next 12 weeks.  Escpecially considering the holidays.

    Hope to 'meet' some of you soon.

  • I'm starting C1. Geez, I totally forgot about the holidays! I'm gonna need you!

  • Planning is the key.  Let's hope we get a solid group.  We can make it - holidays or not.

  • Ok ! I Am in with you guys.......let's do it . Pumped and ready for nov14. Cooking a turkey and all the fixings tomorrow. Nothing special we had our thanksgiving here in canada month ago. Even if it just the 3of us let's go for it! Bonwitty congrats on c1 bet you can share some trade secrets.

    Ok let's post our progress. I hope to loose 20 Lbs of fat and gain 6 to 8 lbs of muscle

    Cheers and good luck to you both

  • Oops thinking  tomorrow was nov 13  not nov  14 ......ok well got to be nov 15 for me. I will do the gym tomorrow though asi have been back at it this week kind of half ass but with determination from now on!

  • Yeah, I'm starting on the 15th as well. I guess Thanksgiving will have to be my free day...

  • My goal is to drop my body fat percentage by at least 10%. Eventually, I want to get in the single digits, but I know that won't happen in one challenge.

  • Hi im starting my C1 tomorrow, from nz our holiday are a little different. I haven't done this forum thing before but am looking forward to the challenge. I entered the BFL in 1999 early 2000 with great success!! Im back to do some fine tunning ha! Would love to keep in touch!!!

  • I probably have a good three challenges to complete.  So my goals for C2 are as follows:

    Loose 30 pounds of fat (not scale weight, that will be lower)

    Gain 7 pounds of muscle

    Loose 10% body fat

    Finish the 12 weeks - pushing through sicknesses and holidays!

    Instill habit of exercising first thing in the morning - alarm clock set at 7am

    Instill habit of planning exercise and eating the day before - planning is KEY

    Loose three clothing sizes

    That's good for now.  I will be making a list of some other smaller goals to achieve along the way.  They can be so motivating when waiting on '12 weeks'.

    Can anyone think of a good name for us?  That can be our thread.  And where I come from, this Monday is the 14th.  Unless my computer is gone wacky.  Either way, it's a Monday start!  Let's get moving

    Direction determines destination

  • So what about 3 D's.  ILike bonwhitty's direction determines long as we move forward wit our goals we will get there right?

    I am really pumped about Monday,

    I would like to get to know our group a little so here is a snap about me, I am a nurse by profession and turned artist and jewelry designer

    A bout  10 years ago. I just turned 49 and mother of 2 beautiful kids.

    Well they are 20 and 23 now. 4 years ago I was picked for a local reality tv show where they took 4 well known locals and put us through a

    11 week fitness program kinda like biggest loser but none of us were obese and we lived home as normal etc. I lost 30 lbs and

    Gained about 8 lbs muscle. I have slid off the wagon this year with selling my art and gift shop and spending more time eating and drinking

    At our summer place as well as working in my studio where I sit all day making jewelry. So I have about 10 of thoses lbs back on.

    I feel I have lost a lot of my muscle too. My goal is to be in great shape and hit my goal by feb as we have a vacation booked in march

    I will see people there I will not have seen by oct so hopefully they will see a big difference in me.

    Well hoping to get to know you all and be Bfl buddies on this journey.

    Good luck

  • Sorry about the bad formatting on my message. I am using my new iPad a birthday gift from hubby.

    Anyway I downloaded an app that anyone with iPhone or iPad might like. It is called my net diary. Itsawesome. The free versions ok but the pro is 2.99 and well worth it. It tracks calories, fitness and is really an eye opener for you nutrition tracking. Anyway hope everyone has a great day and gets ready for tomorrow. I am off to the gym and then the supermarket .

    Cheers E

  • Oops sorry the program  is NET DIARY HD not pro. The pro is the free one and not so good. The HD is best. Sorry about that......

  • We can go with 3 D's or how about just Directions Determines Destination - November 15th group?  (Yes, I finally got the date right!  My computer is wacked out.)

    I'm 39 and a homeschool mom of two.  I also help my husband run our two businesses and we are very involved in our church.

    I'be played with BFL over the years but hadn't completed a full 12 weeks until earlier this year.  I had great results to add to two months of living healthier.  I have at least three challenges total, maybe four that are needed to achieve my health and fitness goals, then maintenance.

    Nice to learn more about you Driven4life.  And welcom Biggie and Kiwigirl.  

    I WILL START A NEW THREAD WITH THE NAME ABOVE.  I'LL BE CHECKING IN TOMORROW UNDER THAT THREAD.  SEE YOU THEN!  Get some planning done tonight and jump in tomorrow morning.  UBWO!

  • Excellent! Will that be under the getting started heading?

    I am so proud of myself today. I did my cardio on the stepper for 20 min them cooked big turkey dinner . Yes I had wine and yes a little gravy but when everyone was face and eyes into the chocolate lava cakes I only had the strawberries!!!   yes!!  Even thought tomorrow is the  official start date figured I would avoid the extra calories and fat.

    Bowitty nice to  know  about you and sounds like you are busy being a mom and support worker for hubby lol

    Did my shopping today so all ready for tomorrow and the first day to a healthier lifestyle.

    Bye for now


  • Hi, I'm starting tomorrow.  I'm going to post this in a separate thread, but can you really do this without a gym?  I have a treadmill and free weights at home - only dumbells and no bench.  I was planning my workout for tomorrow, and I only see one exercise I can do for chest (dumbell fly) because all others require an incline or a barbell.  Back is also challenging.  I don't even want to check out legs!

    Anyway, about me - I'm 47, married, mother of 3 kids, 14, 9, and 5, and work full time.  I have been into fitness and exercise since my early 20s, but have an "all or nothing" attitude, and unfortunately that leads to periods of nothing where I lose any ground I have gained.  I'm really sick of being 50# overweight and looking the way I do.  I'm getting older, and I think that being overweight ages you terribly.  I'm just too vain to continue this way.  I've tried BFL before, but I've had a hard time giving up on my daily aerobics (usually walk/run 3 miles a day), and/or have problems with getting in the variety of exercise as explained above.  I don't follow the diet to a T, I am doing calorie counting on  and generally follow all the rules except for eating multiple small meals - that usually just leads to overeating for me.  I do space out my snacks, however, so that I'm eating something every couple of hours.  It's hard, though, with working.

    It would be great to share and get motivated by you all.