What did you do to get past a weight loss plateau?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been exercising a lot more lately and have basically been sticking to the BFF eating program.  But when I have weighed myself this week I actually gained weight instead of losing.  I think that it may have to do with my diet just not sure yet.  As far as cardio goes I've been lifting weights every other day and doing cardio every other day.  There was only one day this week that I wasn't able to complete one of my cardio sessions.  In other words I'm just trying to get ideas or ways to "see the light" more clearly. 



  • Annie,


    There are a few things I noted.  You said you are exercising a lot more lately.  That confuses me.  The BFL program calls for a certain routine.  Do you mean you are doing it fully now and did not before or that you are doing a different exercise program?  The other and the most important of course is that you said you have been "basically" sticking with the eating.  Commit yourself to this fully.  I promise you that the results will follow.  I have never heard of someone doing this, as written, and not getting results.  We are here to support you. 


    Also, weight naturally fluctuates so don't worry about that.  Best!



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  • Jessica,

    Thanks for responding to my post.  What I meant by exercising more was that before I was only working out maybe three times a week at the most.  I was also doing more aerobic versus anaerobic.  The last two weeks was when I really looked into the program.  I made quite a few recipes from the cook book last week and I exercised around three days.  Last week though there were a few times that I didn't follow the plan directly and that was my fault in relation to some of the people at my office had some candy which of course was chocolate (my big weakness).  Part of my problem also is the fact that I try to rationalize myself with thinking that ok I ate a few pieces of chocolate all I have to do is work out really hard tonight so that I can burn off the calories that I ate.  Also on the weekends usually Saturdays don't ask me why but I can usually eat less than the rest of the week.  For example I usually sleep in and then I'll have some coffee until around one and then I'll eat and after wards I'll work out and then I won't eat anything until late in the evening and I usually eat around 1,000 calories.  On Sunday it's about the same but my husband and I usually eat out and I usually have a bigger meal than what I eat during the rest of the week.

    This has been what my typical day has been looking like for this week.  As soon as I get up I have a cup of coffee get ready for work and I've been eating 3/4 cup of oatmeal with vanilla protein powder and skim milk.  For lunch I've been bringing leftovers from the recipes in the cook book.  For example last night I fixed the green chili, the night before I had the beef stew, and before that I had the spaghetti and meatball recipe.  For snacks I usually eat a protein bar and a protein shake.  But I also have snacked on a few pieces of cheese, and walnuts.  This week though actually yesterday I had two small pieces of chocolate in addition to my protein bar which I know isn't part of the plan. I also had seconds last night of the green chili (because it was so good).  (I feel like I'm confessing to a priest!) lol  

    As far as exercising goes I have been using exercise DVDs.  This week I worked out to a Jackie Warner DVD, Jillian Michaels, Tae Bo, Walk Away the pounds, and tonight I'll probably work out to the Jackie Warner DVD again.  The DVDs include most of the exercises that are in the BFL book.  Right now since I'm starting out I'm using 5 and 8 pound weights.  

    In the past when I was losing weight I usually weighed myself every day.  And usually it seems that the scale will go down a few pounds and when the week is up either I'll maintain it or stay the same.  This past week the it has been showing that I've gained a few pounds which worries me.  

    One thing though that I've also wondered is that I only use a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee in the morning along with fat free coffee cream.  I wonder if a small amount of sugar can effect the program?

    Thanks again for your response and I apologize that this is so long!  


  • cut the "real" sugar and use splenda or the stevia. I have a hard time only doing what is required in the workout guidelines. I tend to do more cardio. I do the 20 minute interval cardio but end up running a few extra miles or a spinning class. the eating is very clean and i would try to save your extras for your free day. hmm maybe i should be taking my own advice! this plan works! soon 1 t of sugar will be to sweet! good luck!

  • I'll try to use the splenda which doesn't taste as good in my coffee as sugar.  For baking I don't have any problems with it.  Today I worked out to a 20 minute Kathy Smith DVD "Cardio Fat Burner."  The more I dive into this program it seems like it sinks in more than in past programs which is good!  Thanks for your response!

  • I hit a plateau at 145 pounds and could not shift it for weeks!

    I changed two things, the food I was eating and the exercises, our bodies become adapted quickly so you need to shock it!

    I had a habit of eating the same stuff all the time so tried new things and made sure I was eating at the right times..every 2.5 to 3 hours as i had noticed I was "off" at times, then I totally changed the exercises or if I kept the same ones, say for example squats I upped the weights, I started doing walking lunges...a killer by the way!...I upped the dumbells so instead of doing some with 10 or 15 pound Dbells I did them with 20 pounders, wow...a huge difference.

    Difinitely look at the food you are eating, follow the BFL book, I'd get rid of the sugar...also I know it's hard not to do more cardio, I added more at the plateau stage thinking it would help...it didn't, only do the 20 mins 3 x per week but really go for it, hit your tens.

    So, change your food up, lift heavy and do exercises you're not used to doing and see if that works.

    Just a quick note....now I am maintaining, I'm where I want to be at 135, actually I hardly weigh myself anymore, go by how I feel, I still do the 3 days of lifting but have dropped the Thursday cardio as I fell and hurt nyself so at that time was forced to reduce it, did panic at first but nothing bad happened! so I've kept to just the 2 days of cardio as it suits me better now plus I hike all the time with my dog...anyhoo.....what I'm trying to say is it also proved to me that you don't need to do extra cardio...i had to experience the above and being forced not to do extra to know.

    Good luck and keep going:)

  • Also meant to add, save your extras for free day:)