BFL Warriors

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    I will be heading to the gym today and then back home to get some of this homework done; I'm feeling overwhelmed.  Was happy with the super bowl outcome!!  My meals and workouts are semi planned for this week.  I have a friend taking me out for lunch on Thursday, and I don't know where we will go yet.

    Parson:  I am glad you enjoyed your super bowl party with the family; that's the best place to watch the game!!  I am sure being a pastor can be extremely draining, which is all the more reason to take care of yourself.  You spend so much time taking care of your family and the parishioners that you NEED to make time for YOU!  I can only imagine how you are going to feel tomorrow if you are already hurting lol.  As far as my foods....I have my daily calorie allotment set to 1,300, even though the site has me at 1,200.  I almost always hit that or go over.  For the past few weeks, I have dropped the calories and have been trying to change up my foods....focusing more on the calories in/calories out theory.  When I was trying to cut back on animal protein and incorporate more plant protein, it didn't make a dent in my weight loss, even though my calories were lower.  All those carbs, nut, seeds, etc....caused me to bloat and retain fluid.  This week, I am going to focus on getting my diet closer to where it was before......Minimal animal proteins (chicken, fish & eggs), as well as an occasional greek yogurt.  

    FYI:  I got the CT scan report from my doctor.  They are still trying to get a true measurement on my liver.  But, I was surprised to find that I have an umbilical hernia that no-one bothered to tell me  At least I can live with that.

    Alright Warriors, let's make it a great week!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Warriors-

    Well..lets just say the Bay Area folks are not the happiest campers around, So bummed with the outcome. I am really competitive and the Superbowl loss was not an easy one to lose.

    I'n now on C1 W2. Yep. Up two pounds with yesterday being my free day.Grr. Too much red wine, and with my cold, my sleep was horrible , so I misssed my cardio workout and I am discouraged . I may get on my bike, but I just feel YUCK.

    I  SURE hope this is not a Sinus Infection. I am drinking H2O like crazy and hope sleep better this evening.

    This week I have realized how afraid I am to let go of my foods. I get so impatient and want instant results. I need to visualize and dream of how good and fit I will feel in April.

    BD: Nice to hear from you. Must be challenging to study, be a full time Mom, wife and to take care and eat really clean and healthy. Sounds like the Bday celebration is continuing. Your a special gal of course everyone wants to take you out.

    How about a Mani/Pedi date instead?

    Hang in there while you wait for the CT scan. Wow that must be tough. I am not sure of your history, but I know you have faith and trust that this will all be okay.

    Parson: Hello. Where are you a Pastor?

    Okay back to cleaning . My twin girls have Spirit week at school for 8th grade. It is like Homecoming so its super messy and busy making costumes in this house. I am also transitioning to working 5 days a week. Whew.

    It's all good.

    Whats everyones week look like?

    As BD says..Lets Make it a great week.

  • Wow, it sure is quiet around here lately!!!  I will be leaving for the gym in a bit. I'm going to try to get some suana time in as well.  After school will be busy with kids' activities.  My classes are keeping me busy this week too!  Food is pretty good.  My husband brought home a box of chocolates yesterday that a client gave to him.  UGH, let's just say chocolate is definately my downfall.  I just can't have it in the house.  It haunts me until it is  One piece made it on MFP journal; the other did was late when I caved.

    NGU:  Sorry about the game.  Bummer for you.  I actually wanted to see the Ravens win this one.  I hope you are feeling better today.  Take it easy and don't overdo it.  Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is the perfect body.  If it were easy, we'd all be in fabulous shape.  Don't let the food control your thoughts.  Know that you can have those foods in moderation; don't deprive yourself.  If you need to take free days for awhile, do!  Eat those foods you miss on that day and then keep it clean the rest of the week.  This friend of mine is an ex-boyfriend's mom that I stay in touch with.....always liked her, even when I didn't like him (ha).  She is, however, 80 years old and doesn't get into the mani/pedi thing.  She likes to go out to eat, so that's what we'll do.  The CT scan came back normal, overall.  I'm just waiting for some specifics.  Not too worried!  Sounds like you are busy.  Try to take care of YOUrself!

    Have a great day, Warriors!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Warriors-

    Happy Humpday. Where is everyone? Have to make it quick. Just got off work. Ran home to change, un-pack groceries, arrange flowers and finish a sheep costume for one of my twin girls. This week is one of those 'Oh my goodness week " will I survive. My twins have spirit week in Jr High and have a different costume each day. My hubby and I are serving dinner to 200 high schoolers at our church  this evening ...and tomorrow hosting a Baby shower for my co- worker after work. . Can you say NUTS. Friday is insane also.

    I spent a bit more on the sweet treats. I got in trouble baking last week for a funeral, not this week. So what if it is not

    homemade, OVER IT.

    Did MY cardio this a,m and food is super clean today. YIPEE.

    BD..where are those chocolates now? Some times chocolate has voices, chips for me.

    Okay wish me luck not to get tempted at the shower. Its hard when I am on andrenaline. (SP?? ) There will be veges there too tomorrow.

    Bye for now,


  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done.  It was tough this morning.  I had to grind out the last half of it.  Such is life at times I guess LOL!

    Crazy busy this week with work and everything else.

    NGU - I pastor a small church in southeast Georgia about an hour from Savannah.  It is a Pentecostal church in a small rural town of about 5000 people.  We absolutely love it with all of it's challenges...joys and sorrows!  Cuervo and I are good friends for many years and we worked together at a couple of engineering companies when I lived in the metro Atlanta area.  I know at least Cuervo and myself work a couple of jobs...

    If you haven't figured out yet...the warriors are pretty busy people.  Between school, family, work travel, etc etc  we are a good bunch of messed up people LOL!  So if you are a bit crazy you will do just fine here ;-)

    Have a good day Warriors!  You have greatness in you!!!

  • Greetings Fellow Warriors,  Sorry about my long absence from the site, but I had several things on my family's side up n orth to deal with and provide moral support to my brother who is ill and in the hospital up there.(prayers for him are very much appreciated, especially from Pastor Brown as well).    BDMOM:  Glad your tests and scans so far have come back ok. Be sure to take care of that hernia some time , I had the same type one time and it got to be the size of a quarter and was making me sick all the time on a moments notice and hurt a lot so be sure to check on getting it patched up sometime.  Hope Delaney and the family are all ok at school and home and Thanks for the update on a visit from Frick.   Frick: How cool you got to meet BDMOM and hubby,  What a great moment and fun that must have been. Perhaps someday I will make it out west for a visit...and after the visit we can all go to Disneyworld just like the MVP of the Superbowl who visited us at the Magic Kingdom this  week on Monday. Sorry Giants fans better luck next year, and don't underestimate your opponent next time. New Orleans pay your power bill next time before the game.    Parsons: Sounds like a great parish you have. How are your workouts going?  Our gym still hasn't calmed down just yet so I am still doing cardio mixed with machines about 5 days a week and waiting just a bit more before I start the Mens Fitness Hard BOdy program until my BFL Challenge in APril. Getting my supps lined up for the first program and second right now. I tried to get a pair of Otomix Weight lifting shoes but must wait until April because the new movie Pai(In No Gain with Mark Wahlberg and Duane Johnson feature the shoes and they are on backorder until then (Mark wears the same color and style I wanted as a backup pair for the challenge (C4) and due to prepromotion they have sold out of them right now).  Islanddude:  WOW,  that's quite the mask,  sure looks like an extreme training device.  If I showed up at the gym wearing that one they might all run out of there fearing I had gone over the edge in dealing with our current overcrowding due to the New Years Resoultionists.  Still it is already thinning out due to the I give up factor, injury, Super bowl itis and soon Valentines day victims.  Don't anyone in this group become a victim of Holiday defeat, just jump back on that bandwagon and start again if that happens everyone!!!  NGU: Welcome to our group and be sure to join in and ask for help and advice should you need any during or after a challenge.  Some of us have done several challenges and have been there and back again in dealing with obstacles and problems.   Cuervo:  Welcome back, great to hear from you again.  Those folks you asked me about are still on the forum, although I am concerned because we haven't heard from TAZ lately and pray he is doing well with his treatments at the center.     Great workout week to anyone I missed this time, I carried on enough for now and have to get that gym bag ready so I can beat the Aqua Class to the pool today for my after workout swim and cooldown(ICE hot cold therapy postworkout).   RunnerMom: I did offer some advice for a theme to our Annual WDW MArathon next year dealing with the Incredibles as hosts for the rope drop that weekend. (10th anniversary of that Pixar film next year);. I even suggested they contact Jay Cutler, Mr Olympia 3 times since he appears that way on Google as a possible host to start the event. We'll see if they use the idea I put forth.  I am sure Pixar would love the promotion aspect and the fans would be wowed to see Jay Cutler in person as Mr Incredible.  Keep Moving Forward everyone!!!!

  • Good Friday Morning,

    My wo's have been going well when I do them not consistent enough to make any real progress. So I know what I have to work on. just have too much life happening right now. Food so so. My wo for today will be shoveling more snow. Expecting 15/25 cm today.


    Glad you are doing well keep it going. You are so busy with all kinds of stuff. It's funny to me that the most active people still find time to do their wo's amongst other stuff. At some point everyone gets too busy but that's life. You are not alone on this journey although it gets quite at times here. Keep pushing you will make it. I was surprised that the Ravens came out and won thought 49's would have one. The Ravens came to play and did in the first half wow what a surprise for me. Theres always next year.


    You always manage to get those wo's in no matter what. I hate when theres chocolate in the house that I can eat it's easier if there is gluten in it then I know I can't eat it and am ok with that. But if I can lookout it's gone.


    Glad you were able to find your mouth in the dark and navigate your way to the kitchen. Lol. Keep grinding it'll get easier some day. You are rock solid with those wo's and PR'S.

    Island, Cuervo, and all the other warriors have a great weekend !


  • Howdy Warriors!

    Just a quick weekend check-in to say hi!  I am heading to bed soon.  I have a sore throat and some gunk settling in my chest; I hope it doesn't get any worse.  Just gonna take it easy tomorrow.  All I have to do is go to the grocery store, and do about 10 loads of laundry...ha.  But, I'll rest between loads.

    Claude:  Are you still getting snow or has it let up.  I hope you'll be able to get back into a routine soon!

    WPBill: sounds like you are staying consistent with those workouts.  Stinks you have to wait on your shoes.  Will you be doing another official BFL challenge?

    Parson:  thinking of you and praying for you during your services tomorrow!  Keep pushing through those workouts.  Have you registered for you competition yet?  Will it be in the spring or summer?

    NGU:  Has your life slowed down, even a little bit yet?  Hope you are doing well!!!

    K....I better go get ready for bed and try to fall asleep before my husband comes in and starts snoring.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Just a quick post to let everyone know I am still alive and kickin! Life has been busy for months now. I think I am back on track. I will try to post more often. You all motivate me daily. Glad to see you are all still going strong.

    Later Warriors!

  • Happy Monday!!!

    It is cold and rainy here today, and I am still fighting this cold....chest congestion, sore throat.  It's not horrible, but just enough to make me feel yucky!  I didn't get up to do my HIIT this morning; I felt with the chest congestion, I'd better skip it.  I am taking my vehicle in for service in a bit, and then will go to the gym to do weights and the stairclimber.  I then have to come home and write two papers that are due tonight.  Yes, I put it off, but just didn't feel like doing it over the weekend!  My meals are plugged in for the week, and I really need to focus on eating good.  My workouts are never a problem, but the eating always presents challenges for me.  I would really like to drop a few pounds this week!!!!

    Cuervo:  Good to see you popping in. That's what makes this group so busy as everyone is, they still manage to take time for themselves.  Hope to see you here more.  Many of us have been less active on here since we are also on MFP and that site is so much easier to navigate and is so much more user friendly.  BUT, I wouldn't type all this personal stuff there, since it is more fitness rellated, and a lot of my friends on there probably wouldn't care (lol).  Do you THINK you are back on track, or do you KNOW you are back on track?  I know you are!!

    I hope you all have a fantastic week!!!  Remember to workout dirty and eat clean..that is my motto this week!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good morning all-

     Wish I had more time to check in and chat.

    All is well here, DId a boot camp with old Mommies in my old neighborhood. Fun, hard and it was chlly out. Needed a change. Boy I was out of shape. I showed up at 5 a,,m in 35 degree weather ( warm to some of you) I liked the change.

    Food is clean and I have been going to bed by 8;30 to avoid the munchies.

    Sipping coffee on my way to the gym for legs and then worky worky.

    Natalie- So sorry you are not feeling well. Hope today is a little brighter and the congestion is gone. How did the papers go?

    When are they announcing the new Winners?

    Have a fabulous day all.


  • Winners?  We're all winners here.

    Glad to hear you are sticking with it NGU.  Keep up the good work.

  • Your absolutely right.

    HAPPY HUMPDAY. It's Ash Wednesday. I am sure my Mom will ask If I am going to church today.

    Do any of you do Lent?

    How's everyone doing? The weather is springlike here in the Bay Area and I am so excited to have a 5 day weekend ahead of me. Whoo HOO. My Pre-school gave me my birthday off and I can't wait. I am really really struggling on taking time for myself. I would like to go to the beach and just veg all by myself and just do some reflection this next weekend.  It is so hard for me to state what I want and all my life I have put others first . Im 42 on Tuesday and I do not want all the celebrations to be around food. I too can't make a decision for the life of me . That is why I like the BFL program it is easy to follow. The success book is really helping.

    Okay off to the gym. I really dread this week with Valentines and parties . I AM WILL CHECK IN AND COMMIT MY FOOD so I don't blow it.

    Okay off to the gym.Hurry coffee, I have a lot to do today.




    Happy Hump day Warriors,

    Sorry I haven't been around much. Trying to get wo's in when I can. I'm usually good for mon - thurs. Weekends are a no show just too much going on. It is what it is. Food is getting better. Linda is doing the Zenical Diet with the drugs that are suppose to flush away the fat. She is supposed to eat 1300 cals per day and is finding it hard. She says she feels like she is eating all She is just like the rest of us. I told her she needs to eat every 3 hrs. from the time she gets up until she goes to bed. Right now I'm currently in the DOG HOUSE with her. I told her that pop wasn't in the plan and was not good for her. Apparrently my doctor told her 0 cal pop was ok. Then I explained to her the artificial sweetners are just plain not good for you. When I first started Body For Life there was an artical about artificial sweeteners and how much they destroy the body. If any of you have that artical tucked away somewhere could you please post it. Any how I guess she listened and deep down she knows I'm right. She will need to get over herself on this one. She will come around hopefully sooner than later. She is addicted to this stuff. I don't beleive in the weining yourself off as she has tried that and it never works so Cold Turkey it is.


    Getting more snow today had some yesterday too not much just enough to make things sloppy. Using alot of windshield washer fluid. The stuff I use is good to -45 degrees doesn't freeze on the It'll all melt soon another six weeks or so. Hope your feeling better maybe a sauna would help before it gets worse. We all miss wo's and we all come back for more that's the key and you know that. It's better to miss until you feel better than have your body run down.


    Glad to hear from you. It's too bad about having to wait so long for those shoes. Is there not another gym that is better than the one you are at. Every wo sounds like a challenge in itself. That would drive me crazy just a bit. lol At least you aren't letting those resolutionist discourage you. Your doing great. I guess you have to develope an attitude to wo in that enviroment. I am not giving up and told Linda no chocolate for Valentines Day either. We may go out to dinner on the weekend as tomorrow I have to pickup the girl at school for 9 pm and feed her she won't have time to eat all day. She takes care of the animals from 6 am - 8am classes from 8 am - 12 then back to feed the animals 12-1 pm class 1 -5 pm 5 -7 animals class 7 - 9 pm last class is manditory so no breaks for her so she will be good and hungry. So sorry Imissed you last go round.


    Glad to see you decided to drop by. I know you are addicted to this stuff so the wo's are getting done.


    Glad you are getting nice weather. Happy Birthday  to you. We all need to take time for ourselves time at the beach sounds good. There is nothing like being out in nature so relaxing. Glad to hear the program is working for you. 5 day weekend I wish good for you enjoy it you deserve it learn how to relax sort of. You are doing great keep up the good work it will be over before you know it and on to the next one. For lent I will give up desert that should help drop a few pounds. I have a sweet tooth so once lent is over I can continue to not have desert. What about you.

    Keep Rocking your workouts Warriors




  • Good Humpday Warriors!!!

    I am heading out to train with my trainer today; we will be doing legs!  Ouch!  Then, I told Brittany I'd take her to lunch today.  I hope I can come hope and take a nap though.  Staying up late doing homework, and then going to bed after my husband is snoring away is not working out so well!!!  I feel so sleep deprived!  Food has been good.  I did have some chocolates yesterday (free samples at the store)...can't pass that up!  Won't have much time to workout tomorrow, but will fit it in.  I will do HIIT early on Friday and then won't be able to do weights; I have classes and the kids have early dismissal.

    Claude:  I could easily eat 1,300 calories a day!!  Ha.  Yes, those artificial sweeteners are terrible for you. I don't have the article you are talking about, but just google it, and I'm sure you will find many.  Maybe she can try some iced tea with truvia/stevia.  I didn't know they made windshield wiper fluid for temps that cold.

    NGU:  Happy early will do fine.  Just make sure you are steadfast in your request not to have your birthday celebrated with food.  I already told my husband NO CANDY for V-day.  I have no willpower when it comes to chocolate in the house!! Maybe take some time on your days off to reserach recipes and try some new foods, or prep some food for the rest of the week.  I find cooking/baking relaxing and I love to try new things.  I loved my success journal; I wrote in it every single day!!  I am sure they will be announcing winners soon.  I think they usually do it in Feb. I am feeling better overall.  Those papers went well; I have two more due this week, and just finished one, so one more to go.

    K Warrior Family, make it count!!!  HUGS!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"