BFL Warriors

  • Hey warriors! Hi BD lol.. I am soo HAPPY that your tests came out well! Good to see you still rockin!

        Had a good run today using my training mask.. went up to 2.7 miles 29 minutes.. Food has been the cleanest this week in a loooong time.. Im gonna get this bf% down in due time! O and to answer your question BD I wanted to add my own look to my mask so I was shopping on ebay and found the black fittings for it for 15$. Then a couple of listings below had the same fittings, a beanie, a bag and a t-shirt for 6$ more!! So I figured Id represent haha..

        Tomorrow is chest day bring it on!

        Parson: WOW WAY TO GO MAN you are moving some serious weight!

        Runner: I really feel my chest opening up when i am using and my stamina is building I am loving it.

        Claude, Soraya, FRICK, Cuervo, and the rest of the gang.. have a great aloha friday..

  • Morning Warriors!

    I got my tires last night!  Sent a pic of them to Cuervo LOL.  I think he is jealous haha!  They are lighter than I thought they would be, but I can tell they will get the job done.  

    WO is done!  

    BD - SO GLAD the results came back good.  Should we expect anything less when we ask God!  The Book says HE loves to do good things for us!

    Island - I still can't get over that mask.  Frick's silence of the lambs reference came to mind when I saw it first.  Seriously though I can see where it would help with the conditioning aspect.  I live so close to sea level I suspect it might hurt me!

    Have a great day Warriors!  I'm trying to secure childcare for a date night tonight!

  • Hello Warriors!!

    It's been awhile; life's been busy!!! These classes are gonna kill me this semester!!  Got a great workout in today and my eating has been good.  I really want to focus on clean eating this week.  My dad and sister are going to take me out for a birthday lunch on Saturday and then a friend of mine wants to take me to lunch one day next week. 

    Island:  Hope you are still loving the mask and not scaring any little kids!

    Parson:  Did you and your wife end up going out for a date on Friday?  Those tires won't feel light once you flip them a few dozen times.  Yes, GOD IS GOOD!!!  I am still waiting for specifics, but so happy with all the preliminary stuff!!!

    My husband and I met Frick for dinner on Saturday evening.  I thought it may be a bit akward, but it wasn't at all.  He is so nice and fun, and we had a great time getting to know eachother a little more.  I'm tellin ya.....a Warrior reunion would be soooo Awesome!!!  Here are a few pics.  One of my husband, Frick and me, and one of Frick and me.  These were iphone pics, so not great quality.

    Have a great week Warriors!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Great to finally meet a fellow BFL'er.  Natalie and Gary were great hosts and met me at an awesome local spot.  I was running on about 3 hrs sleep, so the 4:30 dinner was perfect.  You two are definitely enjoying the values of a healthy lifestyle in a part of the country that is conducive to it.

    Thanks again, for the pics and evening.

  • Hey Warriors,

    Had a great KB wo on sat. suprised myself and got to swing the big red beast 35 kg kettle bell. I will  be using this one to do swings from now on. I didn't think I was at that stage of the game yet but I guess I am. For swings we had 5 min. to do 50 swings with the heaviest weight we could handle. First set I used 24 kg got the 50 done. The next set I went for the big one. Next set 50 swings in 3 min got 38 done. next 50 in 2 min. 34. Then on to cling and press same format. used 20 kg for that didn't do so well only did 27,20,15 and was toast shoulders we burnt. Our instructer said that  to qualify at level 2 instructer level you need to be able to swing 24kg for men and 16kg for women 100 swings min or 5 minutes. The same for cling and press too. no stopping allowed can changed hands on the swings 1 or 2 or both. She said we try that on our own if we wanted to. It seems now  that the heavy kb are the ones we are running out of. When I first started it was the light weighted ones that everyone was going after may need to get my own kb soon.

    BD & Frick

    What a great experience you guys had glad you guys got along even in person. Just kidding. who knows maybe some day we will all meet.


    have you started flipping dem tires yet. Do you do 2 at a time one for each arm. That's why you got two right. lol let us know how it is if they are too light for you you can always fill them with cement or bench press them or something. should get a full body wo anyway.

    Gotta get back to work now.

    Next time warriors


  • Happy Hump Day Warriors!!

    I haven't been able to get on this site for a few days; it kept "telling' me that I was not an administrator and it was denying access....weird!

    Food and workouts have been good.  Struggling still with the 4-5#s I gained over the holidays.  My dad and sister are taking me out for lunch on Saturday for my birthday and then a friend wants to take me to lunch next week.....hope I can find some healthy options on the menus!  I really don't enjoy eating out.  I will be working out with my trainer today, and then will come home and get my HIIT knocked out.

    Claude:  Sounds like a great class.  Nice going swinging around that amount of weight!  Guess you'll be our next KB instructor?

    Frick:  At least you are consistent with your workouts when on the road, so I am sure that helps counter the not so clean food and the alcohol consumption.  Have a safe trip home!!

    I hope all the Warriors are well!!

    Have a great day!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey warriors a quicky for me.

    Did snow shovelling for my wo yesterday so some activity. Food not too bad I have fallen victem to salted peanuts while I watch my hockey game. So need to tone that down some. There was too much on the gto yesterday for me to get to the gym. Dentist for Chris then across town to pickup Julie. Dinner was late too tired to go out afterwards. Weight wise I'm in a holding pattern of sorts partly my own doing so it is what it is.


    As far as Kettle Bell instructer I'm not quite there yet and am pretty sure that Kristy will let me know when I am. When I can swing the 35 kg bell around for all aspects of my wo then I'll  know I'm ready. Funny thing is we have ladies that out work me but they don't up the weight but complete every exercise. I prefer to burn out and not complete maybe a guy thing. Always go to failure. Love the class and won't be giving it up any time soon. The instructers are always watching you even when you don't think they are. When you have 20 people in the class you really need more than one instructer and this is the only class that this is done. So I know I'm in good hands.

    Warriors play safe and beat the hell out of those workouts!


  • almost to the end of my 1st month of challenge 2.  I am feeling great, and seeing the holiday weight melt away!  I am so happy to hear BD that your test went well.  God is GREAT! It has been a snowy wet mess this week, kids home from school last 2 days.  Northern Michigan at her best.  Glad to see ya'll plugging away and staying fit.  How fun that BD and Frick got to meet!  My husband and I have been remodleing our bedroom this winter, and its nearly done, though replacing a sliding glass door last weekend was INTERESTING.  Keep up the good work warriors.  

  • Hey Warriors where is everybody we're on the second page what's up with that.

    My wo's are going good plan on going to the gym at lunch. Food is not great this week eating too many snacks at night. Went back to oatmeal for breakfast as the oatmeal drink I make just wasn't enough. so will see tonight if the cravings are still there. Moms still in the process of getting diagnosed with dimentia. Trying to lift her spirits right now outreach nurse did her assesment. Seemed to go fairly well. Mom phoned monday while I was at the gym doing my wo to let me know she was going to bingo. I was concerned that she was leaving the building and heading out in the blizzard we were having but she told me it was in the lounge at the building good thing. The nurse advised that we get her a help line system so that is next. one down many more adjustments to go. It's my turn to take care of her now.

    Hey Miss Understood,

    Glad your wo are going well. You live in my world. lol Winter equals snow. We need another 40 inches or so to meet our norm for this year. It's raining today then back to the minus temps again. Good thing about rain in winter is we don't have to shovel it.


    How's the mask training going. Does it actually do what they say. I have read up a bit on it seems to be a 50/50 split. Hope all is well with everyone out there.

    Parson, BD,Runner,Cuervo and anybody I have missed. Have a great day and kill those workouts.


  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Happy Friday & Happy February!!

    I am on my way to class, and then to the gym, and then to help Delaney's teacher grade papers.  I am going spinning tomorrow and then out to lunch with my dad & sister.  On Sunday, it will be church and grocery shopping, and then homebound for the game.

    Have a great weekend everyone!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey Warriors,

    Friday is finally here. WO's are going well food not bad as per normal. Will weigh in tomorrow just because once a week I'm good with.

    Happy birthday BD, Sounds like as per normal you are crazy busy take time out to relax and enjoy the day.

    Kettle Bell Class tomorrow. Going to lunch with Linda today. Over to moms tomorrow to get rid of some more clutter. Relax on Sunday and Super Bowl so snacks will be in order. Hopefully we won't go too crazy and sabotage all our hard work.

    Enjoy your weekend Warriors


  • Hey There Warriors-

      I have been reading all of your wonderful posts and would like to stop and stay awhile. Support and hard work is obvious on this forum.

    My this is my official Challenge, I started officially a week ago. I kinda began on Jan 7, ordered Bill Phiilips Success journal .  

    Unfortunately the journal and my challenge were off , So I re started (story of the last 20 years) Officially Jan 28th.

    I won't go on and on about my desires and dream to be fit and tone, I JUST HAVE TO DO IT.  I am an emotional eater and my life would revolve around food.

    I also love my tennis and have run 2 marathons and many races over the years.  I rush into things and don' t stop and focus and see what is going on. Scatter brain. That is why I like the success journal.

    I swear my mind goes 100 miles an hour. That is why I loved my running.  My knees took a toll and I had a torn ACL from tennis and over the past 6 years had 4 knee surgeries. Most minor, but deep down I think my running days are over and it has been hard to accept. I do not want to feel sorry for myself, but I believe in my heart that BODY FOR LIFE is for me.

    There is structure and a little flexibility with a free day. I do not have hours to spend at the gym like I used to,So here I am.

    BD has been my SUPPORT and she led me to this site sharing how awesome all of you are.

    Today is a new day. I had my free day yesterday. Made a bad choice with some brownies I was baking for my friend neices funeral. Felt I had to try the other batch. So with that FRIDAY was my free day, not Superbowl Sunday. Bummed but moving on. I knew I should have not baked having been so stressed sad and tired.

    Learn from my mistakes and move on.

    Sorry for Rambling on.

    Looking forward to meeting all of you on my 12 week journey.

    Take care,


  • Welcome Shona (N.G.U. for short?)

    The key benefit for me of the Warriors site is that we keep each other accountable (without judging) and informed.  If you have any questions, feel free to post them with us.  Between BD's expert nutrition guides, Island's and Parson's killer weightlifting, Runner's running wisdom, SoRo's encouragement and my smarmy sarcasm, we should be able to get you through many solid challenges.

    Opinion one is to NOT put yourself in a compromising position like baking brownies.  I went an entire challenge without eating Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie (even on my day off) by - and here's the tricky part - NOT BUYING ANY AT THE GROCERY STORE.   Your friend would have appreciated a veggie tray just as much.

    Also, many of us post on MyFitnessPal as well, so feel free to friend us there.

    I survived the frozen tundra that BD calls Arizona (JK) with nothing more than chapped lips.  I was really impressed with how health conscious everyone there was.  Lots of bikeriders.  We went to the top of South Mountain for a beautiful sunset and a killer steak at the foot of the hills (T-Bone's).  I opted out of the T-Bone's Brownie, but it sounded great.  Again, worked out every day with bike and weights in the hotel gym, but my diet was full of simplex carbs and about 300-400 extra calories.  Yes the beer was good but bad, I know.

    This week it's back home for good diet and great workouts (promise).  My simplex carb average continues to go in the right direction inspite of the road trips.  Stay tuned for the stats on friday.  I also have added 1/2" on the arms and 1-3/4" to the chest.  Time to go buy more dumbbells...Grrrr.  Those suckers are no longer cheap, but I am still ahead of if I would have joined a gym in 2008 when I started doing BFL.


  • Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Warriors!!!

    Parson cover your ears.  We didn't go to church this morning.  We all slept in and I was able to get to the grocery store before it got packed.  We got some game day food and I will watch some of the game.  I have a test this week, as well as a blueprint and three papers due, so I really should be doing homework!!!  Anyhow, I am rooting for the Ravens.  Food has been horrible this weekend!  Yesterday, I had some dark chocolate caramels, an individual deep dish pizza, some of my dad and sister's french fries, and we split a pazooki.  When I got home, the girls and my hubby had carrot cake for me.  So, I am recovering from a sugar coma today!!  Back on track this week.  I finished my first month of Stoppani this weekend.  Two more phases to go.

    Claude:  How did your weigh-in go?  I'm gonna stay away for awhile!

    Shona:  Welcome.  To be quite honest, our group has died down a ton lately.  Most of us are having issues logging in here and the site isn't very user friendly.  Most of us communicate daily on MFP.  Most everyone on here is under my friend list, so you can friend them; I know you have already friended some.  What Frick says is true....make something that doesn't tempt you; most people will be thankful for anything you bring.  My "dear friend, Chris Powell" - I met him once..ha....says to leave the house to get your "free food" and don't bring any of it home.  I am going to take his advice and allow myself some dark chocolate on Sundays when I do my grocery shopping, and keep the chocolate out of the house the rest of the time; it is too tempting for me.  You are doing great.  Keep up the good work!!!

    Frick:  Glad you made it home safely.  Sorry the desert wasn't as warm as it normally is.  Visit sometime in August, and your entire body will be  We have a lot of great mountain ranges here to hike, and south mountain does have some pretty views of the city.  Sounds like you made the best of your time here.

    I have to go help Delaney with a project, and then get food prepped for the week!!

    Have a great week, Warriors!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Monday Warriors!

    We will see if this post goes through LOL!

    WO is done!  What I did to my legs this morning is not natural.  I'm already having trouble getting out of my chair to get coffee!  I will try to do the same thing to my chest tomorrow...

    I survived the blackout at the Super Bowl!  We didn't go crazy this year...some wings, chips and dip, and a little...okay a lot...of my wife's homemade rice krispy treats!

    Shona - Welcome!  Between here and MFP - we gotcha covered!  You are going to do awesome!!!

    I know I've posted about this in the past, but I was a little drained going into my workout this morning.  Crazy as this might sound...Sunday's are tough for me physically and emotionally as a pastor.  No pity party here, but I'm always trying to pay attention to what I need to do for me.  Example - after the sunday morning service yesterday I didn't really feel like eating anything at all for lunch.  I ended up eating a good lunch with meats, veggies, and all....its just that some weeks it feels harder to recover than others if that makes sense.  I always end up feeling great AFTER my Monday AM workout, but I had to push to get out there this morning.

    BDMom - You will do great on your test this week!  I'm actually glad to see you upped the calories a bit over the weekend.  Looking at you MFP diary some days I'm always thinking you need more food....especially since you are in the gym 5-6 days a week.  If your calorie burns are even close to right you are giving your body less than 1000 calories some days to live off of.  Just some food for thought there.  

    Have a great day Warriors!!!  Make it count!