BFL Warriors

  • Hey Warriors,

    WO's are going well, still nursing a migraine since Sun. Eating could always be  better overall not that bad. It's only -19 today a little warmer than expected.


    Great pic's. The new toy looks pretty scary sure to raise a few eyebrows at the I'm with Frick on the Silence of the lamb's look. Glad you are still with us.


    Hope all is well with your test. Let us know.


    Glad to hear your back and badder than ever. lol.


    Glad your still making gains and still kicking those youngins around at TKD.


    Hope your stomach issues are getting better. Linda's trainer told me to get her to try Colloidial Silver to help with her kidney issue. It's an anti fungal, anti bacterial, and anti parrositic. This was used in all types of medicines before antibiotics were manufactured. So alot of what you find is propaganda either for or against. Check it out if you want. Her trainer has a PHD in Nutrician.


    You are going strong watch that back.


    Glad you dropped by with the update.


    Way to pick a very productive cardio wo. Glad to hear your wo's are going well.


    Hope all is well with you.

    Lets get out there  and do it.


  • Good Morning:

    Miss long winded here will try to make this short and sweet. I have a lot of homework. Took Friday-Monday off since the kids and husband were home, and now it is make-up time.  I got the CT scan done yesterday, and should hear something in a few days.  Didn't get my HIIT done yesterday, so did it this morning.  I am still up 5# from pre-holiday weight, so my goal is to lose it by my birthday (Feb 1st).  I know that's kinda aggressive, but I think I can lose most of it by then if I really focus on my diet, which is also new for me....trying to cut out most of the animal proteins, and eat more plant based foods.

    I signed up to do a 5K color run this weekend, but looks like rain is moving in; that would mean they have to cancel...I hope not!  Heading to the gym in a bit to hit weights; I'm in week 3 of the Stoppani program.

    Run4life:  Sooooo happy to hear from you.  Happy 1 year BFL anniversary.  Glad to hear you are doing well.  Please stop by anytime.  You can also join us on  Many of us are there more than here, and you will soon become addicted I am sure.  If you join, friend me (schmertnat) and I can get you hooked up with everyone else.

    Soraya: How are you feeling?  How is week 3 going so far?  My username is extremely unique, original and clever (NOT).  It just stands for Brittany & Delaney's mom.

    Frick:  I have decided to keep the chocolate out of my house.  If I want it bad enough, I will have to drive out to get it, and then I will only have one portion.  I have no portion control when I have too much of it in the house.  Good job getting those antioxidants in.

    Dude:  LOVE IT!!!  Two years and WOW what a difference.  You don't even look like the same man....and I'm sure you are not, because I know you have grown on the inside as well as the outside.  Please talk to me about the mask; I have never heard of one!!

    Claude:  I hope your migraine eases up soon.  Wow, 19 today must feel like summer!!!  LOL!  Get that diet cleaned up, Mister!

    Go rock your day, Warriors!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • HI Warriors!

    BD: I am right there with you....we're gonna lose those 5 pounds no doubt about it! My nutrition is back and track and I feel sooo much better. I'm finally feeling comfortable with my vegan menu...I was definitely eating too many whole grains before. I am decreasing to no more than 1 portion of whole grains per day (unless it's the night before a long run, or after a long run, then I may increase to 2 portions). I hope your run doesn't get canceled!!!

    Run4Life: Thanks for checking in! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!!

    Frick: I can't keep crackers around.....I am a cracker junkie! I would rather eat crackers than anything else.....yes, I'm wierd!

    Dude: I love the pics! You should add photographer to your list of accomplishments! As always, what an inspiration! Could it be possible that your guns are looking even bigger these days??!!! Yes, please fill us in on the mask.....

    Claude: You seem to suffer from migraines a lot. Dr. Joel Furhman swears that a plant-based diet will get rid of migraines for good. Not pushing anything on you.....just relaying what I read :) I hope your weather gets warmer!!!!

    Soraya: I hope your back is feeling better. I hope this challenge is going well!

    My nutrition has been awesome this week! I spoke to a lady in Raleigh today (a couple of hours from here) who teaches healthy cooking classes focusing on plant-based nutrition. She loves it. I'm thinking about trying to start something local here....I love to cook and love to help people become healthier through nutrition and fitness! This morning I ran 3.5 miles and then did LBWO plus shoulders. Great workout! I got a new running journal and love all the great info it gives me! I am back on a roll!!!!

    Have a great evening, Warriors!!!

  • Here's the lowdown on the mask.  it's like exercising your lung muscles...

    Island, how is it to work out with it on.

  • Run4 - good job on the anniversary.  Hope it has become a way of life for you.

    I have been a little demotivated on my workouts lately.  I hope to take my own advice and "just show up".  I keep going down to my workout room and get sidetracked down there.  I am converting the "florida basement" into living space this year and have lots of work to do.  Just sitting on the workbench and staring at the work in front of me is distracting.  Have I become a resolutionist camping out on my own workstation?  Once I start schlepping concrete block, I am sure I'll be back on track.

    Diet is spot on, at least.

    Heading to Tempe on Sunday, so workout should be good/diet will be a challenge.

    Hope everyone else is cranking on.  

  • Frick:  Are you coming to Tempe, AZ?  That is where my run is on Saturday.  How long will you be around?  Or is there a Tempe somewhere else?  Thanks for the info. on the mask; interesting!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey all thanks frick for covering that for me lol.. :) but yes the three valves on the mask work like this: the center has a one way out valve and the 2 on either side are one way in.. the fittings simulate 3000 6000 and 9000 ft elevations I am currently using the 6000 ft fittings.. It makes everything you do a challenge especially your focus on controlled breathing and getting full breathes so you diaphragm is worked as well as expanding your lung capacity. I have used it to run and do bells and I ran 2.2 miles with it on until I felt it had to come off.. The amazing thing was how fast I was able to catch my breath like maybe a minute before i put it back on and went another mile.. kettlebells on the other hand are way more intense so I tried a circuit with double thirty's, swings, cleans and squats then a sprint down the feild and back rested about a minute or 2 and went again,  and after about 12 minutes I couldnt  handle it anymore.. had to come off again though breathing was back under control very quickly..

    Frick: haha with regards to the smoking reference.. I'll pass lol.. I can do without the smelly clothes, hair, and nicotine coated teeth but I do hear you about how some have great wind my brother smokes and he paddles miles in his outrigger canoe non stop. I just got some accessories for my mask a new sleeve and black fittings :D also a bag a tshirt and a beanie :) representing!!

  • Have a great hump day warriors!

  • Good morning Warriors,

    Excuse my rudeness please but it's cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. I worked with a World War 2 vet. and when it got this cold that was the expression of the day. -28 with the wind chill -38 don't go out for very long unless you have to. WO's are going well will hit the gym tonight with Chris.


    Thanks for the info on the mask will check it out. You will be back at it I'm sure. I know i've been where your at and you just gotta start showing up and the rest will follow.


    Thanks for the info never heard of  Dr. Joel Furhman will have to look him up. If it's that easy for me to get rid of these migraines I'm all in. Woke up today and migraine is gone. Feeling normal again. I did a plant based diet for 3 months just to see if I could do it. The funny thing is I was a big steak and potatoes guy. 22 OZ. Steaks were the norm if I was going to have a steak I would make it worth my while. While I was on my plant based diet I noticed that I didn't miss the meat as much as I thought actually I didn't miss it at all. The only thing I had trouble with was cheese for some reason the vegan cheese just isn't the same at all. I still try to stay away from dairy for the most part. If I have milk it's usually Almond milk. With celeiac I have to read labels so much that I try to eat as little as possible processed food any way so the transition isn't so hard. Will let you know what I decide or you can check my food on mfp. Happy to hear you are on a roll nothing like that feeling.

    Warriors have a great humpday.


  • Morning Warriors!

    WO is done.  It wasn't -28, but it was +28 in the garage so cold enough LOL!  I smashed my DL this AM.  Huge PR - 385x5!  Mentally I needed that one!

    I scored a couple of free tractor tires yesterday.  I hope to pick them up this week.  I want to start doing some additional conditioning work 1-2x per week, and these will be perfect for that.  Tire flipping here I come!

    Island - I have never seen one of those masks before.  Pretty cool!

    Frick - I know what you mean about being a little demotivated from time to time.  It happens to me 3-4x's per year probably.  I try to find a few videos here and there that I use for motivation.  Some of them are workout related and others just generally motivating.  I rearranged my garage and WO stuff last weekend and that helped me have a fresh approach too.

    Make it happen today guys and gals!

  • Island, good thing you have the hat to justify the fact that you are training, not stalking.  If the hat said "stalking mask", or "Training to be Hannibal Lechter Mask", you might get locked up.  It does sound like a great way to build up lung capacity. Much better than smoking for sure.  I saw a documentary on deep free-divers who I am sure could benefit from this tool.

    BD - I will be flying into Phoenix on Sunday thru Friday.  I'll be at the Coke office on Harl Ave in Tempe.  Anything else fun happening this weekend?  If it rains, will they postpone the run until Sunday?

    Claude, I thought I had your back on the Brass Monkey reference, but I learned that the cannon balls/brass tray was an urban legend. ( ).  You're rude, not nautical, LOL

    I am back on track, I think, but one day does not make a trend.  I woke up at 6:45, justified in my sleepy haze that I didn't have time to bike/run and get my son off to school, plus the sun wasn't up.  Instead, I put on my running gear, took Jake to school and drove to the beach after dropping him off.  52F is cold here - especially in running shorts.  I had a really good time of ~23:30.  Now if I can make it downstairs for a LBWO, I'll be spot-on for the day.

    Make the best of it, Warriors.


  • Hi Warriors!!! Happy Hump Day!

    I had a great workout this morning and I am feeling GOOD! This WARRIOR is BACK in full force!!!! It was cardio day for me. I did a track workout with 1 mile warm up, 3 miles of 200 meter repeats of SPEED, and 1 mile cooldown. I sweat like never before!!!! It was such a good workout! I ate half a banana pre-workout (I usually do fasted state cardio) and I swear it helped push me through!!! Tomorrow I will be back to hitting the weights!

    Frick: What a great beach run! I am jealous!!! Beach living has got to be awesome!

    Island: My husband moved to Colorado to do altitude training when he was training for the Olympics in swimming. He said that made all the difference in his training. I can't imagine running with that is making my lungs hurt just thinking about it! I know you will be stronger because of it. I will be interested to hear how it improves your training.

    BD: Are you feeling any different now that you are primarily plant-based? It took me until about last week to feel comfortable with it, which I guess is about a 2 month period. Switching from the high protein mentality was different for me!

    Parson: Pretty cold here in NC was 21 degrees this morning! I am very ready for spring and warmer temps!!! I definitely go through slumps at least 4-5x per year. I think it is normal for us who train at this level and at this consistency. The main thing is that we don't give up and we press on!

    Claude: Check out Dr. Furhman's website. I used to suffer from migraines as well (probably not as severe as yours, but still had an effect on me!) but no more. I haven't tried vegan cheese, as most seem to still have casein in them (a few don't, but just not worth it to me....not that big of a cheese fan!). Let me know if I can help you in any way. Have you found a trigger for your migraines? Your cold temps are unbelievable! I wouldn't leave the house!!!

    Nutrition is packed and clean. I am back logging my foods on MFP and it really seems to be helping....I dropped a pound! Woo hoo!!! One pound closer to my goal weight!!

    Have a great day Warriors!!!!

  • Hello Warriors!!

    Workout is done and eating is clean.  I am having a few issues with changing up my diet, so will continue to work with it until I find something that works.  My weight isn't budging, but will wait until Friday or Saturday to weigh again.  I was talking to runnermom about this, but I am going to be 45 next week, and quite possibly entering the menopausal stage (yikes....did I really say that).  Anyhow, it really boils down to calories in and calories out.  I know that the quality of food is super important, but if I am eating huge portions of clean food all day, it still will be stored as fat if I don't burn it off.  I think now that I am getting older, I really have to start watching portion sizes a bit more closely.  So anyone looking at my menus for the next few weeks, don't pay much attention; it's going to be an experiment for me!!

    runnermom:  Love your enthusiasm!!!  Congrats on the pound!!  Keep going.  We only have 9 days...ha.

    Frick:  Will you be checking in here while you are in Phoenix?  I may be out in the area one day, and could swing by to say hi.  Will you be at the facility the entire time, or coming & going?  What do you do for Coke that you have to travel?  I would love to meet a fellow warrior!!  I'm not sure what they will do with the run; they said cancel or re-schedule.  The money is non-refundable, so I'm hoping they re-schedule.

    Parson: Way to smash that PR!!! WTG!  I am really wondering what your neighbors are going to think when they see you rolling tractor tires up and down the road....ha!!  Sounds like you are back in the game!!

    Claude:  Love that expression!!  Can't even fathom those temps; not sure how people function.  I am totally impressed with you getting to the gym in those temps!

    Dude:  Did the beanie come with the mask?  Interesting stuff.  I would have never heard of that if it wasn't for you!  Sounds like a neat concept!

    I better go do some homework; have 3 more papers due this week!!

    Enjoy the rest of the hump day!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Wow, where is everyone today?

    You all are such a great distraction from homework for me (ha).  I was going to go hiking this morning, but it is raining.  It is supposed to rain for the next several days off & on, so not sure yet about the run.  I will be heading to the gym in a little while and will hit the sauna when I am there.  

    Just wanted to check in and say hello & that I hope you are all having a fabulous day!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hmmmmm....

    BDMom:  "how are you?"

    BDMom:  "I'm fine, how are you?"

    BDMom:  "wonder where everyone is at today."

    Just kidding!

    JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU ALL FOR THE PRAYERS!!! I told you that I felt them.  My regular doctor called me today to inform me that the CT scan showed no abnormalities.  There was no cyst on my right kidney like they thought, but there is a small one on the left, which is no big deal; I guess 80% of adults have them and just don't know it.  My liver was noted as "normal" size on the report, but will have to talk to the specialist to see what the actual size was.  He is gone for the day, so will probably talk to him tomorrow.  I feel so relieved.  Very thankful for all of you and all of the prayers.  God is good.  God is great!!!!


    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"