BFL Warriors

  • Helloooooo everyone...

    MIA on here, but multiple times a day on MFP.

    BDMom, thanks for the update on MFP, I had missed out on the info on here...

    Miss Understood, still waiting for you to join MFP like I invited you about 3 months ago? I don't lose hope, haha.

    Dude, I read the personal story you wrote and it was great. I left a comment, but didn't see it go through.

    Claude, I will tell my husband he is also supposed to leave me chocolates like that on my pillow!!!!! What the heck? I am a queen, didn't he know???

    WPBill, you have been so helpfull in C1 to me, thank you again. I don't hear about you too often like the rest, but maybe you will decide to check in routinely on MFP too.

    Frick, you are the baddest! I hope you wouldn't have started laughing if you were there at the gym when this man got injured. You know, everyday here at the gym I wonder if someone has gotten hurt yet by falling of the treadmill or something like you see on Biggest Loser. That would be scary and terrible to be the one to create such a scene. I hear you don't judge those who don't drink... thanks for that. But hmmmm, about the "resolutionists" sounds pretty judgemental to me, hahah. just saying'.  Just for the record... I will NEVER do bungee jumping!!! I wonder if you screamed like a little girl??? I can hear it in my mind. haha.

    Parson, sounds like I totally missed out on the story about your daughter, but it seems like there is good news going on for your family. Glad to hear!

    Runner, I am sorry about that shoulder. I am always afraid to hurt mine again. Even with incline dumbell flyes last night somehow my shoulder felt too strained at 20lbs so I lowered to 15 and that is not even a shoulder exercise.

    Just loaded up pix on MFP, I only want to share them with you guys as I don't think the rest on the forum would care anyway. I don't "know" them but feel I do you. Hugs and hugs and hugs, have a great day.


  • @SoRo - Primordial Scream is the only way to describe what came out of my lungs on that jump.  It ended up sounding like a "Yeahhhhhh..." but I hadn't intended on saying anything on the way down - it just came out.  And you are right, I am judging "those people".  I'm bad.  Need to become a better person before Karma kicks me.  Pictures show your progress.  definitely more definition.  Keep up the good work.

    I am better than average since the new year on my diet, 14 workouts in 15 days, and vice carbs are below my goal number.  Any tips on purging my pantry of holiday goodies?  I still have about a year's supply of hot cocoa, pralines from our NOLA trip, and $1.00 marshmallows from William Sonoma (a result of a Schnapping impulse buy and a gift card).

  • Good Afternoon Warriors!!!

    Day 3 of 4 weight workouts for me today.  I am not going to be able to go to the gym on Friday.  I have class and the girls have early dismissal.  I did cardio yesterday since I wouldn't have time today; this week my schedule was a bit wacky!  But, I'm gettin it done and that is what matters.  My eating has been better but not great.  I am still up 3.5-4# from Christmas, and am really wanting to get down to my pre-holiday weight by my birthday (Feb 1st).....that's enough advance notice for you all to go shopping for me; let me know if you need my mailing address ;)

    My CT scan has been approved by insurance, so I will go in on Monday morning.  When those results come back, then dr. will decide if he wants to do the liver biopsy.  Just keep the prayers coming; they work and I am feeling the positive vibes!!!

    I have been reading a lot lately, and have decided that after this week, I am going to cut out most of the animal proteins from my diet.  I will still eat egg whites, and use my whey protein powder.  I just think a mostly plant based diet would be the best thing for me right now.  I will see how my body responds and go from there.  The GI doc said that protein isn't a problem, but I know animal protein is harder to digest and makes your liver/gall bladder/stomach work harder to break down and digest it, so I'm gonna see how it goes.  I am going to make a trip to Whole Foods; they apparently have almond milk yogurt..yum!  So, plan to cut the dairy out as well.

    SoRo:  I commented on your photos on MFP.  You are looking fabulous.  Keep up the great work!!!  

    Runnermom:  A good old fashioned HIIT will kick your butt.  I am trying to do some form of HIIT at least 3x per week, mostly on the treadmill, but also doing spinning on Saturdays.  I signed up for a 5K next weekend (26th).  It is a color run.  My husband is going to do it with me.  Have you heard of it?  It sounds like a lot of fun.  I'm not even going to break any PRs because of my heel, but just want to experience it.  My sister wanted me to do it with her, and I was looking forward to it, but she backed out, so my hubby will do it with me.  You have to wear a white t-shirt, and at every 1K along the way, you get sprayed with a different color, and at the end you look like a tye-die mess.  Should be fun.  I also get my hair cut that morning and am taking Britt and a bunch of friends to laser tag.  It will be a busy, but fun day!!

    Where's everyone else at?  Check in with your Warrior family!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!

    Our weather is miserable today!!! Tons of rain and a slight chance of snow...yuck!!! I miss the sun and warm weather!

    BD: We had a color run here this past November, but it was the same day as my half-marathon. I had 2 friends run it and they said it was a ton of fun! I had taken my kids out to brunch that day after my half marathon, and we saw people from the color run and they were covered from head to toe with colored powder (I wondered how it didn't get in their eyes??). It was too funny! I'm sure you and your hubby will have a blast!!!! My friends said a lot of  kids participated too so I thought maybe I would get my kids to do the one here in the spring. There are 2 per year here.

    Soraya: Yes, your pics on MFP are great!!! I see so much progress, and you have a beautiful family!

    Frick: Don't you dare throw away New Orleans pralines!!!! I will give you my address and you can send them to me...ha ha! I used to LOVE my mom's good!!! (yet so unhealthy!)

    I ran on the TM this morning. Great 5k run! I also did a very abbreviated strength workout, 15 minutes of triceps and abs. I had an early morning meeting for work so I had to condense my workout, but at least I fit it in! Nutrition is packed and clean. Oh, got blood work results from dr. and all of my levels are within the normal range. No allergy to gluten. All good news!

    Have a great day, Warriors!

  • Just finishing off a delicious lunch (quinoa, black beans, asparagus, onions, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and fat-free feta...YUM!) before heading to the gym.  Today is lower body and I am going to try to find time to sit in the sauna.  I am trying to do that at least 2-3x per week.  I just finished taking my first test for one of my classes; it is an online course, and the test was due Monday, but with my kids having a half day tomorrow and the kids & my hubby being home Monday, it would have been difficult to concentrate. I also have my CT scan on Monday and not sure how I'll feel after that (I guess some people get sick to their stomach from the dye). Also read two chapters and wrote a paper for my other class this morning. My third class doesn't start until tomorrow; I definately will be busy this semester.  For one of the classes I have a huge 500 point assignment due in segments, and it is not an easy task!!  Anyhow, no complaints..busy is good!

    runnermom:  Sorry to hear that you weather is yucky!  We have been breaking record high temps (in the 40's here lately).  This week, we are supposed to get into the low to mid 70's, which is actually above average; we are usualy in mid 60s.  I hope the weather is good for the color run; I guess it is one of the only races they cancel due to weather.  Most are rain or shine!!  I'm sure kids would love the color run.  I don't like running with sunglasses on, but may have to for this one!  I also have a hair appt. after, and she usually colors my hair "dirty" and then washes, since it holds color better.  Not sure how we'll work that one out; may have to wear a hat to run.  Way to get that workout done in despite of your busy day!!!  So glad your bloodtests are all in normal range!!!

    K...Warriors, the weekend is in sight!  Have a great day!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Good Friday Morning Warriors,

    WO have been good so far still working up to 5 sets of 10 on each of the given days. Progress will be slow but as cardio improves so will speed and strength. Food has been good had a slip up 1/4 cup semisweet choc. chips with 1 oz. raw almonds. Will know more today about mom's condition. It is what it is and gotta roll with it. It's our turn to help out now and make life easy for her again.


    Be carefull for what you wish for he just might do it and all that work you have been doing will be for nothing. I think once a week would be nice and just a small piece. lol. You heading in the right direction keep it going you are so close to where yuou want to be.


    I think if you started running on the hard surface you would be going alot faster than you are in the sand. Give iot a try and let us know. Do you run in the soft sand. I get what your doing now about the drinking and it should work. Just stick with it.


    Hope all is well and your program is moving forward.


    A while back you asked about the snow well we caught a break for about a week and it rained all week and had spring conditions. Now we are back to Deep freeze today the high will be - 10 C frost bite warning in affect for those staying outside like the kids and people that have to bus it. Glad ypou are norma with your test results. I don't think any of us are normal when it comes to That salad sounds so good will have to try something likie that. I think you will notice a big difference cutting back on animal protien. If you are stayi9ng away from dairy you will have to switch to a shake that is plant based too.

    Runner, Parson,  Cuervo, and evcerone else I missed this go round keep killing those wo's.

    Have a great weekend Warriores


  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    WO is done.  It was a weird week for me with workouts.  It hit a few PR;'s that were very encouraging.  But at the same time I felt like I was hitting a wall during every workout.  I'm trying not to over think things, but at the same time if I need to make an adjustment here or there I want to be smart enough to realize it.

    We are going to the Ringling Bros. circus tonight!  The kids are ramped up about that LOL....I am too, but trying to not let them see it.  It's one of our little family things we do.  If I break my MFP streak it's because I joined up and I'm on the road LOL!

    Claude - Looks like you are getting zoned in with workouts and all!  Keep it up man!

    Have a great day gang!  You can do so much more than you realize!  Make it happen.

  • Hey claude,

    Thanks for the support.  Yes, I run in the soft fluffy sand (like running on pillows).  I want to keep my original knees.  Running on the hard stuff is easier, but my flat feet are not conducive to long distances there, much less on asphalt.  

    My diet is spot on, but I am finding my chocoholism is as difficult to control as my drinking, LOL!  Winning the urge to drink, losing the urge to eat sweets.  I am considering this a utilitarian cause, since I will be impacted by excess sugar than others in my family.  Call me a martyr - the St. Justin of chocolate - taking one for the team for the common good.  

    Who am I kidding, right?!?  Really need to just get it out of the house once and for all.

    Stay strong Warriors,


  • Hi guys!

    I have been doing a good job with my exercise and diet, and am getting my happy back.  Life has thrown me a few curve balls with family and holidays, and its nice to have things settling down.  It is actually easier for me to do my routine in the wintertime vs. the summer.  Hope all is well!

    BD- prayers for your CT on monday.  You are a tough, healthy chick, and I feel God will see you through with good news.  

    SoRo- I have not forgotten!  I am still running a dumb phone, but plan to upgrade in march.  See you all then on MFP!

  • Hello Warriors!!

    I had a great day.  Started my other nutrition class; this one is all about clinical nutrition, so should be very interesting.  There is even a chapter on "liver care;" I will have to pay close attention to that one.  Got out early and was home before the girls got home.  We then ate lunch and then went to Whole Foods, where I spent the month's allowance for groceries (JK)...but close!  I got a bunch of new stuff to try. I am going to make broccoli with mung sprouts, and I got some yellow peas and black and red lentils and some swiss chard...lots of good healthy eats. And, with the kids accompanying me, I spent far more than I had planned.  I wasn't able to find the almond yogurt I wanted, but they had another brand that will have to do for now; it is sweetened with fruit juice, but will have to suffice.  They had coconut, blueberry, peach, strawberry and cherry.  I got one of each to try!  I am going to go spinning tomorrow, and then spend some time in the sauna.  I am going to go hiking (on a new trail) with my sister and dad on Sunday.

    MU:  You can get set up for myfitnesspal on your computer; it's actually much easier to use on a PC than your phone, but much more convenient from your phone, and the phone has a food scanner, which is Awesome.  Can't wait for you to join us.  Thanks for the prayers!!!  I am trying not to stress the radiation part of the test, and trying to convince myself that the need to know what is going on outweighs the radiation risk.

    Frick:  Make sure you are eating dark chocolate when your cravings hit, and at least you'll get the antioxidant properties.  But true, you can't eat it if it's not in the house!  All the chocolate is finally gone here, and I am going to get the girls stuff to snack on that I don't like!!

    Parson:  Maybe you are wearing yourself out with TKD, and that is draining your energy for workouts!  Just a thought.  Hang in there; you will figure it out!  Have a blast at the circus; the last time we were there, I was pregnant with Delaney.  We haven't been back because neither of my girls like clowns (ha).  

    Claude:  Wow.  Hasn't weather been wacky this year?  Ours has been so crazy, record lows for the past week and now looking at above normal highs for the next week.  Crazy!  As far as my shakes/protein drinks.  I always use 1/2 almond milk & 1/2 water, so no dairy there.  I will continue to use almond milk.  I will also use my whey protein; I have several tubs of it.  I didi get some plant based protein powder that I will supplement with, and maybe eventually wean to.  The only animal products I plan to use are egg whites, and my whey protein.  I will use fat-free feta from time to time, because it just makes a dish!  Hope Linda is feeling better!

    Alright gang, have a great weekend!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hello Peooooooople... I was shocked to see this thread moved down to page 2. I guess many people posted yesterday and pushed this one down. Great to read everyone's updates.

    On the chocolate thing...well, Claude said he had a slip up with Semi-sweet chocolate chips... I have it EVERYDAY!! The Protein Parfait recipe here on the BFL site calls for semi sweet chips on top of it, when I saw that I had to try it and I tell you!!!, I have Protein Parait everyday. It's the only chocolate I have anymore because even chocolate flavored Protein shakes I can't have anymore. And I can't say it is hindering my progress, so no slip ups there.

    Miss, can't wait to see you on MFP, join through your PC like BD suggested.

    BD, much success on Monday with the CT and enjoy that new trail tomorrow. I always wondered what the BD stands for. I say in my mind BirthDayMom, but I KNOW I am way off! Just curious, tell me what it stands for, ok?

    Parson, when I read "if I loose my streak on MFP"... INSTANTLY my brain said "is there hope for us???". Then I read the rest of the sentence and my hope dropped to the floor as instantly. I know you are not joining any circus anytime soon. haha. So, we'll never catch up with your 605 plus days.

    Frick, I find your English so elevated!!!! You always use at least one word I don't understand, haha. This time it is "Utilitarian". I thought I'd let you know that you never fail to teach me a new word each time you post something. And I think my English is pretty good for being a foreigner. (I confess I don't go look them up as I hate dicctionaires, I just try to figure out the meaning, haha). Earlier on this page it was "primordial scream". I won't go back further then this page.

    Have a great weekend, y'all...I am still nursing my back this weekend, maybe will lift for first time in 3 days later today, but will wait and see. Still hurt turning in bed last night. Rubbing lower back with muscle cream all day and resting. Hubby off this weekend and I am enjoying being with him all day. What a keeper of a man!!


  • Hey BD, hope all goes well today. Yes, dark chocolates are my weakness, so good and bad.  I usually keep a bag of semi-sweet morsels in my office fridge to quell any urges.  I also get a lot of AO's from blueberries (every morning in my fat free cottage cheese.  I opened a box of pralines last night.  Not as bad as eating a candy bar, but man, was it good.  I stopped at one serving (190 cal, 7 fat/30 carb).  Still eating clean and working out regularly.  Yesterday was "cardio in the yardio".  Built a planter - 60 blocks.  I came up 3 blocks short of finishing, dag-nabbit.  Planning on spending some Q-time with the family today since everyone is off.  Hope y'all make the most of it.

  • Hey all

    I just wanted to give a quick shout out to all you Warrior folks. It looks like you are all rockin the workouts and I am glad of that. I have in the past posted here but it has been a while. I was more active in the past on a thread called the '9ers' as Frick knows. Glad you are staying strong Frick and the same to the rest of you.

    I had my 1 year BFL anniversary this past Jan 9th (the reason for the 9ers thread).

    Just wanted to let you all know that I made my initial goal of 34 pounds weight loss and some strength building. I could not have done that without the support of some of the folks here and elsewhere. I have slid off the BFL program toward the end of my first year focusing more on endurance bike riding (rode across Michigan with my daughter East-to-West then South-to-North up to the Canadian border.

    Anyway, all that cardio and less lifting has made me feel a little weak so I beleive that I will come back to more of a BFL style workout. That is why i am cursing on this website a little more lately.

    I was happy to see that this thread is still going strong. Great people here as you all know!

    Anyway, wishing all you folks nothing but the best success in the 2013 year.

    I am not going to tell you that it will be easy ... I am going to tell you that it will be worth it!

  • Hey warriors, :) I know it's been a loooooooooooooonnnggg time since I checked in here or even MFP for that matter... life has been happening and mfp on my phone has been all messed up so I uninstalled it i am re installing tonight.. I still have been seeing your posts through emails and I am glad you all are still keeping the thread alive.. Although life has been pretty busy I still have been hitting the workouts and got myself a new toy for my birthday coming up the "elevation mask 2.0" it certainly takes training to a whole new level.. The 10th of this month made 2 years since I started my journey to a better me and since i signed on here and made such great friends that still to this day motivate me..

    Here's a progress pic from day 1 and the other 2 are 6 months apart..

    and me with my new training toy :)

    and one more during a kettlebell session

    BD: I hope all is going well with you You've always been a rock and that's one of the greatest things I admire about you

    Runner: I hope the shoulder is getting better.. your a soldier always

    Soraya: Keep on doing what your doing lady!

    Parson, Cuervo, Claude, Frick (awesome pix btw) Bill.. Miss, anyone else I may have missed... Have a great week and keep on making them GAINS!!! Much aloha warrior ohana!

  • Ok Island, before I start with the "Silence of the Lambs" or Luchador comments, let me guess that it helps train your lungs to breath better and more efficiently use air...Hope it works out for you.  I think I would rather take up smoking.  Smokers are very efficient in their air consumption (ask any diver).