BFL Warriors

  • Greetings Fellow Warriors!! Happy Healthy New Year to all.  BDMOM:  I hope your situation gets better for you. I am sure it is very frustrating but I am sure as a Warrior You WILL overcome these health issues this year or sooner.   RunnerMOM: No I am not in a challenge just yet,  I still plan to do the Mens Fitness Hard BOdy Plan soon, but must weight(ha ha) until the gym lessens a little, right now the swallows are back to Capistrano(New YEars resolutionists are flocking to the gym), they even took one out by ambulance and EMT on a board this week because he tried to do t he max (205) on a seated leg curl machine(Lifestylemachine) at an angle of 1 and he wasn't quite up to that task (back spasms and a locked up back from that....quite the scene that night). I am considering finding and buying some dumbell bars to get around those who don't put the weights back on the rack, and that way I can use the plates off the rack instead of standing around an losing a pump waiting for the weights.  This weekend is the big WDW Annual Marathon, I wll be cheering them on from our front door of the shop. Run, Run , RUN everyone..   Islanddude:  ALoha and Thanks for checking in. SOund like the instructional pursuits are goin well for you and the students.  Keep up the inspiring work !!! Claude: Thanks for the interesing post, It's great that the folks at you location are not so judgemental.  Some of our most rugged folks at the gym at LA Fitness are some of the nicest (but not all of them, some are showing off right now to the newbies while they can).   Parsons:  How are the leg workouts going for ya.  I am anxious to start with the BFL Program free weights again soon, but am content with the cardio and machines for a little specialization work right now.   All the friends said I looked much improved in my Christmas photos we sent from my WDW Service celebration this year on our cards .   FRICK:  I hope one of you New YEars resolutions is to  not get accidentally injured this year on a skateboard, ok??? How are your efforts going right now in all areas?  Are you ready for the upcoming annual BIke fest crowd coming in Feb and March down here? Remember everyone to Look Twice for Bikes!!!   Anyone I missed this time , My best wishes and Drop in and lets us know how ya doin!   Keep Moving FOrward!!!

  • Hey Bill!

    LOL!  I would have loved to see someone get stuck on the leg press machine.  Blame the schadenfreude on my German upbringing.  No resolution on skateboarding.  If you don't fall, you're not pushing yourself hard enough.

    All is good from the other resolution.  I've cut my drinking in half since before the holidays (when I posted my resolution).  The real test is when I get back out on the road and the bordom/temptations show themselves.  For now I am pleased with the impact it has had.

    On another note, being a numbers guy, I like to look for spins of my results.  I looked for how volatile my weight, LBM and carb intake has been since Jan '11.  I am happy to report that my weight has fluctuated no more than 2% from the mean for a standard deviation (think of a bell curve with the center being my average).  That means that about 84% of the time, I am plus or minus 3 lbs around my average weight.  Body fat is a little more volatile at 7% variation  and carb intake deviates +/- 6%.  I think that this demonstrates that I have kept the weight off and my lifestyle is now a routine.  Chalk one up for BFL for life.

  • ...BTW, Bill, was the guy wearing any sweatbands?  ROFL...

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    I will be leaving here in a bit to go to the gym (cardio only today), and then to go pick up Lane's glasses; she had to have her prescription changed.  I went to spend some time with my dad last night, and my sister, who is obese.  I really hope that what I am going through causes her to really look at her own health and get it cleaned up.  The doctor told me that when you have the non-alcoholic form of this disease that it is environmental or hereditary.  He said most people with it have insulin resistance or diabetes.  My sister had bloodwork done last year that revealed she is insulin resistant, and she had her gall bladder removed years ago, so she really needs to focus on her health.  Anyway, I plan to do some reading, and find out the best plan for myself.  I have been feeling sorry for myself and feeling like just "giving up" on this lifestyle that doesn't seem to be helping me anyway :( but then I think of where I would be if I didn't workout and eat clean most of the time.  I am going to switch to cleaner foods, and it looks like the best foods to avoid are dairy products.  I will cut back on animal proteins; maybe just some chicken and fish from time to time, and continue using my protein powder.  I guess the best thing to avoid is fats, unless they are healthy fats, and those in moderation.  The only thing I can do is clean up my diet a bit more.  The other things they tell you to do for this are:  Lose weight if you need to (I don't), get your cholesterol down (mine is at 150 already), exercise (I already do), stop drinking (I don't drink), etc....the only thing I can say I am not 100% on is my diet, so that will be the first step.  I start school next week and will be taking 3 classes, so juggling that with this will be a challenge to say the least, but I will start making baby steps until I feel I am where I need to be.

    Claude:  You are such a sweet son to get chocolates for your mommy and put them on her pillow.  I hope Linda is feeling better soon!! Way to get those workouts in.  I hope to get some time in the sauna today myself.

    Dude:  I will check out your link when I have some time, although I don't need to; you continue to inspire me daily.  Glad your clients are seeing great results.  I am sure you have been such a great teacher/role model for them.

    WPBill:  Always nice to hear from you.  Glad you are doing well, and continuing to push yourself.  I am sure you will do great with the Men's Fitness workout once you are able to get started.  OMG about the guy who hurt himself on the leg curl.  People never cease to amaze me.  Our gym is picking up again too.  It seems to be all the young girls who just spend their life savings on new fitness clothing, and they are spending all their time looking at themselves in the least they don't occupy fitness equipment...ha!!

    Frick:  Please continue to work on cutting the alcohol out of your life.  Don't wait until your health is at a point that it won't help.  Do it now while you are young and healthy.  It is a lot like weight loss; you have to want it and believe you can and you will get there!!  Good luck!

    I hope you all have a great day!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy Friday Warriors!

    It's official - I'm calling myself a professional now!  I ordered some chalk yesterday to help with grip.  Used it this AM on BB rows.  The stuff works great...better than I expected actually!  $15 for a tub that will probably last me 6 months I'm guessing.

    Had my 2nd round of Tae Kwan Do last night.  I swear our head instructor is trying to kill us.  He says we are going to do more "conditioning drills" at the beginning of ever class.  So far he is keeping his promise in the new year LOL!  It's not hard, BUT it puts a lot of focus on either speed for sparring or mobility/flexibility for the techniques in the form.  I don't consider sweat an indicator of anything but hydration, but when we got done the floor around me was well hydrated LOL!  I feel like the mobility work really translates well into any weight lifting.

    A few of you have asked about my daughter....I was fighting back tears last night when I was watching her in her TKD class.  To go from not walking all of a sudden...and last night nearly perfecting the kicking techniques for her form...I can't tell you how thankful I am for that!  It's easy to take some things for granted in your life of the life of your children.  DON"T DO IT!  This life is far to precious.  For lack of a better word - BLESSED!

    Have a great day/weekend Warriors!  Got to figure out what our plans are this weekend....we may have a couple of birthday parties to go to.  Sunny and 80 degrees here today in the middle of winter...

  • Hi Warriors! It's Friday....woo hoo!!!!!

    Island: Awesome website with your transformation!!!! Sooo proud of you!!! I swung around my kettlebells this morning and of course thought about you! So glad you checked in with us again.

    WP: One of my co-workers is at Disney right now. She brought her 2 ltitle girls. She was talking about the marathon, though she's not a runner herself. Too funny about the guy at your gym...I guess not really funny, but you know what I mean.

    Frick: Good news about your weight maintenance. I don't drink, but I understand your struggles. It is a fight everyday to keep my nutrition clean, so I think everyone has things in their lives that they can always improve upon.

    Parson: Wow...temps in the 80s...I''m jealous! We are supposed to have temps in the 70s this weekend so I guess I shouldn't complain too much! What a sweet story about your daughter. I am so happy that she is doing better. Children are a blessing :)

    BD: I agree....nutrition is the area where I can always improve. That is one of the main reasons I have decided to go vegan. A co-worker of mine suffered a seizure yesterday at work and I was the first one to respond to her when she called for help. It was scary....she is a single mom with 3 kids. It really made me think that we are all on the right path with our healthy lifestyles (she doesn't take really good care of herself), and we all need to be here for our families.

    Well, I went to the ortho about my shoulder. Basically, he recommended anti inflammatory drugs and physical therapy. They did find that I have a shoulder separation on my X-rays. That was news to me! I was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear several years ago, but didn't know about the shoulder separation. The doctor said no more overhead exercises for me. He said that overhead presses are the absolute worst thing for shoulders. So, I will continue to do front and lateral raises and upright rows for shoulders. I try not to take drugs so I will forego the anti inflammatories for now. My husband used to be a personal trainer so he has already shown me the internal and external rotation exercises I need to be doing to strengthen the muscles around the tear.

    I had a great strength training workout today focusing on back and biceps plus some fun swinging around my kettlebells (no snatches or presses though!). Tomorrow morning I will be doing a 7 mile training run in the morning, then we have basketball games and I need to take Mickey to get some new running shoes. Should be a busy weekend!

    Have a great weekend Warriors!!!!

  • Thanks for the support Runner.   So as for shoulders, I have separated both and many times over the years.  The first was when I did a face-plant while skiing when I was 18.  Since then it has happened doing everything from sailing to chipping wood to racquetball and volleyball.  I got the opportunity to bungee jump the highest commercial site in the world (Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa) and just before I went over, I conveyed my concern to the team, there.  The conversation went something like this:

    Me: “…so I have some shoulder issues”

    Them: “Dislocations?”

    Me: “Yep”

    Them: “Which one”

    Me: “Both “

    Them: “No Worries.  Duct Tape”

    Enjoy the Friday funnies, but here I am about to jump off of a 770 ft height tied up like a mafia informant…and for the record, my shoulders remained attached to my body.



  • Good Morning Warriors,


    Glad to hear from you thanks. Fantastic transformation. BTW You know you inspire and continue all who have taken the time to know you. Great pics and what a journey you have been on. Will be heading out for kettlebell class soon this will be the first for this year. Should get beaten up pretty good.LOL. Love it. Feels so good after knowing you've pushed your self as far as you could. I'm sure you will reach you beachbody by the summer.


    Thanks for the pic's and all you need to complete the MI look is a pair of cement shoes. They bundled you up good. When I quit smoking I would tell myself when I would get a craving to have one was. IF YOU SMOKE YOU DIE. That worked for me. I quit Jan 1 1990, resolutionist as you would No sweatband back then. Couldn't resist. You have quite a battle ahead of you and I'm sure you will tame the demons as so many have. One day at a time. You are a WARRIOR and will fight through this. Don't know if I would have the guts to do that bungie jump. How did your spine feel after. I would be afraid of hurting my back. I'm also afraid of hieghts to some degree. I'm ok as long as I'm on something solid. I live in a three story townhouse and will go up the ladder if I have to but not crazy about it. The ladder moves too much for me.


    Congats at reaching Pro Status WTG. Sounds like your instructer is putting you tthrough your paces. Glad to hear your daughter is back doing the fun things in life nothing worse than being sidelined. For a child it would seem alot worse too. I agree with the sweat theory but you should notice how it translates into the day to day things. For me life is just starting to get easy again. When I first started it was hard to bend over and tie my shoes without cutting boff my circulation and haed a hard time breathing.


    Glad you know whats wrong with that shoulder now. I'm sure you will get it functioning all in time. You have a trainer in house thats a plus. Temps in the 70's I'm jealous now. lol Enjoy it. You could have snow. Like me.


    It never hurts to clean up your diet always a plus in my opion. You seem to have your head in the right place and will figure whats right for you. Don't give up on this life style. You are on the right path.


    WOW! Never heard of anyone hurting themselves on the leg curl machine before. We have some show offs too but few and far between. At Goodlife out here they took one of our members of parliment out by ambulance last week. He had a heart attack and is only 32. So go figure. Get back in there and don't let those resolutionists push you as if they could ha! Always glad to hear from you.

    Have a grate weekend Warriors.


  • Morning Warriors and Happy Monday!

    WO is done.  I did hit a couple of PR's this AM, but it was a tough workout for me mentally and physically.  I really had to dig deep today.  I had a tough weekend in some regards, so I just chalk it up to one of those days and will move on.

    Frick - those pics are pretty cool.  I've never done anything like that before, but I bet it's fun!

    Island - How was Chicago this weekend?  Saturday, in the listening to their music!

    Have a great day gang!  I've got a lot of work to do today.  Hopefully I get motivated to knock it all out...

  • Claude Thanks for the kind words, but I think you and BD may have misunderstood me.  I am not quiting drinking.  I am reducing the amout that I drink.  This is like the way some of you reduce the amout of chocolate you eat.  I am on track to knock out about 3 extra lbs through this diet modification.  And for the record, I don't judge people that DONT drink.  I feel sorry for them because when they wake up, that's the best they are going to feel all day...

    And yes, after the jump, I think I was about 2" taller with my spinal elongation.  I did a tandem parachute jump a couple of months ago and chose not to mention the shoulder thing.  Made for a less humiliating experience.

    Yesterday I did massive cardio via yard work - mow, trim, cut down two palm trees, moved a 3 foot root ball.  By the time I hit hte hot tub, I had logged 16,000 steps.  Diet is spot on and above average for the week - even with a treat of two slices of killer Pizza and beers on saturday night.

    Hope everyone has a great and productive weekend.

  • Hello Warriors!

    I am finishing up a salad for lunch....doesn't it always taste the best when you get to the bottom?!

    Anyhow, I got an automated message from the dr's office yesterday with the results from my bloodwork last week.  They did a full liver panel, kidney function and iron saturation levels.  All came back in the NORMAL range.  I am so happy to hear that.  Now, just the CT scan and a possible biopsy of my liver.  As of now, I am scheduled for my CT scan next Monday; we will see if there are any recurring issues with insurance.  I got a great workout in today and am feeling a bit more motivated.  Last week was not a good one, and I wasn't really paying much attention to quality or quantity of food.  My workouts suffered as well.  But, I am going to make this a great week.

    Frick:  Wow, that must have been a rush! Thanks for sharing pictures with us!  Glad your diet is where it should be.  I'm getting there.  I am a chocoholic, so I can relate to your

    Parson:  Hope all is OK with you. Sorry your workout wasn't what you expected.  Have you heard anything from Peter (Tazz)?Claude:  Thanks.  I guess I was just feeling defeated and sorry for myself.  I am back!  Has the snow let up?

    I gotta go get started on started for me again today!

    Have a great day!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hey BD  Glad to hear that you are normal.  Of course, the rest of us know that from your workout routine, you are anything BUT normal (Flipped any tractor tires lately?).  Good luck this semester.  

    I'm off for a bike/run  Weather here is incredible for January - 75 and sunny.

  • Good Morning Warriors!

    Will be heading out for the gym in a little while.  I did tabata sprints Hiit on my treadmill this morning and I am sure I will be regretting it.  The off/on pounding of my feet left my heel feeling worse than normal.  I am going to ice it here in a bit and see if that helps.  Kids are out of school early on Friday and then off on Monday, so we get a few more fun days to hang out.  Have to figure something out for Friday; they get out at 11:00 and I don't get out of school until 11:40.

    Frick:  Ha.  They actually removed the tire from the facility for liability reasons, and also it was so dirty!  Everyone was a mess when they got done.  Enjoy your bike/run.  The weather has been so wacky everywhere.  We are usually high 60's this time of year, and the last several days we haven't gotten out of the 40's.

    I hope you all have a great day!!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Hi Warriors!

    BD: That is GREAT, AWESOME news about your blood work!!! I am glad you are back on track with food and workouts....not that you were probably ever that off track in the first place! I hate that your heel is still giving you trouble! I know that has got to be frustrating!! I am off next Monday as well, and kids are off on Tuesday too (workday for me), so they will be staying with our babysitter on that day.

    Frick: A bike/run sounds like fun! We used to call those workouts "bricks" when I was training for triathlons. They were pretty brutal!

    Claude and Parson: Hope you are both doing well!

    Island: Miss you on MFP! Hope you are ok! I used to love Chicago...they were my favorite band in elementary school..ha!

    I did a running true HIIT for the first time today in a long time and I was sweating like CRAZY!!!!! I definitely hit my 9's and 10's and it is so much more intense than steady-state running! I went almost 4 miles in 30 minutes. Then, I did a leg workout and added core/abs in between sets. I am really trying to do abs consistently these days! Nutrition has been super clean. I am eliminating gluten for a period to see if it helps some of my digestive problems. I had bloodwork done at my doctor's office last week, but haven't gotten the results back yet. One of the tests was a gluten intolerance test so we shall see. I seem to not have as many digestive issues since being off gluten for the past 4 days, but it could all be in my head...ha ha.

    Have a great evening Warriors!