BFL Warriors

  • Parson:  Way to get back into those tough blood though!!!  That is  I agree that this is mostly mental.  The physical comes when the mental is where it should be.  I, too, am back at it full force!!!

    runnermom:  I pay $20 per month.  Their running special is $9.95 per month, but I think you have to pay $199 down to get that.  Glad you enjoyed your spin class.  I love spinning!!

    Well, kids have friends coming over, and I am heading out to train.  Britt has appt. with oral surgeon today to evaluate her wisdom teeth, and Lane has a friend spending the night....busy, but in a fun kind of way......

    Have a great day, Warriors!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Happy New Year WARRIORS,

    Hope everyone had a great holiday. I'm coming out of my sugar coma sort of still some food to get out of the way. Linda made me a GF carrot cake and it taste soo good it is just like what I remember eating before celiac diet. She will be upset if I don't eat it. That being said I will start back at the gym next week for sure. May go tonight just for a sauna and whirl pool. My activity level consisted of shoveling snow so two storms and many driveways. The last storm I spent about 8 solid hrs. shoveling. Hopefully that will offset my missing wo's. As above the food is like everyone else not I'm back to work so my routine is getting back to normal so diet will be getting tweaked again. Just not happy with my choices so will be cleaning it up. Glad the holidays are behind me and I can get back to my wo's. Will be looking at my wo plan will be incoporating a kettle bell fusion class. This should push me a little more in the right direction. I also have been noticing that this yr. shoveling snow seems to be getting easier if there is such a thing. My flexability seems to be getting better, things I used to struggle with are easier. So this working out must be working.LOL.


    Your photos looooking great. you completed another one way to go. Enjoy your week off you'll be busy soon enough. let us know how the new program is going.


    How's the vegan thing going. I know your back on track with the wo's. You don't seem to miss a beat. Glad your hubby is finally going back to swimming. I pretty sure you helped him decide indirectly. Good job.


    OOCH! No pain no gain I guess just don't slip in all that Glad to hear your back at it. It's minus 17 for the high today a little nippy so will have to wear my


    Glad your enjoying your new toy. You know what to do and will suceed this yr.


    I think that there was alot of speculation with the myan Something to get people all fired up for nothing. But glad we are all still here anyways. Glad you still kicking around in Florida.


    Thanks for joining us and you are an insperation. How's the shoveling where you are. You seem to have your plan in place and are executing. Great job.

    Cuervo, Island,

    Did things slow down yet for you guys yet.

    This is going to be a challenging yr. for us all lets enjoy the ride.

    To all the warriors that I have missed check in and hope all is well.


  • Good Morning Warriors,

    Pitched the tree to the road. House is starting to look normal again. Was going to go to the gym for a whirlpool and sauna last night after dinner but was too cold so stayed in my igloo where it's nice and warm. lol.

    Trying to keep this thread going guess it's my turn. At work today starting to get back in the groove of things. Almost all deserts are eaten will leave the rest for the kids. Eating will be improving daily now. Trying to stay away from sugar now at least the processed kind.

    Hope you are all doing well. Push forward my friends make every day count.

    Have a great day all.


  • I just logged onto MFP for the first time.  I like the totality of the site, but it seems a little iterative to what I have developed in excel.  Also, the goals seem a little extreme for calorie count and protein consumption (low) and carbs (high).  What is the name of the forum that you all write to?

  • CLJ we just got Christmas packed up as well.  Ready to get going on the new year!!!

    Frick: you can make adjustments on MFP.  I can help you.  You will have to friend us individually.  If you send me a friend request, you can friend everyone else from there.  I'll let you know who all the warriors are.  My username is schmertnat.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • OK Warriors....I try to keep things fitness related on here, and I try not to get too personal.  But, I truly need prayers right now.  I had my physical about a month ago, and it revealed elevated liver counts.  I had a repeat test done, and they were normal.  The dr. ordered an ultrasound just to play it safe.  The ultrasound revealed an enlarged liver and a cyst on my right kidney.  I am worried sick and scared and they are now ordering a CT scan, which I don't want to get due to the high levels of radiation.

    Just reaching out for support & prayers!!!

    Thanks & hugs to you all!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Best wishes, Nat.  Of course you are in our prayers.  

    You also are in the hands of experts who will do all in their power to make you better.  

    You will get through this.

    Be strong, Warrior.


  • Natalie - I am praying right now.  I was slow in getting to emails this AM.  I know that God is able to not only heal, but calm your fears too!

    Warriors - I hope you all have a great day!

    Frick - Welcome the MFP family!

  • Nat,

    I will pray for you. You are strong and will make it through this The WARRIORS HAVE YOUR BACK!

  • Here's some morning funnies from Urban Dictionary new words:


    A person who joins the gym in early January because of their New Years Resolution.  Resolutionists can be spotted by their pasty white skin, excessive fat, poor form, and blank look on their face as they stand next to any piece of gym equipment.  Resolutionists usually migrate back to the couch any time from mid-January to early March.
    "This damn Resolutionist has been on the Smith machine for 30 minutes.  Maybe if he put more than 30 lbs on the bar and stopped taking 10 minute rests it wouldn't take so long.  I can't wait until March"
  • Happy Friday, Warriors!

    BD: You are in my prayers. Please keep us posted. When would you have the CT scan done? I know you are worried and scared, but please know that there are lots of prayers being said for you. Try to remember, God is in control of your situation. He will be right there with you.

    Parson: Hope you have a nice weekend with your family!

    Claude: Are you back to working out and clean eating? How is the snow....still shoveling a lot?

    Frick: Love the new word! Welcome to MFP!

    I went to the gym this morning and did a quick TM warm up...I wanted to use the stairmill but they were both taken :-( Then I had a great back, biceps, and core workout. I am officially starting my new workout plan on Monday, but really needed to get in some strength training today! I am surprised that the gym is not more crowded, but I guess that even Resolutionists (thanks for the definition, Frick!) don't come to the gym at 5:30 AM!!!! Tomorrow will be a distance run for me to start up my half-marathon training.

    Food has been clean all week and I feel great! I am not going to do free days this time around, but may allow myself some vegan treats from time to time. Nothing too crazy, as I know that sugar is my enemy and only makes me want more and more.....

    Have a great weekend Warriors!!! Any plans? Both my kids have basketball games, and there is a fitness expo in town that I want to check out. Other than that, it will be the usual....getting laundry and other chores done and a little bit of relaxation!

  • ...No, Runner, Resolutionists show up at 5:30 PM with pearls and make-up on.  Male Resolutionists usually have a headband, High white socks and very clean tennis shoes...

  • Frick,

    Like the new word. Your male description sounds alot like me with the exception of the clean runners and I wear a bandanna. I was an early bird resolutionist a couple of yrs. ago but still at it. lol.


    Plans for the weekend include going to my moms apartment to bring in her new mattress I just picked up and shopping for some new sheets,comforter/ duffay  and a pillow. you know what I mean. Cleaned up my eating a tiny bit all deserts are almost gone will let the kids finish all that stuff off. As for my wo's that will kick into full gear monday. Snow shoveling will also take place doesn't seem like we had much until you start shovelling then reality sets in.LOL. Snowed last night and was pretty  cold so stayed in the igloo and watched the second DVD of Lord of the Rings with the kids. I think we have one more to go.


    Have a great date night and enjoy it. Please try and not worry so much either. Things have a way of working out.

    I feel like I'm doing all the big things right but need to focus on the little things so I can move forward. Don't know if anybody else feels that way?

    Have a great weekend warriors!


  • Sorry Claude, not judging.  I just remember the people I used to call "Posers" (as in, "Strike a pose") from when I started in the 80's.  Lots of pearls, make-up, spandex, and no clue what they were doing other than holding up the circuit training lines.  It was always brutal in January to get a 45 minute workout in less than 1:15.

    These days, I see the posers on the beach walking with their 400 calorie lattes, chatting on their cell phones about how they are working out on the beach in January - ok, now I'm judging....

    LOL, but what can I say.  we all started somewhere at some time, without a clue.  Like my brother used to say about my bad singing in church, make a joyful noise unto the lord - doing something is better than nothing.

  • OK, I doubled up on workouts today.  LBWO/Ab Ripper and a good skateboarding/kahuna stick session.  Strength and cardio kickin.

    Eating well and keeping the vices at bay!  Life is good.